Brees Media: 11th June 2021 Dr Roger Hodkinson
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5 Replies to “Brees Media: 11th June 2021 Dr Roger Hodkinson”

  1. Great interview. Thank you both. Can I make suggestion? Please check out This is a great site, which posted the link to this video. The site has a wide readership and is a great forum for all those who want to tell and read the truth about Covid.

  2. Great interview.
    Fantastic information, which is so vitally important at this stage.
    Well done, Anna and Roger!

  3. If only Anna Brees could keep her mouth shut, stop interrupting her guests and stop talking about herself. I suppose it\’s a woman thing.

    1. I agree , although her personality is of genuine concern but your right he has the knowledge he is the one we ALL need to listen to .

  4. Thank you thank you thank you. From the bottom of my heart I am grateful for you fighting for us.

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