Dr. Simone Gold – Court Hearing Follow Up

Court Grants Dr. Gold’s Motion to Dismiss of Defamatory Lawsuit, Citing Failure to Meet Burden of Proof

FORT MYERS, Fla. – A Federal Judge issued a 13-page ruling today, granting Dr. Simone Gold’s motion to dismiss a wildly accusatory lawsuit brought by rogue attorney and now-disgraced former America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) director Joseph “Joey” Gilbert. The lawsuit failed on several jurisdictional points, with the judge declaring “Plaintiffs failed to provide enough information” to reach their burden of proof in meeting the required elements. Today’s dismissal in Federal Court is a substantial step in exposing Gilbert’s fraud and exonerating Gold’s continued sacrificial efforts in leading AFLDS to champion medical freedom and civil liberties. 

Gilbert and other derelict Board members now face a countersuit filed by Gold and AFLDS in state court in Arizona (where AFLDS was incorporated) to intervene and make a determination of the organization’s legitimate management. The countersuit provides significant documentation and context which exposes both demonstrably false claims in the now-dismissed initial complaint, and an alarming hostile takeover attempt by Gilbert that threatens the reputation and survival of AFLDS going forward. A hearing on the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) motion brought by Gold will be held by the Judge next week to determine if Gold and AFLDS can stabilize their operations to the previous “status quo” while the court makes a final decision on management control. 

While this dispute remains in further litigation, Gold has limited her comments on the matter, but she continues to work tirelessly, assuring the many supporters of AFLDS across the nation that “AFLDS remains in pursuit of its mission to provide the public with accurate and independent information in support of health and human rights.” 

A relentless opponent of corruption, the continued attacks against Gold serve to further highlight her effectiveness as a national leader in pushing back against the bureaucracy and advocating for medical freedom and scientific independence. “We will Drain the Science Swamp” and “provide an antidote to the CDC” Gold announced as she was recently honored with a “Mothers of Influence” award by a national non-profit organization at Mar-a-Lago in southeast Florida, alongside fellow honorees Kari Lake, John Rich, and Glenn Beck. 


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