Speaker gives a powerful speech, joined by Andrew Bridgen, in which he quotes Kevin McKernan’s research on DNA contamination:

“Kevin McKernan made an accidental discovery. He was shocked to discover that [the mRNA vials] were contaminated with plasmid DNA.” He goes on to say that “other scientists have confirmed these findings.”

“This means that they are not vaccines at all, but genetically modified organisms that should have been subject to completely different regulatory conditions, and certainly should not be classified as vaccines.”

– “He concludes that piece by saying: No more ‘ifs’, no more ‘buts’, all mRNA vaccines must be stopped now.”

This speaker, after saying that he has already received an mRNA vaccine twice, says the following: “The value of vaccination has been deeply damaged and personally I will say this with absolute honesty. I WILL NEVER ACCEPT another mRNA vaccine, and I am far from alone.”

The truth comes out…!