Lee Merritt says this is THE MOST IMPORTANT interview that she’s done in the entire Covid debacle.

Lee Merritt says this is THE MOST IMPORTANT interview that she’s done in the entire Covid debacle. This woman is fabulous — Indian-American, Dr. Poornima Wagh — she’s a scientist in the mold of Harold Hillman and Tom Cowan who ask “How do we know that?” when told something is so — especially when it’s “consensus science.”

Besides calling bullshit on modern virology, she’s also been examining the contents of the vials of the CV19 vaccines along with 17 other researchers.


“It’s a _chemical_ weapon — it’s not even a bio-weapon.”

(1:32:00) “Our bodies are very, very intelligent, you know. Everything in nature is very intelligent, everything has a place, and you can’t just change that because you have a God complex. They have tried and it doesn’t work. This is the beauty of science — we have no idea how it really works because we’ve barely scratched the tip of the iceberg, there’s just so much underneath there. (1:34:00)

“And a lot of biology is corrupted — people get upset when I say this — biology got corrupted because physics got corrupted with quantum mechanics. Anything with “quantum” in it is bullshit. OK? ‘Quantum mechanics,’ ‘quantum financial system,’ ‘quantum computing’ — it’s all B.S. We live in an electro-magnetic universe — it’s mostly electric. I’m going the Tesla direction instead of the Einsteinian-Schrödinger model, OK? So quantum mechanics destroyed physics, which destroyed chemistry because you’ve got the P-orbitals and the S-orbitals in chemistry and then that bled into biology and destroyed biology altogether. So the hard sciences are completely hijacked and corrupted. People get very upset with me for saying this, but it’s the truth.”

2 Replies to “Lee Merritt says this is THE MOST IMPORTANT interview that she’s done in the entire Covid debacle.”

  1. Lee, i wish you would shut up, seriously, let your guest talk. Why are you even on the screen, seriously, what a waste!
    This woman is one of the few important people on Earth at the moment, so take your place, we don’t want to hear you.
    Be brave enough t listen to what i say.

  2. PS this ego trip interviewers are on during this parasite attack on humanity is over the top! And needs to stop.
    Interrupting these genius gifts to humanity is plain dumb!
    It stops their roll, it severely irritates the listeners and stops their ability to flow with the genius.
    It is a big problem, and needs to stop.
    Humility is the key….let them flow. Write your questions down and let them flow, just let them talk.
    I cannot stress this enough.
    For those that agree, please spread this everywhere.

    Embrace the brutally honest.
    Honesty is the highest form of respect. (author unknown)

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