Did you watch the David Icke Livestream Londonreel interview with Brian Rose

If you did, then you were able to see for yourself the truth about David Icke and can now totally disregard the social media trolls, the mainstream sycophants that simply say what they are told to say without consideration.

David Icke explained to Brian Rose, step by step exactly what the COVID19 pandemic is really all about. David explained in detail the rise of the Pandemic, the reasons, the how, why and where of it all.

This was a brilliant and timely reveal of the situation we find ourselves in. David went on to explain again in detail the roles of the big corporations, the players and the role of the media.

David continues on to explain the way out of this planned economic disaster and the way we (the human race) take back control of our lives and destiny

Anyone that still thinks David Icke is anything other than 100% authentic is either a soulless moron, an complete idiot and unworthy of calling themselves a human. If you fall into this category, do yourselves and those of us that are truly awake a favor, please start thinking for yourself, make your own minds up – all I ask is that you simply watch the video and then decide. This is the most important time in your life – this is why you are here now in these times – you wont get another opportunity to become part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

I don’t know how long the video below will remain up. It will be replaced or added to as soon as possible.

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