Henry Kissinger in a speech to the World Health Organization council on eugenics February the 25th 2009

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10 Replies to “Henry Kissinger in a speech to the World Health Organization council on eugenics February the 25th 2009”

  1. i reposted the kissinger meme above on facebook where i found it, it is anonymous and facebook have aap to factcheck it and have said it is fake, i can find no reference myself of the statement please can you point me in the right direction for the source / reference
    all the best jason

      1. Any chance you can email me that Kissinger Document on the Scribd link? I can’t get past a paywall to download it. Otherwise, any other sources welcome. Cheers. Email attached below.

  2. This may all seem to be a bit of hogwash and fake stuff to many ….but I certainly believe that Henry Kissinger made numerous statements in line with eugenics and depopulation of the planet. This is not even about conspiracies….this is certainly what is going on and evidence itself after several decades is proving that whatever has been carried out up to our time is what has been planned…. the human population in these people eyes are just a large herd of cattle…

    1. So the goy finally understood who\’s the real killer and who has been masquerading behind the mask of being a victim? They are all but victims, those Khazarian imposters.AshkeNAZI it\’s all plain for us to see. Search Margret Sanger what she said about blacks, abortion and other non chosen one beings by their god Satan.

  3. Hello

    Is there a direct link to the speech that Kissinger said that? I heard one speech he did and nothing about that unless they took it out. Just trying to prove it’s not fake

    1. You and I both… I remember the man. I never would accuse him of trying to depopulate the world unless I had an agenda… I have warned others in the past by providing examples of how their futures could turn out if certain events materialized and, if taken out of its content, my warning could be sold as advocacy of the very same thing I was warning against.

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