How do you know if you have 5G Flu or 5G Syndrome or both?

Coronavirus Contagion Much More Virulent and Deadly in 5G Hotspots

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It’s of paramount importance to comprehend that there is a HUGE difference between 5G Flu and 5G Syndrome.

It especially behoves every smartphone user to know the difference.

People who live in 5G hotspots also really need to know the difference.

Internet addicts who are setting up their own IoT space inside of a 5G super-hotspot better know the difference as their life depends on it.

5G Flu or 5G Syndrome

An unknown number of smartphone addicts are blissfully unaware that they may be suffering from either a low-grade 5G Flu or asymptomatic 5G Syndrome.

Wherever 5G Flu is written below in the “KEY POINTS“, direct involvement of the Wuhan coronavirus (aka COVID-19) is implied in its distinctive pathology, biological evolution, cellular etiology and more elusive environmental causation.

KEY POINTS5G Syndrome is a much more serious medical ailment than 5G Flu5G Syndrome represents a much more extensive list of severe symptoms, some of which are life-threatening. However, as the whole world has witnessed, 5G Flu can also kill you—FAST—depending on your overall health profile and the strength of your immune system. That’s why the elderly and infirm succumb to 5G Flu so quickly … and children seem to have a natural immunity.

Nonetheless, it’s 5G Syndrome that is the quiet killer because of how many symptoms will occur completely under the radar over years. Also, many of those symptoms will be routinely misinterpreted as other disease processes by medical and holistic doctors alike. This kind of misdiagnosis and under-diagnosis by physicians everywhere has occurred over several decades regarding Electrohypersensitivity illness, often by the intentional design of the Medical-Big Pharma Complex.

Then there are those individuals who suffer from both 5G Flu and early-onset 5G Syndrome; they’re the ones dropping like flies in Wuhan, China. Their addiction to smartphones and other wireless devices blinded them to the adverse health effects caused by the sudden influx of 5G energies (which include extremely high radiofrequency signal ranges and ultra-strong microwave transmissions) when they flipped the switch in 2019 in Hubei Province.

In general, 5G Flu is more of an acute illness whereas 5G Syndrome is a long-term, chronic disease. They mutually support and feed off each other which is what makes them so dangerous and increasingly fatal. A person who has 5G Syndrome is much more susceptible to contracting 5G Flu. And, a person with 5G Flu is a good candidate for developing 5G Syndrome.

One who repeatedly gets the Wuhan coronavirus (or 5G Flu), as many Chinese sufferers have to date, will exhibit a greater likelihood of developing 5G Syndrome; that is, if they don’t already have a case of it. The extraordinary re-infection rates for COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus bioweapon triggering 5G Flu, offer compelling circumstantial evidence that it’s really an electromagnetic radiation-driven disease more than a bioengineered coronavirus; although, it’s really both co-factors working in tandem to turbo-charge each other.

Truly, the ‘inexplicable’ re-infection rates tell the hidden back story about this swiftly unfolding pandemic. The only plausible reason for multiple re-infections, when compared to all previously studied coronavirus outbreaks prior to the WiFi era, is that the former COVID-19 patients have stepped back into their wireless environment, they live in a 5G hotspot, they are creating their own IoT and/or they still sleep with their smartphones — TURNED ON — under their pillows.

5G Syndrome insidiously develops over a period of sustained exposure to a 5G power grid and/or usage of even a small-scale version of a home-based IoT or a full-scale office build-out of the Internet of Things. The longer any individual sits in those unsafe levels of 5G-disseminated EMFs and microwaves, the more likely they will experience the evolution of their own unique form of 5G Syndrome. Eventually, they will become vulnerable to not only 5G Flu (i.e. Wuhan coronavirus), but also to the whole host of other bioengineered flu strains and naturally occurring influenzas.

The most critical point here is that every long-term, habitual smartphone user is at great risk for developing either 5G Flu and 5G Syndrome, or both. During the annual flu seasons, they will be more susceptible than others to any type of influenza that passes through the neighborhood, especially one of the various coronaviruses.

The symptoms of both

What will eventually follow in this blog is a list of symptoms of both 5G Flu and 5G Syndrome which will distinguish the one medical ailment from the other. Inevitably, there will be many symptoms that overlap for obvious reasons, but even those will have subtle differences to the trained clinician.

This future list of 5G symptoms will by no means be exhaustive and will be added to in the weeks and months and years ahead. Its compilation represents a collaborative effort among many like-minded healthcare professionals and health advocates who deeply understand the intimate connection between the human bio-organism and ambient electromagnetic fields.

These medical clinicians, alternative healthcare practitioners and biomedical researchers are especially aware of the numerous adverse health effects and profound environmental impacts produced by the rapidly emerging 5G power grid. Connecting the most crucial dots has become easier as the 5G roll-out takes place in cities nationwide as well as worldwide.

China has provided an excellent observation laboratory with the Wuhan 5G Demonstration Zone being the most watched experiment in the world today. Some have even noted that the Wuhanese have sacrificed themselves for the sake of enlightening the rest of humanity. Now it’s time for the Chinese government to share the medical data and scientific observations so that their 5G roll-out can be properly implicated in this paralyzing public health crisis.

There are many symptoms which constitute either the 5G Flu or 5G Syndrome symptom set, as well as those that are common to both. The due diligence process and proper vetting required to confirm them with a high level of integrity is quite tedious and challenging. Nevertheless, this project is proceeding with all deliberate speed in the interest of precluding a public health disaster of epic proportions. Our real intention is to avert a full-blown ELE (Extinction Level Event) in light of the 5G juggernaut rolling across the land on all 7 continents.

The following two links provide just a glimpse into the enormity and gravity of this vast biomedical research project:

U.S. Government Has Known About the Serious Adverse Health Effects Associated with 5G for Decades, Hid the Scientific Research Reports from the Public

MILITARY INTEL REPORT Proves Government Has Known 5G Radio-frequency Ranges & Microwave Radiation Are Harmful to Human Health

*This “Special Report” is very much a work-in-progress and will be posted in its entirety in the near future. One of the writer-researchers is also The Coronavirus Coach and, therefore, we are still identifying the various and sundry symptoms that define both 5G Flu and 5G Syndrome. In the meantime, every person who suspects that they suffer from either of these medical ailments, or if they have been medically diagnosed with COVID-19, ought to read the symptoms of EHS listed here: Electrohypersensitivity Syndrome: The Symptoms & Some Solutions.


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