Delingpole: British People ‘Completely Manipulated’ Says Businessman Behind Lockdown Legal Challenge

UK rail worker dies from virus after spitting assault

The crowdfunding campaign to launch a legal challenge of the UK government’s lockdown policy has raised over £100,000 – some of it the result of a huge spike in donations during Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s lacklustre Sunday night address to the nation.

Simon Dolan, the multi-millionaire businessman and Le Mans racing champion behind the campaign, says that the British people have been ‘completely manipulated’ and that it’s no good removing the lockdown in stages as Boris announced on Sunday.

“It’s time for us to lift the lockdown now,” he tells me.

Since launching his Crowdjustice campaign last month, Dolan claims to have received hate mail, including death threats, from people apparently so terrified of Chinese coronavirus that they want the lockdown to continue indefinitely.

But he fears the economic fallout of Boris’s lockdown policy is going to do far more damage than the coronavirus.

At the moment, he says, lots of people think:

“This furlough thing is fantastic because though I haven’t got my job now because of this invisible silent killer from China… so my wages are guaranteed and it’s lovely.”

But this will change in 12 months’ time when reality bites and businesses need to find some way to pay back a mountain of accumulated debt — the worst since the Second World War — and people realise their job losses are permanent.

Dolan’s concern is that the British have been steered to disaster on a false prospectus.


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