Antisemitism is the new climate change.

Jews are carbon too.


clif high

Antisemitism is the new climate change.

Jews are carbon too.

The [DS] is desperate.

Nothing is going well for them now.

The [DS] is powered by the Khazarian Mafia.

The [KM] has very limited imagination.

The [KM] will always revert to type.

It is for this reason that the Jewish community is now at risk. The [KM] will sacrifice Jews to promote the idea of antisemitism. How else can they sell it? There MUST be evidence. Just as in the pogroms in the past, in Poland, in Spain, in Italy, in Austria, and on and on. They need bodies in the streets, they need Jewish bodies horribly mutilated in order to sell a False Flag lie by their lying media.

This is no joke. This is a forecast of potential events to come.

My ALTA (Asymmetric Linguistic Trends Analysis) reports had frequent forecasts for this time we now are living through in which “pogrom” was a primary descriptor for the sets of events being forecast.

These forecasts included specific references. One was to an entire subdivision being surrounded and the Jewish houses attacked with fire. The descriptor set was truly horrific in tone.

These descriptor sets were included in the reports for many reasons, chief among them that perhaps forewarning would lead to prevention. The future is developing constantly and as such may be susceptible to efforts to change it.

Now that we are several years into this global, unrestricted war, the questions are more cynically presented as the times now demand that reality comes down to assessments of potentials and probabilities relative to strategies and tactics.

Just how many dead people will it take for the [DS/KM] to sell the idea that antisemitism is the new climate change? Who will they decide to sacrifice to that end?

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