THE TRUEMAN SHOW #54: JORN LUKA’S EPIC INTERVIEW WITH DAVID ICKE (This interview was taken down within 15 minutes by Youtube because of the content.)

Jorn Luka:

For this 54th episode, we went on another international trip.
We went to visit none other than the man, the myth, the legend David Icke on The Isle of Wight and we could fill a podcast with him alone. Something I would like to share with you. Marcel Messing made the contact with David and made this podcast possible. Then someone came my way who wanted to take us to The Isle of Wight in his own plane. Something I am so very grateful for.

It is almost unimaginable that all this has happened. But I have come to realise that what is unimaginable is simply within our range of possibilities. They just lie outside the imposed limitations that we have come to believe in, that’s all. I am convinced that following your heart and going for what you believe in will bring you into contact with the unimaginable. Live with trust and what you need will come your way. Like an aeroplane owner who gives unconditionally because he wants to contribute to a common goal. This community (the new world) is so incredibly strong; people are ready for each other. If there is anything I am positive about, it is the involvement and caring of the people who feel and understand that we have to do this together.

The above theme also came up in this podcast. Because according to David, most people live under a false ceiling. A ceiling created by believing and thriving in someone else’s reality. We have lost our true potential, which extends beyond our five senses, for many centuries. We also discussed how the past 30 years have been for him. For 30 years, David has been predicting exactly what is about to happen. He has been demonised and ridiculed so much for this, but he has always continued to speak his truth. Something that he has finally been recognised for in recent years. This is also beautifully described in his latest and incredibly inspiring book called ‘Perceptions of a Renegade Mind’. A book of which the Dutch version was published this week and is now available in my webshop with 10% discount. Absolute must-have.

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This interview was taken down within 15 minutes by Youtube because of the content.

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