School in whitley bay posted this then removed it after an uproar. This is some satanic shit and totally unnecessary. Do NOT allow your kids school to do this its child abuse #covid19

Dear Parents/Carers

We have been busily working in school to get a sense of what the new normal will look like for our pupils when they start back on 1st June 2020. I want to be as open as possible so I have attached some photographs of what we have started to do in school. You will see photos of ‘play bubbles’ where children will have their own space, and classrooms where all small toys, books and soft furnishings have been removed.
Our lovely little village school is going to feel very different. We thrive as a community because we love and care for each other. We will do our utmost to show children this care in different ways that do not involve close contact.


• Children will be with one teacher in one group and not necessarily with the same groups of children they were with in March. They may not be with the teacher or in the classroom they had in March.

• They will have to remain in that classroom for the duration of the day. They cannot mix with the groups of children in the other classrooms (Bubbles).

• They will have set times for the toilet which will need to be cleaned by the teacher/bubble staff after they have been used. Only two children will be allowed to use the toilet at a time; toilet times will be supervised. They will not be allowed to leave the classroom outside of their allocated toilet times.

• In classrooms (bubbles), they will sit at desks, where the chldren will be 1m apart, all facing the same direction. This includes the children in Reception and Nursery.

• Their classrooms (bubbles) will have all unnecessary furniture, equipment and all soft furnishings removed.

• The classroom (bubble) will be cleaned throughout the day. The bins will be emptied and desks will be cleaned and sprayed throughout the day. The classroom (bubble) will be deep cleaned at the end of every day too.

• The children will work at their desks. They will not sit on the carpet.

* Children must have wear clean clothes every day. They do not need to wear uniform. They must have a clean coat every day too.

• They will not be able to bring anything from home except a filled water bottle. No reading books, no packed lunch boxes, no pencil cases.

• They will be provided with a see-through pencil case and equipment that will only be used and touched by them. These will be cleaned at the end of the day by the teacher/bubble staff.

• When any other equipment is used it will then need to be cleaned before other children use or touch it.

• Outside playing equipment like the climbing frame and outdoor gym will not be able to be used as it is recommended these are cleaned afterwards but we would not have that facility or staff to do that at this stage. Children will have an allocated play space for their bubble – they must remain within this space during outdoor playtimes.

• They will have some lessons that involve a lot of independent learning as the teacher will not be able to go side by side or sit next to them to give them targeted support. The teacher needs to keep social distance when teaching (the amount of distance keeps varying – to the public it is 2m but it has not been confirmed yet if this is the case for schools so we are operating on the same basis as the general public)

• Only one parent is allowed to drop off their child, this will be at an allocated time and place on the school field. These will be allocated per bubble and children will assemble in their bubbles, adhering to social distance requirements prior to being collected by their teacher/bubble staff.

• Parents are NOT allowed to enter the school building or have the daily contact or conversation they need or are used to having with staff. Contact will continue to be electronic via email/telephone.

• Lunch arrangements will be confirmed however no hot meal will be provided for children in Reception and Year 1; packed lunches will be provided by school. Should home packed lunches by preferrable, these will be entirely disposeable – no lunch boxes within school at all.

• If they fall over or have a toileting accident they will be encouraged to change themselves and clean their scrape or cut. We have sourced PPE (following the COVID 19 guidance for Educational Settings) which is for use only for staff protection should a child vomit, not for trips, falls or scrapes. If it is not possible for the child to clean themselves in the event of an accident, the parent will be called to collect them so they can do that at home.

• Corridors are split and marked off to save children having to walk past people without a social distance, where possible.

Other factors to be aware of, should the rest of school (years 2 to 4) be asked to return to school in June:

Year 4 will not be able to have a leavers assembly or party
There will be no visits out of school
There will be no sports day
No assemblies
No adult visitors into school

As the situation develops we will continue to risk assess accordingly and keep you as informed as possible.

We never thought as a staff we would be in this position or making such drastic changes to our lovely little school, however we are doing all we can to adhere to the guidance and keep our staff and children as safe as possible.

Kind regards,
Sarah Brett
Head Teacher

2 different school’s 2 different parts of the country. These measures are cruel and barbaric. There’s no fun nurturing side to school anymore. Kids with additional needs will be left to struggle as they will no longer have 1-1, no side by side help from a teacher. Even if they’re upset or need comfort it won’t be there. Teacher 2m away. If they are toilet training and have an accident clean themselves up , only allowed to the toilet twice a day…. how can a 4-5 year old control their bladder bowels like that. If they can’t clean themselves up a parent will be called to come and do it so they will be left wet and dirty. TOTAL humiliation , isolating them from friends making them sit 2m away on the carpet and dining hall, markers where they can sit and stand. If they hurt themselves then they are expected to administer their own first aid , and if they’re unwell at school god knows what’d happen then. Classroom doors wide open for infection control yet their not allowed to cross the boundary of the classroom… total mind control of the future masses not to mention the safety aspect

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