The lockdown fanatics have revived Project Fear

The scaremongerers must be defeated once more if we are to recover our freedoms.PADDY HANNAM26th May 2020The lockdown fanatics have revived Project Fear

Lockdown sceptics are the latest group to be cast out by the mainstream and labelled as heretics. We have all seen what happens to those who dare to question the most extensive and widespread restrictions to everyday life ever imposed by a British government. The klaxon sounds, the red lights flash, and the Angry Brigade descend. And that is just the social aspect. Some critics of lockdown have faced censorship – YouTube has removed videos and Facebook has removed posts which are critical of lockdown.

Supporters of the present lockdown measures claim that Covid-19 presents an unprecedented risk to public health. But there is much about this crisis that is far from unprecedented. In fact, the government and the media’s response is starting to resemble Project Fear. Despite its defeat in the battle over Brexit, Project Fear is alive and well in the age of Covid.

In the run-up to the 2016 EU referendum, the message from the Remain establishment was clear: vote Leave, and there will be a recession. Jobs will disappear, companies will flee the UK and the average household will be thousands of pounds worse off. The then prime minister even warned that Brexit could trigger a third world war.

Once we actually voted to get out, the hysteria amplified. There were warnings of shortages of medicine and food. The NHS began to stockpile body-bags. Some medical experts even predicted an outbreak of ‘super-gonorrhoea’. Sex sells, I guess.

The cry was that the referendum result must be ignored or rerun to save the country. Apparently, people didn’t know what they were voting for the first time round. They were lied to. They were thick. They were racist. But most of all, a ‘hard Brexit’ – a term invented after the vote itself – could not be allowed. (The meaning of ‘hard Brexit’ changed depending on who you asked – the EU used ‘hard Brexit’ to refer to No Deal, whereas many Remainers used it to mean any kind of departure from the Single Market or Customs Union.) If such an exit were to happen, we were told, we would run out of everything and the country would grind to a halt – all because some idiots in Sunderland wanted their country back. It was simply not permissible.


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