Latest: Lockdown Lawsuits Update By Top International Lawyer, Reiner Fuellmich

Latest: Lockdown Lawsuits Update By Top International Lawyer!


Below we provide the latest update from key COVID-19 lawsuits from around the world being pursued by international lawyers, including the highly-successful German attorney, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich (pictured below).


Table of Contents:

  1. Status of the PCR lawsuit at the Regional Court of Berlin
  2. Lawsuit on PCR test submitted in New York
  3. Portugal and Ecuador show Germany who the real banana republic is
  4. Canada submits first class action suit for compensation which will be an international class action
  5. Further points: Lawsuit against the EU Commission for its approval of the vaccine to be declared null & void; constitutional complaint lodged against the measures by a German judge

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Despite everything, or indeed in view of everything, let us first wish you all a cheerful New Year for 2021.  Before we inform you about the state of play of the Corona lawsuits, and in particular the class actions, here is a reminder of the background against which all this is happening:

The hearings conducted by the Berlin Corona Committee since July 10, 2020, and attended by some one hundred internationally prominent scientists, medics, economists, lawyers and people badly affected, have determined – as of today – that at no point was the Corona scandal about health. This is because:

  • As explained in the last newsletter, the danger presented by this allegedly new virus can be compared to that of influenza – this is the conclusion not only of studies by Prof. John Ioannidis of Stanford University but also the assessment of the World Health Organisation.
  • The Drosten-PCR-Tests, which were devised in January 2020, are not remotely suitable for determining whether someone is infected or not, despite being recommended as the global Gold Standard for determining infection by the WHO; it should be noted that the leadership of this organisation is under the financial control of China and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (the WHO certainly has good employees – as too does the Robert-Koch Institute, despite its incompetent management).

In a retraction paper, a score of highly regarded international scientists have called on the editors of the journal which published the PCR tests as a measurement method for infections to withdraw the mischief forthwith. This test is not only scientific nonsense, but was obviously designed to create as many false positives as possible and so spread panic in the world. This English language retraction paper has been viewed about 18 million times:

Furthermore, a second assertion made in January 2020 by Drosten that there are asymptomatic infections is false.  These do not exist, as documented most recently by a major survey of ten million people from Wuhan of all places:

A person who has no symptoms is healthy. This means that no-one need be fearful of people without symptoms or force them to wear masks, and no-one must be frightened that a positive test means that the person who has tested positive is infected.  Horror pictures of hospitals with beds in the corridors are again doing the rounds – such scenes occur every year during a completely normal influenza outbreak (we will be glad to make available a kaleidoscope with such pictures of recent years taken from the mainstream media): such pictures are used solely in order to spread panic.  There is still no excess mortality in Germany – it is perfectly normal for more people to die in winter.

So what is really at issue, if there is no health problem different to the normal surge of influenza?  Here, too, we have been able to form an impression from the hearings we have conducted and from more ancillary information.

As of today, it must be assumed that, in September 2019, the Davos clique, as we call them, was about to go up in smoke. This group of self-appointed corporate elites and top politicians has met annually for at least 20 years under the auspices of the World Economic Forum (WEF), which is a private organisation.  What happened was that, in  September 2019, there was a further financial crash, even bigger than that of the Lehman crisis 12 years ago.  This was reported on only briefly (by, among others and very competently, the German weekly broadsheet Die Zeit), after which the reporting went silent again. The financial system was again on the brink of collapse because there was a menace of it becoming visible that, for at least 20 years, its sole purpose had been to plunder the taxpayers to the benefit of the Mafia-like operations. In other words:  to shift the assets of the broad mass of citizens to business concerns.  The best example of this are the ‘Cum-ex deals’, which are still unpunished, with the help of which banks [sic], concerns and the super-rich were reimbursed twice or three times for taxes that they had paid just once.  It is understandable that it might be possible to have reimbursed a tax payment of € 10 million.  But not that instead, 20 or 30 million can be demanded back – this is something that everyone will find obvious, with or without a degree in law.  This way the above-mentioned insiders obtained over many years a total of €38 billion by defrauding the taxpayers.  This was only possible because they were given cover by politicians – who, over at least the last 20 years in particular, have been made compliant by the relevant elites through the private WEF meetings. The fact that the courts in Germany failed to act shows that those mentioned are able, via the political scene, to influence what happens in the courts.

We had long seen that something was amiss during our lawsuits about bank liability in connection with finance for dilapidated buildings.  For there, too, it emerged that Deutsche Bank in particular had a direct line to the courts and had made the judges into errand boys without a mind of their own. (Incidentally, the former head of Deutsche Bank, Josef Ackermann, not only met Merkel & Co regularly in Davos but celebrated his sixtieth birthday directly in the chancellory with Merkel.) This explains why German judges – blindly – adopted in their pronouncements the assertion of Deutsche Bank that it was normal for a bank to issue loans without a loan agreement in the hope that, sometime later, it would be possible to conclude a suitable loan contract, the thinking being that the issue of a loan at the request of a potential borrower leads to a loan contract being concluded, yet since, at this time, Deutsche Bank did not have the documents necessary for a valid contract, it was not possible for a court to determine that a contract had come about merely by the funds being made available – because if it had, Deutsche Bank would have sunk like a stone –  except that none of us had imagined that Deutsche Bank was only one part of the Davos clique, albeit a most important member for purposes of money laundering, and that today we have to reckon with a thoroughly corrupt elite, which will stop at nothing.

In his report “Pandemic Games”, Paul Schreyer has described very lucidly this entanglement of corporate “elites” and political “elites,” which has become ever deeper over the last 20 years.  There he also illustrates how these elites have been attempting, in a targeted and practised manner, not only to retain illegitimate power but even to extend such power indefinitely with the aid of the most massive and cynical control mechanisms before the objects of these control mechanisms – which is us – can notice and rebel against it.

In his lecture “Why do the lambs not speak up,” Professor Rainer Mausfeld explained in turn (incidentally, already at the beginning of 2019 and so entirely independently of the Corona story) how over many years politics has repeatedly manufactured fear and panic, without the general public realising what was happening, in order to get people to support political decisions which they would otherwise reject.

The former US deputy minister of housing construction and investment banker Catherine Austin Fitts explains in her documentary film “Catherine Austin Fitts Full Interview Planet Lockdown” how these “elites” are currently implementing the takeover of the assets of the middle classes or are trying to (because if only 10% of the population notice this, the house of cards will collapse, some thinkers assume an even lower percentage).  With the focus here on the USA, but certainly applicable to elsewhere, one of the ways in which this is happening is that, first of all, areas with small and medium-sized businesses, for example restaurants and retailers, are closed via Lockdown so that their owners can no longer make a living, and in particular that they can no longer pay back any loans they have taken out. Although aid packages are announced, these are disbursed only sparingly if at all.  Thereafter – and this may apply specifically only to the USA – riots are organised in these areas, which lead to the additional destruction of these businesses so that they can no longer be sold even in a fire sale.  Thereafter, investors with tax breaks and from the aforementioned Davos clique can acquire these businesses for next to nothing. (ER: BANNED VIDEO)


On The Lawsuits

As you will know, a number of institutions and law firms have coordinated worldwide in order to have the courts ascertain the background illustrated above, and in order afterwards to demand compensation from the ringleaders and concerns for the many who have been harmed by the Drosten-Test lockdown.

The lawsuits being pursued globally are not uncoordinated – they are largely the result of detailed joint planning by the scientists and lawyers involved.  The two facts (i) that the Drosten-Test recommended globally by the WHO cannot detect infection, and (ii) that there are no asymptomatic infections (and therefore no real pandemic, at most a PCR casedemic) are of central importance for the outcome of the lawsuits.  These facts will cause the house of cards of the pandemic fraudsters to collapse everywhere.

It also follows that whatever is established in the USA, Canada, Australia, Italy, France etc. in this context, (using the help of witnesses and experts, as well as expert opinions)  can also be used as evidence in all other courts of the world.

I. Our PCR Test Complaint On Behalf Of Dr. Wodarg And The Complaint Against Drosten And Subsequent Complaints

The complaint is pending at the Regional Court of Berlin under the file number 27 O 436/20. On account of an “oversight” – which we consider very strange – the complaint was only delivered to the opposing party weeks after its submission.  It was alleged that the court fees which we had remitted had erroneously been booked as payment for a final settlement of accounts and only when – after our phone call – this “oversight” was put right was the complaint formally delivered.  We are now waiting for the opposing party to reply.

The complaint against Drosten is based on the Cease-and-Desist letter to Drosten:

(Original German version: )

The complaint will be completed in the coming days and then it, too, will be submitted to the Regional Court of Berlin.  Together with a group of lawyers we are working on a number of further precedence case complaints, but above all (because this is faster and less expensive) also on many cease and desist letters against those in positions of responsibility.  This way we obtain in effect something like a German class action.  The cease and desist letters ensure that the visible puppets Drosten, Wieler, but also the members of The Leopoldina National Academy of Sciences and others including the individuals who, in their official capacities, bear personal responsibility for imposition of quarantine and similar measures – the cease and desist letters ensure that these people are put under pressure even if, thereafter, the necessary justification of the claims arising from the letters will need many months.  In this time, a few of the precedence case lawsuits (which all concern the PCR tests and asymptomatic infections) will proceed by taking evidence (i.e. questioning of ordinary and expert witnesses and the drafting of expertises).  Their results can then be used for rulings on the parallel “dormant” proceedings: the lawsuits dormant until this point of time will not be able to come to any other conclusion since the facts will have been established in the parallel precedence cases.

II. PCR Test Lawsuit In New York

On December 16, 2020, the US colleagues working with Robert F Kennedy, Jr´s Children’s Health Defense and advised by the same experts as ourselves, submitted a PCR test complaint in New York on behalf of a number of plaintiffs.

Translator’s note: Supplementary information describing the PCR test complaint will be issued shortly as an update to this translation.

III. The Canadian Class Action, Which Will Develop To Be An International Class Action For All Those Harmed By The Drosten-PCR-Test-Lockdowns

In the past week, Canadian colleagues working with Michael Swinwood have submitted a class action.   It is being added to, on the instructions of the court.  The complainants initially represented are Indians, a group of small business people and a representative of disabled people. In contrast to all complaints submitted to date, this complaint narrates briefly the historical background of the power structures behind the Davos clique which have been constructed over the course of centuries.

Translator’s note: Supplementary information describing the class action will be issued shortly as an update to this translation.

The Indians (Algonquin) as a complainant group are of special significance since they – together with the Indians of the USA and Latin America – have for centuries been the object of attempted genocide by the conquerors. In the words of Michael Swinwood, “We are all Indians now.”

IV. Court Rulings From Portugal And Ecuador

  1. Some weeks ago, an appeal court in Portugal ruled that the PCR tests are not able to ascertain infection let alone illness, which is exactly what the inventor of the PCR tests, the Nobel Prizewinner Kary Mullis repeatedly emphasised –  At issue was the case of four German tourists, one of whom had tested positive, and all of whom the authorities had placed under what the court determined to be a kind of house arrest – similar to the action of German administrative courts who follow blindly German fake science; thereby the appeal court confirmed an earlier finding that the quarantine was unconstitutional. This judgement is a slap in the face for the German administrative courts, which were forced to concede that PCR tests cannot ascertain the presence of infection but nonetheless  – in a case of crass perversion of justice – imagined that they had to follow the instructions of the Robert Koch Institute in its reliance on PCR tests, and assumed that the healthcare system was on the brink of being overwhelmed (e.g. Higher Administrative Court Münster) – in this respect the Portuguese judgement demoted the German administrative courts to the status of banana republic. This is the shape of lessons in the rule of law by a Portuguese court for a German court (the judgement linked to is in Portuguese so may need professional or machine translation).
    Translator’s note: this english language report on the Portugal case was not included in the Fuellmich newsletter but has been added here to provide further background on the judgement.
  2. A judgement pronounced on January 2, 2021, by the Constitutional Court of Ecuador ruled that all anti-Corona measures to date are based on mere conjectures without any basis in fact.  After nine months it should finally be possible for the acting politicians to communicate clear, evidence-based assertions and base their measures on these. But since this has not happened, all the measures are unconstitutional. Below is the link to the judgement (we shall publish the judgement itself in the original on the website of the Corona Committee).

Not one of the German administrative courts ruling on urgent injunctions nor indeed the Federal Constitutional Court have made any such pronouncement for Germany although, of course, the finding applies equally for Germany. This is a lesson from an Ecuadoran Court in the rule of law for the German courts.

V. Lawsuit To Declare Void Vaccine Approval; Constitutional Complaint By A German Judge Against The Measures Of A Federal Government Which Has Practically Been Kidnapped By The Davos Clique – Measures Which Are Destroying Democracy And The Rule Of Law

  1. Parallel to all these efforts, the Italian lawyer Dr. Renate Holzeisen is working with us and experts on a lawsuit against the EU Commission to have its approval of vaccines declared null & void – vaccines which are de facto untested and highly dangerous – in the case of the manufacturers BioNtech/Pfizer and Moderna, these are prohibited genetic experiments on humans. Meanwhile, the superbly versed and hard-hitting anti-Mafia public prosecutors are investigating the WHO and its Italian backers.  In France work is progressing on a complaint to the Court for Human Rights.
  2. German judge (who we are in contact with) has submitted a constitutional complaint against the blanket measures of the Federal Government, these measures undermining democracy and the rule of law; the hope here is that – notwithstanding all concrete appearances – the head of the Constitutional Court has retained his independence.  We have published these constitutional complaints on our news website and they can be submitted by anyone.

We shall continue to keep you up to date about the legal developments, including with videos (although here there is a danger of them being removed from the platform).  At the same time we must work on making the true facts known to as many people as possible.  We will win because we must win.

Best regards

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, LL.M.

  • Attorney –

PS: With Developments In The Courts Proceeding Rapidly, And Since We Shall Probably Participate With Submissions Of Our Own In At Least One Of The Ongoing Anglo-American Lawsuits, We Intend In A Fortnight To Three Weeks To Conduct A Zoom Conference For The Clients We Are Representing; In This Framework We Shall Discuss Matters With Some Of The Attorneys Involved Here And In The English-Speaking Countries And Also With Professor Schwab; We Shall Also Answer Questions Coming From The Chat.

(this is an ad-hoc translation by Paul Charles Gregory BDÜ of the original German text by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich)


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