French doctor locked up in a mental institution

(Unofficial Translation)

In France, a lung specialist was suspended for five months for refusing to wear a face mask . In addition, a French professor was admitted to a mental institution after he was shown in a documentary in which the Corona policy is heavily criticized.

The French regional health authority ARS ruled last Friday that lung specialist Patrick Bellier would not be allowed to work for five months “in the interest of public health”. Dr. Bellier refused to wear mouthguards at work and refused to help patients who wore one.

The doctor told the AFP press agency: “I am not allowed to do my job for five months because I don’t want to wear a face mask. Welcome to the Macron dictatorship! ”In September he declared before the French medical order:“ I am a pulmonologist, I have to be able to see people’s faces! I’m not an extremist, but wearing a face mask is pointless and drives me crazy. ”Bellier ignored warnings from the Order, then the ARS stepped in.

Another French doctor is locked up in a mental institution in the city of Uzès. Last Saturday, dozens of people gathered outside the facility to show their support for Professor Jean-Bernard Fourtillan, writes the news site The Connexion.

They shouted: “Libérez Fourtillan! (Approval by Fourtillan). One protester said they were there to show solidarity with people who have a free spirit and have done things for others and have the courage to stand up against the big institutions.

Fourtillan was recently interviewed for a TV documentary in which he sharply criticized the corona policy. The professor said, among other things, that the French Pasteur Institute created the new coronavirus.

The authorities claim that he was admitted in connection with “conducting experimental treatments”.

His supporters said the decision to admit him proves that “the government is corrupt” and that “the laboratories are in charge”. One protester said the doctor had been brought in to “silence” him.

Fourtillan is now also receiving support from the scientific community . Paul Deheuvels, a member of the French Academy of Sciences, calls for his discharge from the clinic. “I’ve known him for many years and can assure you that he has a sane mind,” says Deheuvels, who also describes Fourtillan as someone with a good reputation and a strong personality.


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