Jimmy Savile: Pedophile, murderer, Satanic, and unofficial royal advisor to Prince Charles.

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There are few people I’ve studied that have a darker and provable history than Jimmy Saville. I hadn’t researched much about him until I noticed his deep connection with the now King Charles and thought I’d look around. And boy, is there a lot to uncover. This is a man who lived under constant media scrutiny. His fans followed him around showering him with adoration and praise. He was regaled as a man of the people. His public persona was that of a man who loved the people, who gave back through public service and foundations, who made the people smile and laugh, but behind the scenes laid a myriad of dark secrets so perverse that it makes one shudder just to think about. Jimmy Saville is a prime example of how the corrupt freemason Luciferians love to deceive the people and give hints publicly about who they really are. Getting off on the thrill of getting away with it. We are talking about a spree of mass pedophilia, murder, and necrophilia. And the worse part is that the mainstream media knew all about it, the cops knew, then adored Royal family knew, and no one did a thing.

They were all complicit.

If you ever want to red pill a friend or family member, Jimmy Saville is an excellent and disturbing place to start. There is no mistaking the evil emanating from this man and by the end of this this thread you will have a hard time looking at elites or the royal family the same way again.

For the seasoned anon/truther: This is just par for the course.

But I will tell you, Jimmy is one of the worst I’ve ever seen.

Jimmy’s rise to fame

Jimmy was raised in a Catholic family by his mother who, herself, claimed she did not beat him enough.

Perhaps Savile found some kind of pleasure out of physical beating because it was in the wrestling ring where first gained notoriety.

From a self proclaimed difficult catholic upbringing to getting beaten in the wrestling ring.

Where he first gained true fame, though, was when he became the DJ for the BBC’s hit show Top of the Pops.

Which featured many of the days rising musical stars and talents. Teens and children naturally flocked to the show to watch and celebrate their favorite celebrities.

The nation took a liking to Jimmy’s eccentricates.

Click pictures to watch the accompanying videos.

I highly recommend watching the clips for a more potent red pill.

The crowds flocked but behind the scenes, as he ruminated in his power, his crime spree began to peak. It was said that even as early back as before he was famous he was lurking around committing horrific acts against children. But with this newfound power, he became defiant and the victims multiplied tremendously. Few had any idea of the scope.

Little did they know they were head over heels for one of the most prolific pedophiles we’ve ever seen.

Fame, Fortune, and celebrity status came with his successful show.

Most understood he had an exterior mask he showed people. He rarely showed anyone what was happening inside or showed true emotion.

He was not limited to just children on his show, which he did abuse, and some in broad daylight, as he prowled around psych wards and hospitals for children to rape. I wish I was making this up.

The facade was he providing and donating out of the goodness of his heart. He was caring for people and loving them. What a great guy he was, the masses thought!

Reminiscent of one of the world’s most famous pedophiles isn’t it? The foundation is an easy way to launder money, to improve your standing with sheep, and perhaps there is other purposes unknown.

“What an amazing person she is.” – Sheep

They gave the keys of the castle to a predator of the highest order.

Do you see how he uses this scheme to improve his standing.

It’s optics and this is what the elite do. They want you to think how giving and humanitarian they are but inwardly they are monsters.

It wasn’t just psych wards and hospitals either. It was literally moratoriums.

Yes, you heard that right.

And I just want to point out that Jimmy went and spent an inordinate amount of time alone with his dead mother’s carcass.

When I first came across that, I thought it strange, but didn’t dwell much on it.

But then I read this:

Now that we know he was a necrophiliac, the picture becomes clear.

The five days he spent with his mother’s dead body were some of the happiest of his life.


Was he was raping his dead mother’s corpse? I can’t prove this, of course, but I believe that may have been the case. Why else was he hanging around her body for so long? It is not normal. NOTHING coming from this man is normal.

He gets off on deceiving people, sheep in public. 

Remember what our favorite anon said: We are sheep to them. They consider it fun to flaunt their privilege and evil in our faces. Why else do they display all the symbolism in their pictures? 

And by the way, I wasn’t able to 100% prove he was a freemason, but I got pretty damn close. His funeral… Freemasons gathered around. We have the pictures. It isn’t conjecture. It’s open source.  

He wanted to be buried at a 45-degree angle, which I did not, nor still have not, understood the meaning behind. One of the most chilling situations occurred when Jimmy was on this show and went on with a fellow freemason (they were doing the hand shake in the proceeding picture with a fellow murderer who I will get to) and Phil Collins wished them a fun after party with the girls and winked in the creepiest way possible.

But get this, Phill Collins is a freemason too! They aren’t even hiding it!

It’s all a club and we aren’t in it. Unless perhaps you are Newsweak, all jealous to get in but can’t, then we shouldn’t want to be. These people are beyond sick! This isn’t something to be debated. Here is the video of Phil being praised as a freemason. Knowing what we know about Phil now, this becomes darker than we imagined. 

Now check this out. Jimmy was a murderer. It was not totally proven but I will make the bold claim that this pedophile Satanist was, in fact, a murderer and here is why: This psychopath who killed at least 13 girls literally buried a body in none other than JIMMY’S backyard.

Yes, you heard me right..

Think about it. Jimmy is a necrophiliac. He has buried the bodies of murdered children in his backyard supplied by another freemason, mind you, and now you begin to get the picture. WTF.

The reason I began to dig into Jimmy in the first place was because of his ties to the royal family. And boy are they potent. He was literally sought after as an unofficial chief royal advisor. Not just one family member but many of them. They saw him as their royal court jester. Don’t you think they knew how sick this man was? Of course they did! Because they themselves are in the same club.

Some postulate that he was actually the head of a pedophile ring. Here he is bragging about how he dropped off a young girl to Prince Phillip in front of an adoring crowd. You can’t make this stuff up.

This same Frank Bruno doing was married by a pedophile priest. No, I’m not kidding. It is a small pedophile world for the elite. All interconnected seemingly.

Don’t believe me? Here’s the Queen at a freemason club and giving the handshake.

Guess who this is giving the Queen a freemason handshake? Rolf Harris. Another pedophile freemason deeply connected to Jimmy Savile.

“I did notice you kissed his ring when you got in here.”
A sign of a hierarchy between two pedophiles?

Another freemason pedophile

Prince Charles, the now king, loved this man. He is one of the most prolific pedophiles I’ve ever seen. AND HE LOVED HIM. This so-called king, really an imposter and criminal, promoted this pedophile at every turn.

Best buds

Where do you go for help when they control the system?

Diana must have found something out later and sought to escape from the cult.

Remember that they operate in secrecy. I doubt they tell everyone their schemes and deeds right off the bat but rather slowly pull someone in through tests. If there was a pedophile test, he passed everything with flying colors. The letters are all there.

Prince Andrew sought him.

Prince Phillip loved him.

And the now king thought he was the best thing since toasted bread.

Don’t believe me? Look at the letters for yourself. The proof is all there. 

And you want to talk about sickness.

Sickening testimony of a poor girl being raped in church by Jimmy

Back to the psych wards because it cannot be glossed over.

This man was literally hanging around mentally disturbed children in psych ward/care homes and preying on the weak and vulnerable.

He was molesting paralyzed children in small private rooms.

Some even painted pictures showing that the bad man was Savile in a cry for help and no one listened or intervened.

This is stuff out of a horror movie, folks.

He turned up and would grab children and bring them off to wherever he wanted.

They allowed it all.

The children were drugged.

Even seasoned anons, who dig into these people on the daily, find Jimmy to be repulsive in every single way.

My tolerance for digging into Satanists was tested here. Remember that the sheep, the masses, incessantly praised this man. This abomination who raped AT LEAST over 400 children.

Imagine the victims who weren’t reported. Imagine what the royal family may have done behind the scenes that is shrouded in the night. No one hears from them but God does. And they won’t get away with it. 

The royal family knighted this man.

Can it get any more obvious?  

The elite praise and promote their own who remain loyal to the club.

Remember that he bragged about dropping a young girl off to Prince Phillip. Perhaps he was actually running an operation. Doubtful he was a lone pedophile. If that was the case, why do some of these people bow to him and kiss his ring? I’d like to know what those rings represented but couldn’t find much on them. Are they showing respect here just because he is a celebrity or is it more than that? I believe the latter. 

But Jimmy believed and knew he would and could because of his connections to the cult.

Margaret Thatcher was key in advancing Jimmy Savile’s prestige

Side note on politicians.

Here’s a STILL undeleted tweet from today’s current current Prime Minister. For those who have dug into Podesta’s emails, you will find that she is speaking in code here and it is not good.

Check for yourself. The tweet still remains. No shame.


Not only that, but his disturbing partnership with the police. There wasn’t a single report from any victim in all the years before he was caught. No one could find one single lead.


The police were in on it. They aided and abetted serial pedophilia and necrophilia. 

Letters were sent for help. No one answered the cry.

He had every single avenue available to him to stay protected and that included the BBC. They knew he was a pedophile and they actively worked to keep the story silent.

Some heat began to percolate later in his life. Rumors were swirling about his crimes and even his ties to the royal family couldn’t entirely sweep it under the rug. He was brought in for questioning but he threatened them and essentially reminded them that he owned the police in his own way.

The police did not inform the women about the other victims. They allowed them to feel alone and nothing was done.

The fox controls the henhouse.

There is a reason why anons say that the mainstream media is the enemy of the people.

Remind you of someone? It was the media itself that refused to report on CIA/FBI/MOSSAD leading Epstein Island.

Save the children.
But why would the Mockingbird media choose to go after Jimmy?

They wouldn’t. The old media will not protect the children.

But anons, the new media, work tirelessly to do so.

He molested a girl on live television and no one did a single thing. The arrogance is appalling.

Think about the level of proverbial and perhaps real spellcasting that he had to dabble in to fool people like that.

All out in the open. No hiding it.

He just says I’m a pedophile and people feel strange, but they say nothing.

That was his power. This man had a power behind him, make no mistake about it.

He is telling everyone who he is.

When asked about his god.

He said and I quote, I made a god in my own image. Look at his drab here.

He looks like a wizard of sorts, dancing around and rejoicing in his debauchery.

This man’s life was astonishing in its depravity. And it’s the royal family who thought his advice was so crucial to their success. It’s because, in my opinion, he was a high-level Satanist. They must have found the way he openly deceives people to be so impressive. To do it with such recklessness was impressive, albeit horrifying. 

Not only this, but Jimmy wasn’t praised by adults as much as he was by children. A classic wolf in sheep’s clothing if I’ve ever seen it. He was off granting children’s wishes on his show, “Jim Will Fix It” in one moment while raping them in the next moment.

Children adored what he would do to make their dreams come true. Sickening!

This is the template, not the exception. As difficult it is to research some of this, it is important. This is the kind of information that can jolt a normie awake. Once you see pure evil for what it is, you cannot go back. Our musicians, artists, those with great talent, the politically savvy.. the freemasons, the elite cabal, work to snatch them up into their control. They do this through blackmail (think Epstein Island) and the harm of a child.

No sane person will stand for the abuse of the most vulnerable people in our society and that’s a big reason why they use them. Jimmy truly gave into deep dark forces.

The rules don’t apply to me. Absolute freedom….

VERY similar to what Satanist Abramovic said about her star pupil, Lady Gaga.
She was willing to push beyond her boundaries into what they think is absolute freedom.

The harm of a child means nothing to them. They see it as a constraint to not take power or explore.

Warning this video is disturbing


I would postulate that the cabal finds those who have a propensity for child abuse and find ways to promote them because they know they will  continue to delve deeper into their dark arts as time goes on. 

Please tell me you don’t see someone who literally worships satanic forces because that is what I see. 

One reporter finally had the gall to possibly bring him down.

But right as he was ready to finally let the world know the truth, Jimmy Savile died. He never saw justice in this life.

He went scorched earth and only after he had died did a brave reporter find a way to bring the truth out.

A reverend flashing devil horns at his funeral. What are the chances?

His grave was desecrated and finally brought down. 
The people were shocked and the world lost their so called beacon of comedy.

Jimmy, like some of the other elite pedophiles I’ve exposed on this substack, were prime examples of the old guard. Their crimes are not as uncommon as the masses would like to believe. When stories like these come out, they find themselves initially shocked and then brush it off and take their nice little blue pill that comforts them into complacency. They do not realize how far reaching the cults really go. They do not understand the spiritual nature of this war or the evil that wages against us. The pharaohs of our time see themselves as our superiors in every single way. People like Jimmy flaunted it for all to see.
Do you actually believe the royal family was just innocent bystanders in all this? Video footage in this article shows that Jimmy bragged about bringing a child to Prince Phillip. He was promoted by freemasons and loved. The royal family must have had intelligence on all kinds of players in the game. Don’t you believe that they had the reach and finances to find out all about who they were close with?

It is no accident that the family that had Prince Andrew become fast friends with Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein nor a coincidence that the same family that Princess Diana openly wrote was planning to kill them also had one of the most heinous pedophile, necrophiliac, murderers as a cherished advisor.
Has your opinion changed on the royal family and the elite in general? Even just a little?

I hope so because these people truly and unmistakably are sick.

Here is the good news:

A day is coming where the old guard will truly fall.

The pharaohs of our time will not escape the judgment coming. And God will replace them with a Godly counterparts that truly care and love the people.

May that day come swiftly.


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