The Great Plague of 2022

They say it can happen in less time than it takes to fart.


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The Great Plague of 2022

They say it can happen in less time than it takes to fart.

Things did not begin to go bad with that first, and most horrific explosion. This whole unfolding disaster had started years, decades, earlier.

Not that the beginning is that meaningful as we won’t be finding out when it started until we get to the end of it all. Reality is like that; you never know a damn thing for sure at any time. Best to take notes as you go along.

Personally, IMO, it’s Billy Meier’s fault. He was the first of the bogus ‘contactees’ of the 1950s through the 1970s to come up with the ‘perfect bodies’ of the Space Aliens which we now recognize as the precursor to our problem Manifestation that has emerged with some violence over this Summer.

In Billy’s case, it was the ‘Pleadians’ themselves who had the ‘perfect bodies’, and it was not simply that their ‘traveling avatars’ here on Earth were not real, so of course could look ‘perfect’.

Thanks to the recent secret Pleadian Expedition from the Reformed Church of Whynotology, we know now that Billy was way wrong. The report from the expedition relates that the Pleadians all look like the gorilla characters from Planet of the Apes on a bad day; it’s just that they have really good imaginations when it comes to projecting avatars for inter Galactic travel.

But the immediate problem is not Space Gorillas, but rather the very real, and growing Clone Crisis.

Anyone wallowing in the Woo-Woo world could have seen it coming. Especially over these last few years as it escalated, first slowly, then with gathering speed. But those with their eyes riveted on current events in politics, or any of the other major distractors of our time, will have totally missed it. They will be gobsmacked when they discover just how extensive the Clone problem has become.

My first encounter with it left no real, lasting impression. More the feeling of a vague ‘hmmm?’ persisted for a while after that first glance at the article about a politician being replaced by a clone.

They do clone sheep, so?

In any event, not much thought was devoted to it back in those days, but nonetheless, the way things work on the internet, my attention was at times captured by the various vid personalities reporting yet more clones popping up in the general landscape. In those years, it grew slowly, but it continued to grow.

A political figure here, a religious leader there. A major banker, a news wanker, an actor, even famous lesbians were being replaced. It seemed almost no one was immune to the growing Clone Plague.

Watching it grow produced a definite sense of alarm! Weekly there were new reports of clones being slipped in to public life. Almost no notice was taken in the alt media. Certainly no verbs nor nouns were produced by the legacy, the MSM, media about the problem. This is somewhat ironic considering how many of their ranks are, in fact, now part of the Clone Plague.

One’s spine shudders in fear as the realization of just how fast the Plague is spreading smacks the mind into our new, scary, reality.

They say it can happen in less time than it takes to fart; the replacement part. One minute, standing around, maybe at the office, maybe shopping, or even driving, and poof, a small fart noise, and you are gone from this reality. Replaced by an identical look-alike clone. Made in YOUR image.

That part was difficult to connect with, the whole ‘in your exact image’ clone creation thing. Until a meta examination of the research revealed the truth. It was shocking, outrageous even, but, when all else has been eliminated, what remains is the truth.

The research took some number of years, as did the dawning realization of the power of what had been discovered. The first test only took a few hours.

That test was very successful, and proved all that had been speculated about the clone replacement process.

Of course, it HAD to be tested. Knowledge like that must be examined. It was too strange, too wonky, but, in the end, too true.

So I did one. A clone replacement event. Well, actually mine was a two-fer, as both Charlie Ward, and Simon Parkes, were replaced by clones. The details were not quite correct, as it was my first go at a clone replacement event, and it required a second Charlie Ward clone to be used, but it worked, after a fashion. True, the second clone has head bobbing rhythm problems, but those will be sorted out soon enough.

What is important is to learn from our mistakes, even if from our successful mistakes, so the take away was that there was just too much unnecessary detail in that first go event.

Yes, the whole Great Charlie Explosion scenario with the 12 Black Bean Burritos being set off by the taser from a White Hats agent was funny, but was it really worth the cost to the city of San Juan, and the innocent residents of Puerto Rico? To say nothing of the damage to the hotel? Probably not.

And it turns out, by way of extensive research into Clone Replacement Phenomena, there are far easier ways to do it. Does require a bit of practice, but all the sweating bullets part is taken away as you realize that in order to replace someone with a clone, all you have to do is to just say it.

Tried it that way with the second test, which was the replacement of Phil the Shill Frawdlewski with a clone. The clone there was pretty good, not that it has much of a challenge with that personality. It was easier. Phil was just simply carted off to Moon Prison, and the clone left in his place.

If enough people listen, and enough people say that he’s a clone, that fucker is a clone. You know it’s happening, when the clones have to start denying that they are clones in public media.

So you say it, then kick back and wait. Soon, someone repeats it, then another, and pretty soon, everyone is saying it. Then, you’re all talking about the clone, not the personality.

Once the confirmation starts coming in, the clone will start revealing itself. Happens every damn time. The clones just can’t help themselves. Look at Pelosi’s clone, as an example. Or Biden’s piss poor clone collection. Hell, look at the Charlie Ward clone #2 with its head bobbing rhythm problems. Clones are just imperfect. It’ll always show through.

Once you know, you can spot the clone by the behavior. No point now in saying David Wilcock is a clone. Someone got there first. It was a really hurried, sloppy clone job as well. That clone is talking to chipmunks. And getting ‘meaningful’ replies. And making vids about it.

Watch out, the Great Clone Plague of 2022 is spreading…it’s not a pretty sight.

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