Spanish MSM publishes some COVID Truths… RNA injections do not vaccinate

This article is made with the intention of putting a bit of light on the unique story of the farmas, it is an effort to compile everything published in these two years of pandemic, I want to thank newspaper 16 , since in the context Today it is almost impossible to imagine this article published in a generalist medium . Thanks to all the people, doctors, scientists and popularizers who have risked their jobs and have made every effort to fully understand the wave that was sweeping us.


We are at the peak of the mass experiment, this time with the focus on the “little ones”. There is less than a year until there are traditional vaccines and not RNA, if that is the option that you think is the most convenient for you and yours. We are about to exit the tunnel and I hope this will give strength to all those people who thought that there was no other alternative. 

I encourage you not to consider valid a single word written in this article : it is difficult to navigate in a sea of ​​half-truths, incomplete statistics and intentional errors, but you can always access the original studies, to draw your own conclusions.

We are going to try to synthesize the most relevant of what is known to date in these two years of pandemic 

1 – Covid is not the result of a natural or accidental mutation, it is a biological weapon. 

It is the fruit of more than 10 years of research and has names and surnames . This whole context is important, not only to put the intellectual authors on the bench, and that their actions lead to criminal responsibilities, if any in each case, but also to understand, from a biological point of view, that the effort used during all these years, for the receiver to be the AC2 and not somebody else, it had a demonstrable goal. The spicule S does not appear by natural evolution, it appears due to a gain of function carried out conscientiously in the wuhan laboratory, its traces of publications during all those years attest to this. 

Here’s the ‘Spartaco COVID Letter’ that has gone viral in the United States

This article explains in great detail the useless and harmful treatment that has been applied to COVID patients, in the case of respirators or antivirals when there is no virus left and only inflammation remains. In the same way, here in Spain, protocols recommended by the WHO were applied that sent people home with paracetamol until they were serious and their blood oxygen saturation was “low enough” to be hospitalized, to be later treated with antivirals when they had already developed respiratory failure, due to bilateral pneumonia and the dreaded cytokine storms. Now we know that this only aggravates the situation that generally ends with the intubated patient. It turns out that paracetamol reduces glutathione stores , necessary to resolve oxidative stress and cellular inflammation . If it weren’t so dramatic, it would even be comical to think that such a combination would be the perfect recommendation for killing someone.

2 – Yes, it is possible to incorporate the S gene of the spike protein into the genome of the vaccinated person.

The previous article, peer-reviewed by scientists from MIT and Harvard who demonstrate in vitro that RNA fragments of the virus, both protein N (nucleocapsid) and protein S (Spike) are transcribed and integrated into the DNA of cells that they tested and that are later re-transcribed into RNA producing active proteins. The study was conducted to find out why people who had passed SARS-COV-2 continued to test positive in PCR without having remains of the virus in their body (without having been reinfected), months after the initial infection. They suspected that the cause could be that the virus fragments had integrated into the subject’s DNA and that their body continued to produce these fragments of protein S or N.

They found this to be possible by means of LINE 1 retrotransposons. This question, over time, could lead to the development of autoimmune responses in the inoculates. This is something that we are already verifying in some patients who have developed thyroiditis , glomerulonephritis , nephrotic syndrome or multiple sclerosis . 

In this other study, it is shown that the sequence characteristics of mRNA vaccines meet all known requirements for retroposition by L1 elements, the most abundant autonomous retrotransposons in the human genome.

Let us remember how hours of newscasts and newspapers were filled, for more than a month, with thousands of “experts” who told us that modifying the genome of the vaccinated person was absolutely impossible and that please do not call it experimental gene therapy because it was simply a vaccine. 

3 –  The protein S of the vaccine destroys the DNA self-repair system

This is a study by Hui Jiang and Ya-Fang Mei, from the Department of Molecular Biosciences, Wenner-Gren Institute, Stockholm University and the Department of Clinical Microbiology, Umeå University

This study concludes: “We found that the spike protein notably inhibits the formation of brca1 and 53bp1 foci (figure 3d-g). Together these data demonstrate that the SARS-COV-2 full-length spike protein inhibits DNA damage repair by preventing the recruitment of the DNA repair protein. ‘ The DNA repair mechanism known as NHEJ (Non-Homologous End Joining, or Union of Non-Homologous Ends)it is a kind of intracellular “emergency response” system that repairs double-stranded DNA breaks. No human, animal or plant can survive when the integrity of their genetic code is no longer protected and is constantly being repaired through multiple mechanisms. In a normal, healthy person, the NHEJ mechanism repairs DNA and prevents a pathogenic mutation from occurring; but in the presence of the ‘vaccine’ spike protein, the effectiveness of NHEJ is suppressed by up to 90% , meaning that it is unable to do its job because the ability to recruit proteins for repair has been inhibited.

The study published in the journal MDPI “Viruses” shows that the efficacy of NHEJ plummets in the presence of the spike protein of the COVID mRNA vaccine.

4- RNA vaccines are designed to deactivate the first line of the natural immune system: the “Toll like” receptors.

RNA is short-lived in blood because it is rapidly detected and eliminated by the immune system, so much so that this has been the main stumbling block and research point in the last 10 years. All the advances that have been made in this field go in the direction of deactivating natural defense systems. In this ARN article they explain the most important milestones of this process,

The final trick consists of:

  • Add synthetic uridine to the RNA strand to deactivate the Toll Receptors. (TLR)
  • Add synthetic fat coatings, not dissolvable by available proteases or enzymes (toxicity is discussed in the next point)

Receptores Toll: They are in charge of defining which cells have to be eliminated; proving to be the basic mechanism that eliminates any damaged or cancerous cells from our system. It could be said that they are the first natural defense system of our body. In 1998 TLRs were already shown to be part of innate immunity in humans and mice, and to date 11 receptors have been discovered in humans and 12 in mice. Its role in the innate immune response was discovered, when research found that the Toll receptor was necessary to fight fungal infections. In these experiments, when the receptors were deactivated, the research subjects died of sepsis within hours. Conclusion: TLRs are the cornerstone of our immune system, 

Guess how many receptors the synthetic uridine treatment used in the mRNA product deactivates ?

Disable exactly three , ( TLR3 , TLR7 , TLR8 ). This basic reference should be read carefully, where all the receptors are listed and which cells they affect.

At this point, it should be clear that any injection of RNA , has associated toll off the first line of defense of the immune system , without forgetting the toxicity associated with synthetic fats sheath. (Analyzed in the next point)

5 – Pfizer, did know the effects and risks of his injection and hid them

Faced with the demand by the government of Japan to receive information on the toxicity of the injection, Pfizer sent this report privately, almost secretly, which was later released through filtration. This process could cost Prime Minister Shinzō Abe, and even his Minister of Health, his head, and the tension led to a reshuffle of the government. It should be remembered that the Japanese vaccine approval system is much more guarantee than the Western ones, mainly due to certain scandals in the approval processes of past vaccines. Perhaps, this document has been the most scandalous of everything known to date, and of all those mentioned here for several reasons:

  • It implies on the part of Pfizer that they did know all the adverse effects, as reported by some former workers. Let’s remember how the CEO explained in his day that it was an intramuscular injection and that the dose was designed so that it did not reach the organs. That the dose was localized and that it had been proven in clinical trials.
  • The results are devastating and the associated effect of the S spike is not taken into account. In this study, only the effect of the toxicity of synthetic fat (PEG and ALC-0315) and synthetic uridines encoded in the RNA chain is analyzed. . The report concludes the following:
  1. Blood clotting shortly after vaccination, which can lead to heart attacks, strokes, and venous thrombosis
  2. Serious damage to female fertility
  3. Serious harm to infants.
  4. Cumulative toxicity after multiple injections.

From the aforementioned Pfizer report ,

The graph shows how at the beginning where this synthetic fat accumulates the most is in the plasma, in a matter of 1h it is distributed throughout the bloodstream. Then in the liver it gives the maximum value at 8 o’clock, and it also floods the spleen, which is quite logical because it is where the macrophages go to deposit what they have absorbed, the spleen encapsulates it in the exosomes to eliminate it, they pour it into the bloodstream , but in the study it is seen that they do not stop there and that they can cross the blood-brain barrier , in fact it leaves it permeable, the brain becomes inflamed, and that is why all those adverse effects related to the central nervous system are detailed later. , seizures, headaches, Bell’s palsy, loss of balance and other effects that are not yet known. 

It should be emphasized again that this toxicity study does not analyze the effects of protein S once it has been synthesized. That is, all RNA vaccines encapsulated in the same way and with a modified RNA chain with synthetic uridines will have the same toxicity. The industry’s decision to deactivate the Toll receptors is an ordeal that could only make sense if the RNA-encoded protein of the supplied vaccine gave fully contrasted immunity , but this is not the case. It does not generate immunity, nor does it prevent contagion because the antigens produced for this protein S have very little specificity and are not neutralizing, compared with the antigens obtained by natural immunity.(This brings us to the next point)

6-Natural immunity is superior and reveals the specificity of the Tx lymphocytes produced by the vaccine. 

Overwhelming compilation of studies from the Brownstone Institute . There are 81 studies that show that natural immunity (as a result of having passed COVID19) confers greater and longer-lasting protection than the supposed “immunization” of the so-called vaccines

Vaccine immunity is short-lived, and its potential benefit begins to wane practically after 20 days.

Actually the information contained in those 81 studies is not a surprise, since it was reported by the BMJ itself that clinical trials were not designed to see the type of immunity it provided. An analysis by Peter Doshi, published in the British Medical Journal, points out the obvious: manufacturers of “vaccines” have designed clinical trials that do not provide any data on benefits in relation to all-cause mortality.

Covid-19 vaccine trials cannot tell us if they will save lives

This has to do with the specificity of the T lymphocytes that they stimulate. The most relevant of the study of the immunity generated post-infection

It has been proven that the greatest memory immunity (of CD4 + and CD8 + T lymphocytes) occurs against antigens of the membrane (M), nucleocapsid (N), and Spike (S) proteins of the SARS-CoV virus, that is, the immunity generated during an infection with the virus occurs against various fragments of various proteins, while the immunity generated by mRNA inoculations and vectored only occurs against the S spike . Based on this study, we know that the most marked responses are against M and N; not so much against S. In fact, as early as 2014, it had been reported that immune responses against S, unlike those generated against M and N, were of very short duration.

When protein S alone was chosen, there were many critical voices who warned about this, in the sense that effective immunity would not be achieved with that S antigen, 

In fact, it has been proven that reinfections with SARS-CoV-2 have no epidemiological relevance , something that does not stop happening with the immunity acquired with RNA injections.

In other words, the scientific evidence available to date indicates that people who have recovered from a clinical (symptomatic) condition generate long-lasting and protective immunity. Not so the one generated by immunization with the products of Pfizer / BioNTech, Moderna, J&J, Astrazeneca,

7- The dose  

To better assess the danger of COVID “vaccination”, it is important to know how much mRNA is delivered with a dose of vaccine, that is, how many cells in the body are stimulated to produce the spike protein, and therefore released to be destroyed by the immune system. Unfortunately, this essential information is not mentioned in the approval studies. There is only one scientific estimate of the number of particles in which mRNA is carried by lipid nanoparticles: about 2 billion.

Not all particles reach a healthy cell, and some cells in the body come into contact with more than one particle. Also, not all particles are necessarily functional. However, the number of particles is particularly important considering that the human body is made up of some 37 billion cells. Many voices have already warned that these doses were disproportionate. What would happen if the vaccinees’ antibodies could not eliminate the entire dose of mRNA injected?

This can already be seen in the inflammatory effects on endothelial tissue that persist over time. In this study, up to 20 markers have been found that indicate this damage.

“These changes persist for at least 2.5 months after the second dose of vaccine. We conclude that mRNA vaccines dramatically increase inflammation in the endothelium and infiltration of T cells in the heart muscle and may explain the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events   after vaccination. ” 

Those markers that comment, may be somewhat abstract, but you can see their effect more visually in this 3D rendering.

8– The PCR tests are poorly designed, any flu and the vaccine itself will give false positives 

The CDC itself admits that when calibrating the PCR tests to detect the presence of the virus in COVID patients (most of them asymptomatic), they did not have a SARS-COV-2 specimen and decided to “create” their own. own specimen obtained from a common cold virus (GenBank accession: MN908947.2) and human cell material from the A549 line, anyone with a cold or the common flu will test positive in the PCR test.

As if this were not enough, PCRs are performed using more cycles than the PCR technique can support. For those who are not familiar with the term, cycles are like increases in optics, so increasing the cycles gradually loses specificity of the original sequence due to increased sensitivity, to the point that practically everything ends up being a false positive. Here we can see that PCR at 13 cycles would give 100% positives, meaning positive the significant presence of nucleotides of the putative virus (if the primers correspond to SARS-CoV-2) in the sample. After 35 cycles, they would be giving 100% false positives.  You just have to see how many cycles have been applied in the different autonomous communities, which would be a great blow to the official account of the pandemic itself, in terms of number of cases. 

Here they can contrast the original source to be able to analyze the details,

This question of the cycles suggests several questions Since the article of April 27, 2020, it is not understood why PCR is still being done at 30 cycles. 

Would the same coercive measures be justified in a “wave” of 100,000 infections, as in a wave of 1000?

9- The causality between myocarditis and the vaccine has already been demonstrated

In fact, the mechanism by which it occurs is described here

Here is an interesting report based on the CDC VAERS system that shows us comparisons of cases of myocarditis and pericarditis reported after the COVID “vaccines” compared to the flu vaccine, by age, after the 1st or 2nd dose, by years , by age and by “vaccines”. As you can see, adolescents are the most affected:

This graph eloquently illustrates the difference in myocarditis cases in 2021 compared to previous years.

For the average European to whom the myocarditis problems reported in the US VAERS are very remote, we give a closer example, in this case Germany.

An “ innovation” that incorporates the Pfizer vaccine for children 5 to 11 years is the inclusion of a new ingredient that previous products did not have. This is tromethamine instead of saline . You can find it on page 14 of the FDA document that follows, and the image is the same but for Spain.

As we see the document, it is an electrolyte stabilizer (prevents acidosis) that is usually used in the treatment of patients who have undergone a bypass or heart attack victims.

This is the curious response of the “pharma”, in order to improve the “after-sales experience” and hide those undesirable side effects that you will not read in detail in the mass media. An apparently insignificant change, by which the saline solution is replaced by an anti-heart attack stabilizer, always counting on the inestimable complicity of the FDA and EMA, those so-called regulatory bodies financed by the same companies that they have to regulate. 

According to an analysis by Dr. Toby Rogers , a risk-benefit expert, the price to pay to save a single child between the ages of 5 and 11 is to sacrifice 117 others.

A study by Walach, Klement and Aukema that has been republished in the prestigious journal Science , Public Health Policy and the Law , a peer-reviewed medical journal, confirms the same.

Pfizer’s own study showed four times more deaths from cardiac arrest than expected in the group that received the drug . This should be enough to set off alarms.

As this point is key to the battle that will be fought in the media in the coming days, we dig a little deeper into the data. 

According to CDC data, in June 2021, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) reported 1,226 cases of myocarditis after COVID-19 vaccination and processed 9,246 adverse event reports for adolescents ages 12-17. years who received the Pfizer vaccine between December 14, 2020 and July 16, 2021. In seven months, among 12 to 17-year-olds who received the Pfizer vaccine, there were 397 reports of heart inflammation and 14 deaths after receiving the vaccine.

However, this study published in Germany looked at the risk of hospitalization, serious illness and mortality due to COVID-19 in children.

and they found minimal risks of serious events or deaths among the children. When they looked at co-morbidities, they couldn’t find a single case in which a healthy child in the 5 to 11-year-old age group died from SARS-CoV-2 infection .

According to these documents, no healthy children have died from the SARS-CoV-2 infection, but 14 have already died after receiving the vaccine, but do not worry because they will still have to endure a wave of experts circulating in the media, appealing to how ” rare ” it is, that these cases occur, for this the marketing always consists, in giving the cases of myocarditis per million doses , ignoring the background incidence , remembering this other graph when they come out to say that a rate of 12 per million is normal.  

CDC chart, orange colors show injection causes more myocarditis than population average before injection (background incidence) which was 0.2 to 1.9. In the case of children aged 12 to 15 years vaccinated with the 2nd dose, the increase is approx . 80 times greater than the amount of myocarditis before injection in that age group.

Above all, it will not cease to insist that the benefits outweigh the risks. The next headline is what we will unfortunately experience shortly. (and this brings us to the next point)

10- The relative efficiency has already fallen below 30%. Failure in numbers

The much vaunted and cost-effective 95% (relative) Efficacy Statement, which would present the Pfizer product for emergency clearance to the FDA panel, was achieved by partially misrepresenting the submitted data, excluding 3410 suspected but unconfirmed COVID-19 cases out of the total cases, most likely due to false negatives. If these 3410 stolen suspected cases are reintegrated into the total, the relative efficacy drops to 19% (which is well below the 50% efficacy threshold established by the regulators for the approval of any vaccine) and the absolute risk reduction falls at a ridiculous 0.08%. Presumably, the stock market hit that was the presentation in society of the miraculous product ofPfize r will have been significantly reduced, or perhaps even could have returned to Pfizer technical bankruptcy from whichcame. 

In the following article you can read the considerations on the matter of Peter Doshi , editor of the prestigious British Medical Journal .

This point does not have too many surprises. It would be enough to illustrate the flagrant failure of the product to observe with some objectivity the picture of hospitals full of vaccinated people. 

In Spain, for the first time since vaccination began, data broken down by vaccinated and unvaccinated have been published

Here broken down by incidence  rate

We cannot hold anything against the “unsuspecting journalists” who open their newscasts announcing with great fanfare an incidence rate among the 64 unvaccinated compared to the scarce 23 of those already vaccinated. They are “victims” of a known statistical effect.

The weekly rate is calculated based on the number of hospitalizations per 100,000 people where the denominator is the average number (for that week) of people who are vaccinated and not vaccinated, but it is not correct to use this rate to compare hospitalizations by vaccination status. , because indeed, every week there are fewer unvaccinated, and therefore, the denominator is decreasing, increasing the rate of non-vaccinated artificially. 

Although there are more and more people vaccinated, the number of hospitalized cases is increasing (being 19,227 cases in the week of November 8 to 14, an increase of almost 100% than in the week of September 20 to 26). If we break down the same data from the Ministry of Health in%, instead of the weekly rate, this other table will appear.

Number of ICU hospitalizations

  • Vaccinated 50.8%
  • Not vaccinated 47.6%

Number of deceased

  • Vaccinated 77.1%
  • Unvaccinated 20.1%

Few countries collect statistics in detail and without ‘cooking’, as is the case in Great Britain.

According to their data for the month of November

Number of cases:

  • Vaccinated 60%
  • Not vaccinated 40% (it should be noted that it includes children who have not been vaccinated and who have tested positive)

Number of hospitalizations

  • Vaccinated 64%
  • Not vaccinated 36%

Number of deaths with COVID (positive PCR test)

  • Vaccinated 80%
  • Not vaccinated 20%

Taking into account that as of December 4 the total or partially vaccinated population in the UK is 75%, it is clear that “vaccines” have failed miserably in the objective of reducing the population’s mortality from COVID

Note that this statistic does not include the excess mortality for the month compared to previous years. This would give us an idea of ​​the people who would have died as a result of side effects of vaccines such as (stroke, cardio-respiratory arrest, cancer, etc.)

To close this point, the following studies conclude:

“No significant differences were found in cycle threshold values ​​between vaccinated and unvaccinated, asymptomatic and symptomatic groups infected with the SARS-CoV-2 delta.”

and in this other published in the prestigious magazine the lancet

  • The contagion rates among exposed contacts to infected vaccinates (25%) is statistically identical to the contact rates of infected unvaccinated persons (23%).
  • The maximum viral load is not different between vaccinated and unvaccinated, regardless of the type of variant it was.
  • Symptomatic COVID-19 cases in vaccinated people has increased week by week. I clarify that what Kampf presents is not only in terms of the relative number of cases (the percentage; what would be expected if there are fewer and fewer uninfected people in a population) but also in the absolute number of cases, which at least in Germany and in England they represent double or almost triple the number of cases for the same time last year

It is clear that what we are dealing with is not a problem of scientific evidence, which leads us to the next section …

11 – Science is not enough. Power is the key

With just one of the studies shared here, in a full society model, capable of objectively analyzing the situation, it should be more than enough to stop in its tracks and review the relevance of these RNA “vaccines”. 

That peer-reviewed scientific studies in prestigious journals are silenced and that the main media exclusively echo the interested press releases of Pfizer or Moderna , speaks of the type of society in which we live and the consequences of having privatized healthcare without restrictions.  Nor does it leave in a good place the “journalism” that we suffer, whose only aspiration seems to be summed up in turning its journalistic pieces into infomercials financed by multinationals interested in placing its product. 

Perhaps the mechanism by which the pharmaceutical establishment “convinces” us can be better understood when it is known who sits on the Shareholders’ Meeting of the mainstream media. Names like BlackRock or Vanguard may sound familiar to you Perhaps that pejorative name with which the mass media used to refer to them sometimes sounds even more so: vulture funds . A term in disuse, probably due to the recent acquisition by these “vulture funds” of large share packages in Mediaset , AtresMedia, Grupo PRISA… .Simple and humble investment funds, which in their global philanthropic work, also happen to be owners of part of the shares of Moderna , AstraZeneca and, of course, Pfizer .

Serve to illustrate the crossroads in which we find ourselves, this video is the presentation made by Dr. David Wiseman , questioning the approval of the third dose as can be seen, using the arguments already discussed in the studies previously linked

But it is even more eloquent to see the time they devoted to Wiseman, a few minutes, the meeting was aired in less than three hours, and the result of the FDA committee vote yielded a striking result of zero votes against and one abstention. . 

That the last word on vaccination public policies of the entire planet, including children, falls on these committees, whose members act as mere commercial agents of the companies they should supervise, continues to speak of the type of society in which that we live.

You might think that regulatory corruption is a uniquely American phenomenon, unfortunately we have more of the same here. It is documented by the lawyer and disseminator Miguel Jara on the European regulator (EMA)

An explosive revelation made by Brook Jackson , who served as regional director at Ventavia , a Pfizer subcontractor in charge of clinical trials. Speaking to the British Medical Journal, he accused the company of falsifying data, eliminating the blind screening procedure and recruiting poorly trained vaccinators.

After alerting Ventavia to all these problems, Brook Jackson tells how after informing the powerful US agency FDA by email, all he got was fired. It was then that he went to the British Medical Journal , to which he transmitted complete information about the fraudulent practices of a laboratory that today is, without the slightest doubt, the great beneficiary of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

According to the British Medical Journal , Jackson’s allegations were confirmed by two other Ventavia employees who requested anonymity to avoid retaliation. Despite being denounced, neither Pfizer nor the FDA took it into account before the approval of the Pfizer “vaccine” and the authorization of the “vaccine” for children from 5 to 11 years old that will begin to be administered this coming Wednesday in USA with the unanimous authorization of the FDA. 

If you still think that for the approval of the third dose the scientific criteria and an in-depth evaluation of the benefit / risk have weighed more than the 24,000 million that are expected to be gained in each round of vaccination, you better stop reading at this point, and order your third dose.

13 – What do we have left ?

What we do know is that the vaccine destroys part of our immune system, the cytotoxic T lymphocytes responsible for eliminating the infection, in addition to the specific antibodies. This makes us more vulnerable to new coronavirus infections, common colds or any other pathogen or imbalance of the microbiome itself. In summary, a wave of myocarditis and autoimmune diseases awaits us, we could put here the list of footballers or tennis players who have had to withdraw this year for this reason, unfortunately these cases will not be attributed to the vaccine, they will simply become part of the patient ill health backpack. If this paragraph seems excessively harsh or exaggerated, please open the pdf of Pfizer’s own report, his conclusions are even more forceful.

But not all is lost. Despite everything that has been said, we continue to enjoy an immune system with thousands of years of evolution, a Ferrari that only asks us to have the right fuel:  Vitamin D.

In this magnificent study, what is strikingly striking is the amount of statistics collected on a population of more than 100 million people in many countries, and the forcefulness of the results:

They conclude by pointing to vitamin D hypovitaminosis as a determining factor when contracting the disease and passing it more seriously. It is very interesting because they do studies of humidity and cold, and come to the conclusion by accumulated statistics that the only determining factor is the sun and its known impact on vitamin D levels, (15 minutes of direct exposure to rays are needed ultraviolet to make it) 

For those countries further north, with less exposure to UVB rays, the number of cases increases proportionally. It would point to vitamin D deficiency as a determining factor when contracting the disease and passing it more seriously. In this other study the conclusion goes further:

Quote verbatim:

“Not only did the German researchers find a linear relationship between vitamin D levels and COVID mortality , they found essentially zero morbidity for those with a D level greater than 50 ng / ml”

You can read it several times and it effectively says: essentially zero , remember it every time RNA injections are talked about as the only possible way out of the pandemic . Of course, there are always more options, although they insist on making them imperceptible to public opinion.

In short, with the approval of the vaccine for children from 5 years of age, the mass experiment enters a new phase. 

The document originally ended at this point, but after several parents read the draft, they told me “that although they found the documentation provided very interesting, it was not anything from another world, it is always known that there are risks and there is no other If they don’t get vaccinated now, it will be later ”.

I realized how surrendered and bowed we live as a society, there is no longer any alternative other than via RNA injection, we are going to end the document with some statements by Robert Malone, father of RNA vaccines, more than 30 years in the Campo, a multiple-time Nobel Prize nominee, I think he best encapsulates the spirit of linked data.

Robert Malone:

“Before injecting your child, a decision that is irreversible, I wanted to inform you of the scientific facts about this genetic vaccine, which is based on the mRNA vaccine technology that I created:

There are three things parents need to understand :

● The first is that a viral gene will be injected into your children’s cells. This gene forces your child’s body to make toxic spike proteins. These proteins often cause permanent damage to critical organs in children, including

○ Your brain and nervous system

○ Your heart and blood vessels, including blood clots.

○ Your reproductive system

○ And this vaccine can trigger fundamental changes in your immune system.

● The most alarming point of this is that once these damages have occurred, they are irreparable.

○ You cannot fix the injuries inside his brain.

○ Heart tissue scars cannot be repaired

○ You cannot repair a genetically restored immune system and

○ This vaccine can cause reproductive harm that could affect future generations of your family.

● The second thing to know is the fact that this new technology has not been properly tested .

○ We need at least 5 years of testing / research before we can really understand the risks

○ The harms and risks of new drugs are often revealed many years later.

● Ask yourself if you want your own child to be part of the most radical medical experiment in human history.

● One last point: the reason you are getting your child vaccinated is a lie.

○ Your children do not pose any danger to their parents or grandparents.

○ Actually, it is the opposite. Your immunity, after contracting COVID, is critical to saving your family, if not the world, from this disease.

The risk / benefit analysis isn’t even close. 

As a father and grandfather, my recommendation is that you endure and fight to protect your children.

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