Ah, the old piss in their face ploy!

It’s a harsh world!

clif high

Ah, the old piss in their face ploy!

It’s a harsh world.

No apologies.

Human adulthood on this planet is not for the faint of heart. One of my major objections to the new world of ‘woke’ is how mentally & internally weak it has made generations of my countrymen. It is tough to exist in this world, let alone to thrive. Note how many people don’t make either.

For humans to exist, and even have the potential to thrive, we must have energy that exceeds what we can produce with our farts. Basic math. Even a politicians’ mouth farts would not power your oven for 2 minutes, let alone bake your cookies. Or bring the ingredients to your house.

So energy is vital, and these brain-washed ‘climate activists’ who are the worst kind of communist wannabe local dictators are demonstrating that they are just not getting it.

Watching a video of how much these people did not get it as they used the results of highly sophisticated chemical engineering, aka ‘super glue’, to adhere themselves to a road bed ( I think in England) all the while decrying humans ‘climate impact’, I was struck by a thought. Perhaps a wicked thought, that remains to be tested.

The idea is this, these climate acti-wits who insist on this new tactic of gluing themselves as the ultimate in virtue signaling to no less than Mama Earth herself, are, IMO, demonstrating themselves clueless, witless, and dangerous. They are, again IMO, no matter their body’s age, acting as spoilt children.

Thus my thinking that perhaps they would benefit from a kind lesson in how the world actually works.

This may take the form of a motorist, stopped by such glue-on antics, taking the time to retrieve that bottle of suspiciously urine-like substance from his vehicle & pouring it over the heads of the activists. Opps, accident. Or political statement, equally valid as theirs.

Or, absent law enforcement intrusion, take their possessions, take their shoes, rip or cut their clothing off, leaving them naked, and glued to the road. What are they going to do about it?

I still favor the pissing on them. This is a very primal form of receiving of someone’s displeasure. Yes, some people have kinks, but in the main, it is culturally powerful way of saying “you’re really pissing me off there, numbnuts!”.

If this seems a bit harsh… no apologies. Reality is harsh.

If a ‘climate denier’ (they deny the existence of the biosphere) activist were to glue themselves to the road around our area, they would be smooshed out flat by three, maybe four, logging trucks before anyone would slow down long enough to note the new slick on the road. Then that night the bears and coyotes would come to lick up what was left.

I guess that like the Real Estate business, climate activism is all location, location, location.

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