A Summary of The Elements of Genocidal Pandemic

by The Bernician
A Summary of The Elements of Genocidal Pandemic Fraud

A Summary of The Elements of Genocidal Pandemic Fraud

Whatever trolls, tools and fools might claim to the contrary, I have a 100% track record in nailing fraud to the masts of the rigged system because I am prepared to use their language [legalese] to argue Common Law maxims that few in the legal professions would ever contemplate.

Source… https://www.thebernician.net/a-summary-of-the-elements-of-genocidal-pandemic-fraud/

For those who don’t know, without spending a penny on legal fees, I’ve discharged fraudulent claims by a film sales company, a car franchise, a travel agent, two utilities companies, three major credit card companies, dozens of debt collection agencies and legal services companies, five councils, the DVLA, the police, HMRC, the Registrar of Births and two of the cartel’s protected banks, almost all of which has been well documented on various web platforms over the past twelve years [including this blog].

Proven Track Record

Whilst the vast majority of those disputes were settled in accordance with the Common Law, without once going before a judge, I have also proven fraud in the Magistrates, County and High Courts, as well as in Property Chamber and Land Registry applications.

In other words, when I allege fraud, I only ever do so when there is evidence that fraud has been committed and I can therefore always prove it in a court of law, whenever that is required.

Which is the reason why the arrogant cowards and thieves who defame my character and my work on social media, fraudulently claiming credit for the remedies I invented and gave away for free, always do so behind my back.

Nevertheless, with that proven track record in mind, here is a brief summary of the elements of the genocidal pandemic fraud we are all witnesses to.

Elements of Genocidal Pandemic Fraud

1. Imperial College, Jenner Institute, Oxford University, BBC and UK government materially gained when they received substantial funds from Bill Gates, prior to COVID-1984 beginning on 23/03/2020.

2. The parties involved then conspired with the Gates controlled WHO to cause the People to rely upon a series of entirely dishonest statements, made by the UK government to justify the lockdown.

3. The reliance upon those false statements has already caused many tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths, destroyed the economy and caused untold misery, distress and fear, as well as procured unaccountable totalitarian power for the UK government.

4. The government is partnering with and funding Gates controlled GAVI, the openly stated objective of which is to vaxxterminate the entire world.

5. The secretary of state for health is the owner of Porton Biopharma Limited, a company dedicated to making profits for the government from pharmaceuticals, including vaccines.

6. One hundred million brand new, untested, DNA altering vaccines have reportedly been ordered by Porton Biopharma, from Oxford University’s development partner, AstraZeneca, in partnership with Gates controlled GSK.

7. All of the conspiring parties have been indemnified against all claims of vaxxtermination injury, including death, even if vaccines are forcibly administered without consent. The government is, however, offering to pay compensation for vaccine injury from tax-payer’s money.

Grand Jury Indictment

When I initially presented the complaint of pandemic fraud several months ago, a Common Law Grand Jury ruled that there was enough prima facie evidence to justify a full blown investigation into the alleged frauds.

This was followed a few weeks later by the submission of additional evidence, which proved the government was relying upon entirely false statements about supposed COVID deaths, according to the data published by the Office of National Statistics.

However, since then, following a concerted counter-propaganda campaign by the real independent media and genuine grass roots activists, the government has conceded through gritted teeth that every piece of data which they relied upon to justify the unjustifiable lockdown measures has proven to be false.

A few weeks ago, following an investigation of emphatic evidence of pandemic fraud, as well as treason and genocide, the Grand Jury unanimously decided that it has seen more than sufficient evidence to indict every cabinet minister for crimes against the People.

In simple terms, this means that the decision of the Grand Jury, formal notice of which will soon be made public, in addition to the now increasingly widespread allegations of statistical fraud, have been emphatically sustained by the voluntary admission of the accused.

Banged To Rights

Indubitably, we’ve got the government banged to rights on criminal charges of fraud by false representation, non-disclosure and abuse of position, under sections 2, 3 and 4 of the Fraud Act 2006, since neither they, nor Parliament, has any excuse for not knowing that the data relied upon in the shutting down of the entire country by statute was entirely false.

Moreover, since it is public policy that fraud unravels all, as per the Supreme Court decision in Takhar [2019], this session of Parliament is void and the government is acting ultra vires [without jurisdiction].

That’s before we even mention the growing evidence that genocide is being carried out by government decree and that every MP has committed treason against the monarch and the People, by deposing QEII and making the government unaccountable to the electorate.

Private Criminal Prosecutions

Therefore, a Private Criminal Prosecution against the government is now being prepared, seeking to indict the cabinet for multiple breaches of sections 2, 3 and 4 of the Fraud Act 2006. It is also anticipated that a top QC, who specialises in criminal fraud, will be engaged to present the allegations before a jury.

Parliament will also be put on notice that, in the event the Coronavirus Act 2020 is not declared a legal nullity by 30/09/2020, Private Criminal Prosecutions will be issued, alleging that every MP has committed petty treason against the People in allowing the act to pass into lawlessness; and that the consequence of the resulting government policy was to cull the elderly and vulnerable in their tens of thousands.

Source… https://www.thebernician.net/a-summary-of-the-elements-of-genocidal-pandemic-fraud/

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