Medical staff need to speak out. And they need to do it NOW! – Dr David Cartland

This is a proper family doctor, a good man. When a friend of mine was faced with rank evil from the consultant and other staff in the hospital, and told they would die if they did not submit to barbaric treatment that had failed innumerable patients all over the world, Dr. Cartland was literally a life-saving godsend. His intervention and close attention enabled my friend to be home and fully recovered in little over a week. – Ellis

The AJ Roberts Show :

Dr David Cartland, one of the most censored professionals in the UK joins us on the show today to share all the intricate details of his experiences over the last couple of years as a GP and bio medical scientist.

We discuss in detail the education doctors are put through, how draconian life as a doctor has been like and the sheer damage the recent medical interventions are having on the elderly, young adults and children.

David’s message is clear – Medical staff need to speak out. And they need to speak out NOW!

Ellis Taylor:

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