2 Replies to “EPIC‼️ The Truth About The Club of Rome & Serpent Symbolism – with Michael Tsarion & David Whitehead”

  1. There is no NEWS here for me but it is encouraging, and remarkable, in itself.
    However, now at the 2hr mark, I am extremely surprised you, both, have not actually addressed the issue, and producer of the issue, which has enslaved the whole world.
    Even the world of the Usurious bankers.
    That\’s right!!!!! Their usury, their predatory practices, will consume even them.

    It is interesting watching the world devolve to the unavoidable conclusion of Nuclear War.
    The schism between the East, Russia, and West, Rome, Churches will ignite it, shortly.

    I hope you guys continue your incisive reporting / educating for the benefit of those still ignorant.

    I have to mention, upon meeting Alberto Rivera in Montreal at a seminar he gave, 4 plus decades ago, I asked him \’so, why don\’t you restore Yahweh\’s name, and Laws, in order to redress this disorder?\’ He gave me the Jesuit answer: it doesn\’t matter what you call him. It is what is in your heart! The same answer given to me by a Nun when at age 7 I went for my \’Catechism\’ indoctrination. \’His real Name is Yahweh but he knows what we mean when we say God.\’ Hmmm!

    There is NO difference between Jews and Christians (Catholics / Jesuits). Every single church/etc. in the world is NOW under the umbrella of Rome. Unless they are in the closet, or, presently being decimated by Washington.
    This is the singular reason for the conflict in Ukrain / Russia and the balance of waters touching the Euphrates.
    The last war starts there. It has started there, now.

    So, I assume you are working on coming out…

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