Cold-Blooded Mass Murder

How else does one describe a plan to cull up to 7 billion of the human herd? To the Structural Elite, it is the essential culmination of plans laid a century ago or more but to the majority of people, if they understand what is currently unfolding, it is premeditated genocide on an unprecedented scale.

We warned of the impending human cull on 18th October 2019, on the day that the false flag “coronavirus crisis” was rehearsed by John Hopkins University, the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in Event 201 but preparations and planning go back as far as “Spanish Flu” a century ago when the misdirection of public and expert opinion on viruses and vaccination began. More recently, we’ve been subjected to a succession of false flag pandemics which failed to materialise but became embedded in the human psyche, along with the inverted conviction that vaccines are beneficial.

Vaccines kill and maim. There is copious evidence to corroborate this claim but governments globally have indemnified pharmaceutical companies, their shareholders and executives against criminal charges for their wilful acts of harm. Incidentally, cartel banks enjoy similar immunity and surprise, surprise, the shareholders, ie. those that control global banks, pharmaceutical corporations and governments (and all the other levers of power including the law), are the very same people, the Structural Elite.

Yesterday, through the distributed, co-creative learning network, this little gem of evidence came to light. It is a letter from the UK Parliament’s Science and Technology Committee to the UK government’s Secretary of State for Health and Social Care (another cynical inversion of reality), Matt Hancock.

The ‘stay at home’ measures introduced by the Government aim to suppress the peak of COVID-19 infections and limit the demand on the NHS. However, the desired reduction in case numbers will only last as long as these measures remain in place. A long-term strategy that allows social distancing measures to be relaxed without risking further outbreaks appears dependent upon a vaccine. The importance of developing and rolling out a vaccine as quickly as possible is therefore clear.

Giving evidence to my Committee on 25 March, Professor Andrew Pollard, of the Oxford Vaccine Group, indicated that a vaccine could be tested and manufactured within a minimum of six months. However, he made clear that this would require upscaling of manufacturing to start as soon as possible, before human clinical trial data is available.

Dr Andrew Pollard, like Neil Ferguson at Imperial College whose “modelling” of the fake coronavirus pandemic underpins the UK’s lockdown measures imposed in spite of the “threat” being reduced on 19th March 2020, and many other experts, scientific and academic institutions, relied on by governments, are in the pay of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


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