Answer from a demo participant: “We just want to take up the dialogue that has been refused to us”


A lateral thinker reports from the capital and from his movement

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After the big “hygiene demo” on August 1st in Berlin, the NRWZ asked an author who was friends and who lived in the capital to describe his view of the event. The result was a humorous text that attracted a lot of attention. But the other side went unheard. We therefore looked around and found what we were looking for in Schramberg. One of our readers and active fellow discussants on Facebook was right in the middle of it that August 1st in Berlin. And he is active with the “lateral thinkers”. Here he takes the opposite position to the Berlin Peter S. Kaspar. We also publish his text in full.

A guest contribution by Roman Lasota

First of all, I would like to thank the NRWZ for being the first medium nationwide to have the side of the opponents and demonstrators for the re-establishment of the Basic Law have their say in full and unabridged. I was invited to report on the mass demonstration in Berlin, on its reasons, the number of participants and the influx of supporters of the movement, where there was always talk of the crude and insane theories, of right-wing “oathers”, conspiracy theorists, co-idiots and corona deniers becomes.

I would like to start by saying that the accusation of where I would get my expertise from, if you read my statements and how I get to them, should then be made to every journalist, because this is nothing other than exactly what journalists do: research and share the results.

I know that many will certainly feel an inner resistance when reading, which is called cognitive dissonance (“It cannot be what must not be”). Ultimately, however, in our human history this has always been precisely the reason why things could happen, and one later wondered how that could be allowed to happen. Gandhi once put it this way: “History teaches people that history teaches people nothing.”

It is also important to me to make it clear right from the start that we are not in any way about endangering anyone. On the contrary, our movement is equipped with many doctors and scientists who have nothing else in mind than the protection of people, but in the proportionality, as science and politics have always practiced so far and thus in accordance with the Basic Law and the So far absolutely very well functioning disease protection law.- Display –

Since I was a civil servant in the Air Force myself for four years, I was told in every training, further education and training course that one of the top priorities for civil servants is: compliance with the “proportionality of resources”. Just as it does for lawyers. The politicians are also 100% committed to this.

For this reason, I was personally very puzzled when I looked at comparative figures for similar diseases with similar courses from the beginning and found out in my research that the same protagonists tried to trigger a hype with swine flu and bird flu, which then the Scientists prevented who today belong to the counter-movement again, but who were immediately portrayed as insane conspiracy theorists.

You have to let that melt on your tongue: Those who uncovered the hoax with the swine flu and the bird flu are now the bad, stupid Covidiotes. And those who tried to trigger an unfounded mass panic are the ones you listen to today. I had never heard anything more paradoxical. If you would like to understand this, I recommend the ARTE documentation “Profiteure der Angst”, which can be found on YouTube.

There is no evidence yet that this new virus is supposed to represent a new dimension. All of the studies I have so far do not classify it as more dangerous than the flu. Yes, the flu can also be fatal, and precisely for those patients for whom Covid-19 is also dangerous. This is confirmed by all the data available so far and nothing, absolutely nothing, at the moment indicates that other groups are more likely to be affected than with the flu, and that there are more severe sequelae than the sequelae of a severe course of this. The only problem is that the after-effects of the flu were not as focused as they are now. Here I can mention, for example, heart failure as a result of myocarditis.

You can also see from the data from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), i.e. official data and facts, that the flu did not claim any additional victims, which would have resulted in a higher number of deaths from respiratory infections, but that these from Covid-19 has been displaced. You can also tell from official statistics that this is the case every year. That one and then the other respiratory tract infection is more pronounced, but in balance it displaces others. Here I recommend this recording from the Foundation Corona Committee of Inquiry, in which these and other statistics, presented by scientists, can be seen: In addition, on the same channel you can find the complete recordings of the committee, which is intensively involved in clarifying, including the legal, the measures taken.

But back to the RKI again. The statement in the legal notice of the RKI that it rejects any liability for the statements on its website is very exciting, but that should only be mentioned in passing.

The evidence and reliability of the PCR tests, which I will not go into in more detail due to the length of this article, will also be very astonishing. Only this much: Due to the immense increase in the number of tests, the positive tests are currently in the range of the test’s error rate. This is even confirmed by Jens Spahn in the following interview:– Display –

At the moment there is talk of a second wave. However, the RKI figures clearly show that this second wave is EXCLUSIVELY caused by a massive increase in tests, which, as Spahn confirms, has an ever increasing error rate.

Example: If you send ten people to count the red-haired people in a city, you get 200 within a period. If you send 100 people, you will find 2000 in the same time, if I send 1000, they will find 20,000 in the same time. Nothing else is happening at the moment and there is talk of an increase in the number of infected people.

However, a positive test is not evidence of an infection. And it certainly doesn’t mean that the person is sick. All that is found is an RNA fragment of a virus, which (see Tönnies) could also come from a cross-assessment with another corona virus. But this can also lead to cross immunity. According to a report by “Focus”, 85% are cross immune. This means that countless of the people tested can no longer get it. But they are locked up for 14 days as if they could kill people.

It is also always claimed that people without symptoms can infect others. There is no evidence of that at the moment. Even the WHO says that this is only possible in absolutely exceptional cases. Many immunologists rule this out completely, saying that transmission involves the virus multiplying. An increase causes inflammation and an inflammation makes a symptom.

In the media, however, all positive tests are presented as if people were sick. You speak of “increasing case numbers”. Every common man thinks: More people will get sick? Wrong or right?

The leading media even still show the cumulative number of all people ever infected in their reports and pretend that these people are currently infected. However, it is deliberately forgotten that the recovered and deceased would have to be deducted and that there are currently around 8,000 people who have tested positive. As I said: TESTED POSITIVELY, NOT IMMEDIATELY INFECTED.

So if you take the number 8000, which are locked away, and take it with an R-value of 1 as the basis, then the same number of “infected” runs again in “the wild”. If you apply it to the 83 million inhabitants of Germany, then I would have to meet 10,375 people to come across a PCR positive. But he is not yet definitely infected and cannot infect me so easily through just a lapidary encounter. How many people do we get so close every day that we could really get infected? Let’s assume 20. Then it would take an average of 519 days to be able to meet a PCR-positive person who could potentially infect me – which he probably won’t do if he was symptom because then he would not be on the street.- Display –

According to a new study from Switzerland, it is actually the case that most infections only occur in the home. So what’s the point of the whole masked ball?

Where are the sick at the moment? Hospitals report short-time working because they have to keep beds free, for which they are rewarded princely. Funeral directors go broke and that with increasing cases of illness? Sounds exciting.

In fact, since week 16 (verifiable on the RKI website), the sentinels of the RKI (a representative number of practices that are regularly queried) have NOT received any reports that people with respiratory problems have had a positive response to SARS-CoV -2 have been tested. It’s very strange, isn’t it?

There is always the argument that the numbers in other countries are much worse. Yes, in the sum of the people it is. But if you put it in relation to the number of the population, the health system, the horrific air pollution, etc., that is, always put it in relation, then the percentages always look comparable. But if you rob people of any sense of proportionality by turning the focus away from them, you don’t see that.

There is always talk of the special way Sweden and attempts are made to discredit it wherever possible. By the way: They are currently having falling “fall rates” because they don’t go along with the test madness. But I don’t want to talk about that at all. I’m talking about Belarus, which didn’t go along with anything, nothing. Look at the numbers from there. Yes, you can’t trust a dictatorship based on the figures. Aha, and why is there no travel warning to this highly infectious country there?

If you have the above verifiable facts that everyone and much more can find in research, but which are not found in the leading media (if I am wrong in my research and results, I am not flawless, in one case or another or in total , may I be corrected), and then the current actions and statements such as: “The pandemic only ends when we say that, and if we do, then only with a vaccine!”. If you increase the mask requirement. If you force our children to go to school wearing masks, where there are reliable studies (currently from Saxony) that this is not necessary, and other studies that it traumatizes children. In the case of a virus which, according to all available knowledge, is not dangerous for children. I don’t even want to talk about the effectiveness in comparison to the damage potential of the masks overall for the general public and the facts mentioned above. There are also many publications about this.

Often enough, our politicians have been caught walking without a distance control and mask. Just a few days ago, our Federal President in SOUTH TYROL, in the midst of several people, arm in arm, without distance, without a mask. Would that be done by a politician who only has one kidney and therefore belongs to the risk group if he believed in a dangerous virus? But is that probably due to parliamentary “immunity”?– Display –

Other countries do not have a mask requirement if the course of infection is similar, but is the virus more aggressive in Germany?

Still other countries had already abolished this compulsion and reintroduced it despite low infection rates. Strangely, the particularly extreme ones who are dependent on funds from the EU and thus the top donor Germany?

The mask requirement was introduced when the infection curve at the RKI was already at the bottom and has not changed noticeably since then?

We have a crisis of national scope and without installing a crisis team, is our federal government going into the summer vacation?

Politicians and “political scientists” stand in front of the cameras several times and say openly that questioning and discussing the measures must be avoided in a democracy?

If you think openly about forced vaccination, a new type of vaccination based on RNA that has the potential to intervene in our genomes, but which can be created within a very short time, where development normally takes years, but the safety criteria are simple times down because it was necessary in view of the deadliness of the virus? May everyone draw their own conclusions from this aspect. I find it devoid of any proportionality or reason. Everyone can and SHOULD be able to decide for themselves.

Questions after questions that few people ask themselves, but they want answers and don’t get them. There is only resistance in the form of demonstrations.– Display –

Unfortunately, many of the things mentioned above are not found in the leading media, or they are presented differently. These only take place through research or publications in the free and alternative media, which the vast majority are not aware of, as they cannot be viewed from the sofa or can be found in the mailbox.

This long list of motives was important in order to understand the motivation behind the movement for lateral thinking 711 and the distorted image that is presented in the media. It is also important if you want to understand why masses are now gathering behind it, all of whom have objectively compared information from the leading media with their own research results. They are not “crude conspiracy theorists” or fascists or Nazis. There are people across from all ways of thinking and strata of society who have recognized that no division, but only community will find a solution.

Anyone can look at the pictures of the Berlin demo in many videos on the Internet. No, not in the main media, there are pictures from noon at 1 p.m. (verifiable through the fall of the shadow), aerial photos when the demo train was still on the way and not yet arrived at the venue. 17,000 to 20,000 participants will speak there. If you look at the real pictures and videos, you will see that there were a high six to seven-digit number of participants.

The press spokesman for “lateral thinking” was named by the police as 1.3 million. Even if you want to question that, there is clear evidence that it was at least a high six-digit number of people. But why do the leading media have to downgrade the number so extremely? Because it would be proof that there are not just a few stupid weirdos, and you can extrapolate that for everyone who was there, there will be many more who think so but could not be there. And that this would make the majority aware that so many people cannot all be stupid Covidiots. That one would then have to admit one’s own omissions and exaggerations of the last few months.

Since I was there myself, I can absolutely testify that it was a no-drugs-like Woodstock happening and not a demo of violent madmen. It was an absolutely high-energy and emotional festival of the lived community. It was what the organizers said, a peace and freedom demonstration. Everyone can see this for themselves at one of the next demonstrations. Everyone is welcome. But here, too, an attempt was made to mix the demonstration with another one that took place in Neukölln that evening, which had nothing to do with us, but rather by the counter-demonstrators, who also injured the police. Why are the leading media doing this?

Check the many videos on the net to see if you can see something else. It was a message to the world that our movement wants nothing else than my personal motto could not better express: “For a life in love, peace, freedom, awareness, gratitude and in harmony with nature.”

But what is the state doing? He had the demonstration broken off for non-compliance with the hygiene regulations, which only meant that the speakers could no longer speak. The demonstrators stayed and the police did not escalate either. As also, with this number of people who faced a maximum of 100 police officers.- Display –

Termination due to hygiene regulations. Let’s let this melt in our mouths once again. Because it was over 30 degrees in the hot sun. On the one hand, what would have happened if people here had been forced to wear masks? The organizers would have been guilty of bodily harm, because the people would have passed out in rows. You just had to look at the police officers, who were standing in front of us, dripping with sweat, shortly before collapse, armed with masks and even helmets.

Thus our state is guilty of attempted bodily harm by making it a condition. Oh no, there is the nasty virus that jumps on people outdoors like a flea, but unfortunately cannot survive temperatures above 25 degrees and also blesses the temporal under high UV light. No, I had completely forgotten that the laws of proportionality are currently suspended, sorry, I had forgotten that.

But if you took a look at the Spree a few meters further on, countless excursion steamers drove there with people close together and without a mask across the river, in high spirits. And on the banks of the river, people lay tight on the sandbanks and had fun, of course even without a mask. Oh yes, the virus only picks the “bad” demonstrators as super spreaders, I had completely forgotten. That was also the case with the demos serving the interests of the state. I had completely forgotten again, sorry.

Yes, there were also people among the demonstrators who the media would describe as right-wing. But they were just as much a small part as many other small parts became a whole.How can I use exclusion to move people into a community? This is only possible by accepting the opinion and reaching a consensus FOR the good of a society. Doing something different would be exactly the same as saying to people who are new to our country: “I don’t have to deal with them, they cannot be integrated, they have too different cultures”. Anyone who says something like this is rightly classified as discriminatory. But when it comes to excluding people with an opinion and not looking for a consensus because it is socially ostracized, how can a community ever develop?

So no matter how often it is repeated, it is absolute nonsense that is being spread by the so-called leading media about the demonstrators. And since more and more people are now realizing this, the constitutional fundamental rights of those whose opinion is not acceptable are repeatedly called into question.

No matter how the mind defends itself against it, it is impossible that the same thing as before could be repeated: These thoughts have always been the beginning of totalitarian systems, even if the reasons of the majority could be explained as “noble”.

For this very reason, the founding fathers of the FRG wrote certain rights as indispensable basic rights in the Basic Law, and that if these were restricted or abolished, resistance is required.– Display –

Several articles currently state that the Office for the Protection of the Constitution has now raised concerns. But it is a mockery to want to put people under observation who take to the streets so that the Basic Law can be fully implemented again. And the people who want to override indispensable paragraphs, in which it is even firmly written that they may not be changed, and therefore must be under the surveillance of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, are neither attacked by the press nor by the opposition. On the contrary, she still joins the choir. Because the AfD is the only one who does not vote, the demonstrators are automatically party supporters.

So there is nothing more paradoxical: wanting to accuse the advocates of the Basic Law for infidelity to the constitution, and to portray those who question the Basic Law as legitimate because the demonstrators do not support the current state line.

At the moment, some politicians are emerging again, they are demanding higher penalties for violating the applicable compulsory ordinances. Why didn’t that happen at the demonstrations by “Black Lives Matter” (BLM), where crowds of people were also walking in several places at the same time, without a distance, without a mask *? The virus only picks out specific protesters to become super spreaders? This double standard does not give anyone pause?

Anyone who is somewhat familiar with the law, whether he is a proponent of action or an opponent, must know that something can only be punished if there is evidence that one has caused damage or does something with the intention of causing damage. Otherwise one could say: “You are no longer allowed to enter the bank because you could commit a bank robbery!” Wrong, right?

So far, despite countless demos in Germany, FOR MONTHS (including the BLM’s mass demos), there is NOT SINGLE evidence that these have generated any infection, let alone disease clusters. NOT A SINGLE RECEIPT! If this is then requested here, it represents a clear violation of the law and of citizenship and human rights and is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

Anyone who goes on to claim here that this has no features of a totalitarian regime is not only sleeping, but is in permanent deep hypnosis! Getting power is like a drug, and once you have it, it’s very easy to get addicted to it.

It would be easy to end the demonstrations overnight. Namely to finally allow the scientific dialogue again, which is currently being refused by the state and its scientists.– Display –

But what comes from the state side? “You don’t argue with crazy people!” And the majority nods off that – when the government says they’re crazy, then that’s the way it is. It doesn’t matter who it is, what reputation it has and what its role was in clearing up previous false positives. And it doesn’t matter what role those who are now considered to be “political scientists” by the state have played.

So if you discredit instead of discussing and thus avoiding the normal, political and scientific approach, instead having to silence it with laws and censorship (countless posts on social media and on YouTube have been deleted), you obviously have no arguments that would lead to a discussion would withstand. Otherwise there would be no reason whatsoever to even want to change or abolish paragraphs of the Basic Law in order to avoid a dialogue that is repeatedly offered.

The demonstrations will definitely continue until this willingness to engage in dialogue is restored, nothing more and nothing less is demanded. Even if the Basic Law is bent and demonstrations are banned, it will not stand up to the constitutional court and they will continue. But only the attempt to pervert the Basic Law obliges one to resist it according to the Basic Law. The founding fathers of the FRG thought something.

So we absolutely have to return to a dialogue under the premise: “The cure (measures) must not be worse than the illness!” Otherwise there is a risk that we will end up in a health absolutism in which the state provides an absolute “life insurance” “Is required. To put it a bit provocatively: “Life is a disease that is transmitted through sex and is 100% fatal.”

We ALWAYS have to contend with the risks of life and with numerous greater risks of dying from accidents or diseases than from corona. If we lose that focus, we will end up in a permanent danger of lockdown for the next few decades, every year, again and again. Because new viruses will keep popping up.

Humans have lived on this planet for ages and had to face new diseases again and again. If we didn’t have such a brilliant immune system, we would have died out long ago. But instead of strengthening this, for the moment we are doing anything that could weaken it. We stay more and more at home, we constantly tie a mask in front of our face, which increases the number of germs in our body by rebreathing the exhaled germs and also the CO2 used.

I could write many more lines and hours of information here that speak for the rapid elimination of the coercive measures, because we have not even talked about the damage to people and their physical, mental and financial existence as a result of the lockdown, the so-called collateral damage . How many people have been or are still being victims due to thousands and thousands of canceled and postponed operations? According to the available autopsies, people have so far not been proven to have died directly TO Corona, but always “only” WITH Corona and the causes were mostly due to previous illnesses.- Display –

How many people will be completely ruined by the lockdown? How many will have already committed suicide as a result, or out of anxiety disorders that were fueled by the constant upholding of the panic level in the media? The argument that health is more important than economy is correct, but if I try to extinguish a house and blow up the dam and flood the whole village, the house is deleted but the entire livelihood is destroyed. We always end up with proportionality.

Even if the federal government has to be credited with the fact that at the beginning it was not clear how it was developing, it would have been clear very soon how one could have acted differently and how the measures would have to be scaled back. But instead, the panic level is kept high and any dialogue with scientists who think differently is permanently denied. The only reason for this is that you want to cover up your own failure and then use the vaccine to say that everything is fine again. That the vaccine was the bringer of salvation, even if it was objectively clear to anyone who was ready to follow the scientific approach of the thesis, antithesis and synthesis, that one would not have to wait so long. But we know that sitting out has always been one of our Chancellor’s great strengths. Only this time she didn’t expect so much resistance.

Even within the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Mr. Stephan Kohn very soon took on his task as a risk assessor and created a detailed paper that attempts to drive out the devil with the Beelzebub. Well-founded and underpinned by many expertise from scientists. The gratitude for this was his release, since he had not been officially assigned to do so. In doing so, they forgot that his position per se included this task. But he was immediately surrendered to the media. It did so happily instead of OBJECTIVELY dealing with the results itself, only based on the statements of the government. If these results were wrong, they can be refuted. If you are correct, I must discredit you and the author.

And precisely because many know what happened to Mr. Kohn, many know what could happen to them if they revealed what they know or if they, as scientists, would stand by it if they think differently, as prescribed by the authorities. For example, Professor Homburg is currently on the verge of losing his job by simply posting a new advert.

In a country where democracy and freedom of expression should apply? Really?

Therefore the association has now been founded, which welcomes everyone who will secure your existence.

I could fill many more pages.– Display –

It is very, very important that we find an OPEN and HATE-FREE dialogue with each other again. In politics, science, research and on a very personal level. There is a rift through our society, a deep wound. It can only heal if you pull the wound back together and not if you keep sprinkling salt on it.

Sometimes it seems to me as if the hatred towards the opponents of the measure is so great that one would rather see them die of Corona than be happy if they were correct and everyone got their normal life back.

For your own research, I recommend, in addition to the RKI, , , , https: //www.xn--rzte-fr-aufklrung

And finally the motto of the enlighteners: “Don’t believe me, do your own research!” And once again my personal model: “For a life in love, peace, freedom, awareness, gratitude and in harmony with nature.


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