COVID-19 Patients describe 5G Symptoms

CORONAVIRUS patients have described a bizarre new symptom – a ‘fizzing’ sensation under the skin.

One woman from North Tyneside said she felt like she had been “dunked in an ice lake” after feeling the strange tingling feeling.

Tracy Clark, 49, from North Tyneside, said she also felt a fizzing sensation while experiencing symptoms of the coronavirus.

She said: “I describe it differently in three ways: like being dunked in an icy lake, like being struck by lightning, like pins and needles all over my body. No pain though, just terrifying.”

Liam Gardner, 40, from Surrey told the Sun Online said after four weeks of experiencing coronavirus symptoms he recently started feeling a “tingling pains” in his hands and arms.

He said: “My index finger and ring finger have gone completely numb and I feel this tingling sensation all over my hands and arms.

“On Thursday I had a video call with a private doctor and they had no idea what could be affecting my nervous system.”

Liam has yet to be tested for Covid-19 but paramedics have visited him at home twice, when he experienced a stabbing pain in his chest and ran a high temperature.

Nigel Davies, 60, from Chester first started experiencing symptoms after he came back from a skiing trip in Austria on March 14.

“I had a cough and sore throat, and the following week I was so ill aching all over, fever, headache and sleeping all the time,” he said.

“But the weirdest thing was my skin, it felt like my whole body was sunburned and even putting on a t-shirt was painful. It was so strange.

“I have asthma and three years ago I had a clot on my lung.”

Nigel was admitted to hospital and blood tests showed he had an infection and pneumonia in his left lung, but the test for Covid-19 came back negative.

He added that he was now feeling much better but is still coughing and feeling tired and breathless if he exerts himself too much.

I describe it differently in three ways: like being dunked in an icy lake, like being struck by lightning, like pins and needles all over my body.

In a discussion on Twitter, one person wrote: “Still there are lingering ‘Covid’ feelings. Do you get that? Hard to describe the alien, dissociated buzz in some parts of my body. I’m fine, but there’s an element of exhaustion and physical weariness.”

In response, another person said: “Wow, I thought I was imagining the buzzing, fizzing type feeling.

“So many odd symptoms with this. And don’t seem to be getting better as quickly as with other viruses. It’s definitely not ‘just like flu’!”

Another sufferer tweeted: “9 days I’ve been feeling symptoms.

“Yeah.. they just flu tested me it’s all upper respiratory right now. I got scared when my hands started buzzing.”


Grace Dudley, 29, spent ten days in intensive care at Queen’s Hospital in Romford, East London.

She has beaten the virus, but her dad is still fighting for his life after also contracting Covid-19.

She told the Mirror: “After six days, I felt unwell and needed to lie down as my skin began to have this fizzing feeling.

“Within 24 hours I had never felt so ill, I was freezing but had four quilts and I couldn’t stay awake for long intervals.”

Tarana Burke took to Twitter to share her experience of the virus: ” thinks its defo coronavirus.. the whole thing has moved round to my chest this evening, like bubbles fizzing inside my ribcage, taking air.

“Still breathing ok, but a tad frustrating, won’t lie.”


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