Editor at The Economist: ‘Something fishy’ about Boris Johnson’s intensive care stay

13th April 2020 / United Kingdom

'Something fishy' about Boris Johnson's intensive care stay

TruePublica Editor: I’m not sure what to make of this story. Boris Johnson has made a career out of creating fictitious nonsense, publishing propaganda and outright lying. If he was someone you knew in the pub or was somehow in your social circle, you wouldn’t take his word for anything and dismiss him as a fantasist. This is a problem when serious things happen – can you ever believe a pathological liar.

In the late afternoon of 5th April, it was reported that Boris Johnson had been admitted to hospital after suffering for 10 days with the symptoms of COVID-19. At the time, No 10 Downing Street had denied the prime minister was more seriously ill than claimed a few days earlier.

On the morning of the 7th April Johnson was moved to intensive care – the BBC had reported that the day earlier, Johnson was already on oxygen support.

American news outlets were reporting that – “Sunday (5th April), he was rushed to the hospital after his condition worsened, and at 7 p.m. the following night (6th April), Johnson was moved to the critical care unit at St. Thomas’ Hospital, on the opposite bank of the River Thames from the Houses of Parliament. A No. 10 Downing St. spokesman called Johnson’s hospitalization a precaution in case the prime minister needed ventilation as his symptoms had worsened.”

So we have a timeline of admission where reporting is consistent.

On Friday 10th April – Boris Johnson is reported to have waved his thanks to medical staff as he was moved from the intensive care unit back to the ward. That’s four days in an intensive care unit.

On Sunday 12th April – Boris Johnson leaves hospital.

In summary of the basic timeline, we can say – the PM was suffering symptoms of COVID-19 for ten days, self-isolated for seven days in the No 11 Downing street apartment and was rushed to hospital on the 11th day. Two days later his condition is so bad he is sent to intensive care where he spends another four days. Two of those days according to Boris Johnson himself were critical and ‘it could have gone either way.’ This presumably meant that at some point, living or dying had become a 50/50 chance. Two days after leaving intensive care, he leaves hospital

4.29pm 12/04: Deputy political editor at The Times reports that – “Boris Johnson has left hospital and is now recovering at Chequers. On the advice of his medical team he will not be immediately returning to work. He thanks everyone at St Thomas’ for the ‘brilliant’ care he has received.”

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