Bill Gates Worked With Epstein On A Pedophile Project Involving Children In Developing Countries

Remember that Bill Gates is an Epstein Collaborator and likely Human Trafficker

Dear FRN Readers,   To our western calendar observers, have a most Holy Easter Sunday.  It’s really a crime that most churches are closed and yet banks are open. I guess the virus attacks especially strong on Sundays.

I’ll be writing to you more directly, because times have changed tremendously and I think we’ve gotten to know each other over the years. We won the conflicts in Ukraine and Syria, against the Banderists neo-nazis and ISIS/Al Qaeda financed by the American Deep State – and supported by most all public politicians.

And yet I think we can see that these were tide-turning events, especially that critical moment when Mother Superior Agnes Mariam de la Croix in Syria exposed that the US had staged chemical weapons attacks on Syrian people in an attempt to pin these on the Syrian government.

I want to say in all earnestness that I feel in many ways that Mother Mariam’s exposure of this false flag signaled that we had entered into another world, something akin to a parallel dimension, a world of things that are beginning to go the way things should have been. Cameron for some strange reason then decided to defer to parliament on a war powers resolution (forgive my use of American parlance) and then his ‘kompromat’ was exposed – something to do with a pig’s head at an occult ritual. Remember that?

As you know, Event 201 in October 2019 was a simulation conducted by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Bloomberg’s part of John Hopkins University, as well as intelligence organizations and media representation. It was about Coronavirus, and then the ‘real’ coronavirus happened. Remember also that on or about March 22nd 2020 in a live TV briefing with Trump, Pompeo let it ‘slip’ that this situation was a ‘live exercise’.


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