Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Pierre Kory, World Council for Health, Right Docs of History #StoptheShots


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There are over 40 doctors in this video…
These are the doctors names….
in the order of appearance

Dr. Marivic Villa
Dr. Michael Uphues
Dr. Kat Lindley
Dr. Bob Apter
Dr. Mary Talley Bowden
Dr. Paul Alexander
Dr. Peter McCullough
Dr. Avani Gupta
Dr. Bruce Boros
Dr. Myhuong Nguyen
Dr. Ben Marble
Dr. Pierre Kory
Dr. Chris Shoemaker
Dr. Grams
Dr. James A. Thorp
Dr. Sally Priester
Dr. Lynnell Lowry
Dr. Chris Hall
Dr. Fynn
Dr Rob Lowry
Dr. Moon
Dr. Steve Latulippe
Dr. Molly Rutherford
Dr. Calvin Blount
Dr. Erin Greer
Dr. Bryan Tyson
Dr. Mollie James
Dr. Terry Lakin
Dr. Claire Zengerle
Dr. Anthony
Dr. Angie Farella
Dr. Aaron Williams
Dr. Debra Viglione
Dr. Avery Brinkley
Dr. Neelu
Dr. Villa
Dr. John Witcher
Dr. Sonya Naryshkin
Dr. David Vella
Dr. Sigoloff
Dr. Bryan Ardis
Dr. Judy Mikovitz

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