Mentioning Pfizer Jab Injury Has TV Anchor End Conversation Out Of Fear Of Being Sued By Big Pharma

This is what we’re up against folks.

Media outlets can name-drop Pfizer all they like when they’re publishing company press releases verbatim and calling it journalism. Effectively operating as PR agencies for Pharma.

But when no journalist in the mainstream will dare challenge these companies, for fear of being sued, this is media capture. Plain and simple.

No, John might not ‘technically’ be able to claim there’s definitely causation in his case. But he can certainly provide circumstantial evidence that he took Pfizer’s product, and this is what happened to him. And the same thing has also happened to many other people. A growing number in fact.

If you ate at a restaurant and suffered from food poisoning the next day, then you learned that many other people also had the same experience, you’d probably put two and two together. And you could claim as much without fear of being sued. In a world that hadn’t gone mad, at least.” – Oracle Films

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