Dr. Judy Mikovits (American Researcher) on Coronavirus The woman that makes virus’s – more than likely injected with the flu jab … Its the vaccinated that spread the virus

Dr Judy Mikovits, PhD, is an American researcher who worked at the National Cancer Institute doing virus research and later in private industry doing epigenetic research.In 1999 she worked (4:57) at the US Army Research Institute of Infectious Disease doing ebola virus research.She states (10:46) that those getting the flu shot are more likely to get the coronavirus infection.  She said that vaccinations promoted the (coronavirus) disease.

_[NIAID Director Anthony Fauci receives flu shot]Fauci: “ This is the saline solution right? This is for the TV cameras right?  I don’t want the damned vaccination!!”
(In a new video, Dr. Fauci explains why getting the flu shot is so important for individual health and to prevent the spread of influenza virus.)_

_________________________________________________________________________________She said  (16:30) that the NIAID under Anthony Fauci funded studies of infectious diseases in Wuhan China and North Carolina.She said ((17:35) vaccines carry the infection.She said (18:40) the virus has been in every flu vaccine.  She said it is possible and it is plausible that it (the coronavirus) has been in every flu vaccine since 2013 to 2015.She said the flu vaccinations are driving the infection.She said (19:30) that by wearing the mask you are making yourself sick. Wearing the mask (19:54) will kill more people.  The virus is not coughed through the air.She said the people (22:30) most likely to get severe disease from the coronavirus spreading are the vaccine injured.In the remainder of the presentation Dr Mikovits presents  more shocking information about the coronavirus issue.

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