Is 5G Killing THOUSANDS OF BIRDS… Phil Stone suggests YES

Cruise Ships deaths are the clue. Just happens to coincide with the roll out of 5G as does Corona symptoms in humans. The main-stream-liars are determine to tow the official line and the best they can do is “no one knows why”. A little research suggest 5G is the culprit. At 60Ghz 5G oxygen absorption is compromised causing altitude sickness like symptoms.

This site has lots of articles on the dangers of 5G and I’m sure there will be more in the future…. SEE:

here are some dead bird reports from around the web…

200 ducks in Denmark, hundreds of herons in Turkey, thousands of swallows and swifts in Greece, 1000 starlings in Rome…

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Hundreds of dead birds block a road in Rome, Italy. Picture: Bufale

Thousands of dead swallows and swifts in Greece

Scientists believe high winds over the last three days have killed or gravely injured thousands of swallows and swifts, migrating from Africa to Europe.

The carcasses have been found in the streets of Athens, on apartment balconies in the capital, on Aegean islands and around a lake close to the seaport of Nauplia in the Peloponnese. Here a video of the living birds:

The situation has been described as a major disaster.

High wind, really? [Guardian]

Hundreds of dead herons in Turkey

The dead birds were found near the village of Köprışık.

Residents and officials are scared as nobody really knows what’s behind the massive die-off.

Pesticides? Poisoning? Bird flu? Samples are being analysed right now. [ajanimo]

200 dead ducks in Denmark

About 200 dead ducks have been found along the beaches on Læsø, Denmark and everybody is wondering if they died of bird flu. This is completely unheard of on the island.

Four of the dead ducks have been tested for avian influenza, but all tested negative.

So what’s behind this new mass die-off in Denmark? [TV2 Nord]

1000 dead birds in the streets of Rome

On February 5, 2020, hundreds of dead birds covered parts of Viale del Policlinico.

Again, according to officials, the birds died when a tree collapsed due to strong winds across the capital city. [Bufale]

Here some other mass die-offs in the last weeks or months:

So there is a clear increase in birds mysteriously dying and falling from the sky. But nobody really can’t tell the cause of these massive mass die-offs.

Are these bird deaths linked to poisoning? Diseases? New technologies? A bit of all? What’s your opinion and hypothesis? More animal mass die-off news on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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