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There is work coming to you/us/I.

On July 13, 2018, I died from colon cancer. I was 65 years old.

It was painful. When entering the hospital, I had no fear as I did not assume I would be coming out. There was lots of pain though. We won’t go into the how & why that this occurred. A not very pleasant diversion from where we need to go today.

As you are reading this, you may be guessing that things did not work out the way I had assumed.

You would be correct.

I died just as anesthesia was being brought up to the table. It was something of a relief, death I mean, but one that did not last.

I had floated to the top of the room, and joined with the other parts of my over-all being, my ‘higher being’, as most would grok it. All was good at that point. I remember feeling really sad about the state of the body laying on the operating table, being sliced up, and the abuse it had taken to get to this stage. But, it was not my issue at that moment, I had died, and had been released from the corpse.

Or so it seemed. But as things progressed, the idea came across that I was not to be allowed to go on, but rather was being thrown back into both what remained of that body, and this world. After all, I was, still, technically, the ‘active Doer-in-the-Body’.

I objected. Seriously. There was still the feeling of some small level of ‘physical energy’, and I put that into my objections to my ‘higher self’ about this raw deal, as I saw it then.

It was kind of stupid thing to do. I was trying to argue my ‘self’ into some other position. LOL. Wasn’t going to happen. I tried pointing how badly the body was being mangled, how abused it was, how much was being removed, how thin it was, how weak, and it was all to no avail.

As the surgeon assistant stitched me up and the anesthesia levels dropped, I felt myself being hauled back into the corpse. As I was returning into the body, I was told “there is work coming to you/us/i”.

I was really really pissed about it.

My body was a wreck. It was at 128 pounds with clothes on. Usually it ran about 172. Big difference. And it was old. The cancer had depleted more than muscle, it had taken teeth, bone, and cartilage before killing me. Gruesome way to go. I know. Been there. Did that. Did not want to do it yet again.

One has no control over such things in this Matterium, in this Universe, so here I am, back with y’all.

Initially, I tried to die again over those four days of ‘recovery’ in the hospital. Then, on the fourth day, I realized that dying wasn’t going to ‘take’ with me, and I set about real recovery.

It was a serious challenge. I have healed from injuries intermittently throughout my life, some big, involving hundreds of stitches, and this was the roughest to date. It took me almost five months to get sufficiently through the anesthesia amnesia to regain some mental abilities. That’s when the difficult work began.

I needed to heal, so I researched healing. Right off I discover that our bodies only heal during sleep, so I set about creating my PureSleep formula to aid my body and to aid its capacity to sleep, and to sleep well.

There was more, much more… research and decisions to be made. I fired the oncologist team as I determined that they had no knowledge of how to heal from cancer, only how to ‘treat’ cancer, and even that, they did poorly judging by all the patients gathering in their waiting room, all dying, some fast, some slow. I could see it, having crossed so recently.

We won’t go to the health ‘care’ description, we are headed elsewhere in this Universe.

So, along through 2019, and 2020, as I was healing, I was also sued.

At first, for over a month, I did not accept the suit as real. It was sooo much horseshit strung together I was certain it was a joke.

There had been several ‘interactions’ between myself and an internet personality that I characterize as “butthead Corey Goode”, and that personality decided to include me in a lawsuit he filed against a number of people alleging, among other things, ‘cyber stalking’ that rose to the level of a R.I.C.O. claim.

Corey’s lawsuit against me sought 5/five million dollars as compensation for the ‘damages’ he claimed I had done to him. Basically it came down to that I did not accept his Gaia TV show as being factual, nor did I accept any of his claims as factual, and I said so.

Ok, so maybe I as a snarky fucker in how I said it. Could be. I was being subjected to huge body level issues at the time. Not only body issues in the cancer dying process as the affront being claimed took place in the years before my cancer induced death, but also attitude issues from that process of dying from an undiagnosed cancer, so I may have been reacting badly to Corey’s many attacks on me. Not only was he fighting on-line with myself, and some of the other defendants from his many cases, but he had, allegedly, also set actual stalkers, as well as a cyber stalking gang, into motion, or so it would seem from events that transpired over those years from 2015 onward.

So time passes, the lawsuits wax and wane, and I get impatient. I fired my attorneys, and went Pro Se. Within just barely a year, my strategy produced results, and the judges release me from this legal obligation through lack of jurisdiction. Hooray, say I.

Then what?

Sitting back, I realized that my feelings about the case were always of it being a ‘preliminary bout’. It dawned on me early that Universe was guiding this process. That the Corey lawsuit had been there to get my ‘fighting spirit’ back after the beat-down by the cancer (you cannot imagine how much cancer takes our ‘ki’ force). It worked. Corey’s case was just such a huge pile of bullshit, and so un-just, that it got me really angry at a very deep, core level.

Universe knows what it’s doing. That’s when covid came along.

I was already engaged in one battle, but the lawsuit was sloooow, many days happening between events, with me being a fast-study, and quick responder, I had time to fill so sliding over to doing battle with bullshit medical claims over our developing, unfolding, plan-demic was just a natural.

Of course, we all know where that led, to videos, to fights with foreign governments (AU & NZ) for things I suggested in those videos, to FBI contacts (which I refused… fuck’em) on behalf of those foreign governments, and ultimately my saying absolutely foul things like “Vitamin D, Zinc, CHAGA” and getting my Twitter account banned.

Along the way, though, Universe rewarded me, kind of like a pat on the head bit of encouragement by having the judges in the Corey case agree with me, and grant my Motion to Dismiss filing.

Such are the ‘cookies’ that Universe hands out. Proof you are on the correct path is not hard to find, IF you are on that path.

There are others. One arrived recently. It came in the form of the Corey Goode deposition on another of his lawsuits. In there he admits that the whole blue space chicken thing was made up. He also says that calling them chickens is slander, but what he fails to grasp, among much else in our, common reality, is that an ‘idea’ cannot be slandered.

So it goes. There are two aspects to such battles as the Corey lawsuit in which I was engaged. These are Victory, and Vindication.

I had my victory when the judges granted the MTD. Recently Universe provided the vindication. Link below goes to a twitter thread with video clips from the deposition referenced herein.

Drew @DrewMKay

Here’s the coup de grace. Corey says that the Anshar, his inner-earth people, are fictional characters and are no more real than Han Solo from Star Wars.


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Now, of course, all the Woo People will also be thinking, as I had when Corey’s suit came along, that, well, this lawsuit is not very much ‘work’. Probably not enough for my higher self to throw me back this way. It seems far more likely that the lawsuit was just a warm-up to help me heal up, man up, toughen up, and anger up.

Likely the real ‘work’ is the World War WEF thing. Global total unrestricted 5G war is truly ‘work’. Note that this War also involves both Victory, and Vindication.

To those who can see, the ‘seers’, there are absolutely no coincidences in this Universe. None. It’s all part of a plan. You can trust that, to a point.

So it goes in this Matterium.

My advice to those who, like myself, get thrown back here with the admonition “there is work coming to you/us/i”, is to take it seriously.

You/us/i ain’t lying to yourself.

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