This may hurt… A lot.

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Some humans don’t think. Ever. Really.

You know these people. Some of your friends are like this. Good guys, just not thinkers.

Some humans think they think, but don’t. Usually these people end up as politicians & managers. This can be good, or this can be bad. Depends very much on the individual and how much they don’t think, but think they do. You know these people as well. You have worked for these people. Likely it was not a good experience.

Some humans think very very deeply. Like seriously deep, down holes so dark and far reaching that to follow them is to risk getting lost, irretrievably. These people self-select into The Academy, becoming Academics. They cause much of the problems and suffering in the world as they think so deeply that they lose sight of the Light of Humanity, and are easily tricked by the power hungry among those humans who think that they think.

Some humans think very clearly, thus are instantly discounted by most of normal humanity under mostly normal conditions as being complete idiots, in the parlance of the times, a ‘conspiracy theorist’.

People who think clearly will speak simply, using precisely chosen words to describe the common, shared reality of that, and all previous, moments, such that maximum understanding of that reality may be discussed with minimal potential for confusion.

Humans who think clearly see widely, even through Time as it manifests itself through Humanity.

Humans who think clearly observe that Humanity is continually creating itself anew through every human who comes to think clearly. Time existed before, through, and beyond Humanity, but at this moment in this reality, Humans are arguably it’s best expression in this Matterium.

Humans who think clearly mostly just want to be left alone to think, recognizing, that most times, most people, have very little need for thinking clearly as clearly most people don’t often think, and certainly, often don’t think clearly.

Humanity is leaving the Age of Pieces, in which we all learned to swim along in order to get along. Now comes Humanity’s entrance into the Age of Aquarius, in which we leave school to seek the real education that Naked Reality provides.

The reason everything seems so unpleasant right at this moment, the reason that your life is a tumbling turmoil of torturous tension, the reason that Your world is suddenly swimming in a shit pool, is that Universe is teaching you to think. Clearly.

Be advised: this may hurt. A lot.

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  1. I don’t consider myself a thinker, but then the ones I did consider to be thinkers, clearly aren’t.
    My bullshit detector took a little while to warm up in early 2020, but has been happily running at full steam since then.
    The newspapers lie. The media lies. The politicians lie and television seems to be designed to make us dumber.
    Once the blindfold has been removed, there really is no going back.
    If nothing else, it’s been an interesting couple of years

  2. “Humans who think clearly see widely, even through Time as it manifests itself through Humanity.”

    ^— well there is one human who isn’t thinking clearly. If you want to understand time, then you must understand geodesics and worldlines. The wikipedia article on world lines is good for that purpose. But nobody here will be able to understand even half of it.

    This is because you are stupid. You haven’t been born with a bad brain, mind you, but rather were raised into a particularly dumb subculture. After all, the avg IQ in the USA is the same as in Mongolia- and the Mongolians spend $50 per year per person on their education- as opposed to our $1904. Don’t believe me? Its all here:

    worlddata [dot] info [slash] iq-by-country [dot] php

    The worst part about all that? Your subculure makes most other Americans look like a bunch of Einsteins. BTW: Einstein knew something about time, and space.

    At a given event on a world line, spacetime (Minkowski space) is divided into three parts.

    The future of the given event is formed by all events that can be reached through time-like curves lying within the future light cone.
    The past of the given event is formed by all events that can influence the event (that is, that can be connected by world lines within the past light cone to the given event).
    The lightcone at the given event is formed by all events that can be connected through light rays with the event. When we observe the sky at night, we basically see only the past light cone within the entire spacetime.
    Elsewhere is the region between the two light cones. Points in an observer’s elsewhere are inaccessible to them; only points in the past can send signals to the observer. In ordinary laboratory experience, using common units and methods of measurement, it may seem that we look at the present, but in fact there is always a delay time for light to propagate. For example, we see the Sun as it was about 8 minutes ago, not as it is “right now”. Unlike the present in Galilean/Newtonian theory, the elsewhere is thick; it is not a 3-dimensional volume but is instead a 4-dimensional spacetime region.
    Included in “elsewhere” is the simultaneous hyperplane, which is defined for a given observer by a space that is hyperbolic-orthogonal to their world line. It is really three-dimensional, though it would be a 2-plane in the diagram because we had to throw away one dimension to make an intelligible picture. Although the light cones are the same for all observers at a given spacetime event, different observers, with differing velocities but coincident at the event (point) in the spacetime, have world lines that cross each other at an angle determined by their relative velocities, and thus they have different simultaneous hyperplanes.
    The present often means the single spacetime event being considered.

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