All will be known…
One for evil, one for good…

clif high

The Woo is ancient, deep, and obscuring. Those who know symbols know the ‘why’ of the timing of the ‘resurrection’ of certain symbols. You think the Punisher is a new symbol? Au contraire human. It derives from an ancient pair of symbols used in the fight against the Elohim and their minions. These are seriously ancient, over 6000 years in continuous use. We see one of these symbols now reborn for this new age, for these new battles, in the Punisher skull.

This emblem is most recently derived from its use as the central symbol for The Phantom series of stories in the 1930s about a white man, cast into Africa, who fights against Slavers, and slavery. It is THE point of the series, this fight against the forces that would enslave humanity.

There are many Russian units wearing Punisher patches in the current warring in Ukraine against the Khazarians. To those who can read symbols, this speaks volumes.

We will soon witness many more symbols coming our of our global war against slavery. The SOC will begin showing you how the Khazarian Mafia mark themselves when they thought you could not read their secret language.

As this manifests, as you are taught to read their secrets, watch for those other symbols, those shown to brand the information source as a reference mark. Yes, it is complicated shit, but important to know as you have been blind to it all your life, and the revealing of this to humanity will dominate the rest of your life.

As has been noted, all will be known by their symbols.

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