EXPLOSIVE: more UK Covid “experts” facing serious data manipulation charges

Professor Horby once more mired in controversy….he’s the one on the Left

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The Government’s leading body for Covid19 drug trials – led by the controversial character Professor Peter Horby – stands accused of grossly misleading negative trial results for the coronavirus management drug Hydroxychloroqhine. Will this at last be a wake-up call for Boris Johnson?

The lead story in today’s France Soir – a long-respected and unaligned French daily – presents compelling evidence to suggest that the Whitehall/Cabinet Covid19 “advice” team cannot be trusted….and raises yet more doubts about BBC complicity in a false Coronavirus narrative.

Last May 10th, The Slog wrote a scathing critique of the interview given by ‘Recovery’ boss Professor Peter Horby on the Marr Show. Subsequent events would appear to be proving my analysis correct.

Professor Peter Horby is an epidemiologist, and the Professor of Emerging Infectious Diseases and Global Health at the University of Oxford. He chairs the UK government’s New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group (NERVTAG). In addition, seven weeks ago he was charged with leading the ‘Recovery’ trial team into drugs for COVID-19.

It obviously goes without saying that, given the tentacular influence of the Big Pharma lobying and ‘research’ funding army, a person in such a position must be seen to have total command of the science involved, and be beyond reproach when it comes to commercial conflicts of interest. As this site has already established, two months ago, his Oxford department announced an agreement with the UK-based global biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca for the further development, large-scale manufacture and potential distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine candidate currently being trialled by the University.

So that wasn’t a good start.

Eight days ago, Horby and his colleague Martin Landray shared this cozy exchange on Twitter in relation to trials of the Covid victim management drug Hyroxychloroquine (HCQ):

Three days earlier, Horby triumphantly tweeted twice in a duo that categorically confined HCQ to the dustbin of failed Covid19 management drugs:

You will be unsurprised to learn that HCQ is not a drug made by AstraZeneca. What you probably don’t know is that both Corby’s assertions about dosage levels and ‘no benefit’ do not appear to be borne out by the facts of the trial and other trials elsewhere….plus, although the Professor (unless he’s been on another planet since January) knows that successful HCQ therapy involves a cocktail of other elements – for example zinc – he chose not to use that combo in the trials.

For some time now, a dedicated team at France Soir has been following this and other sagas concerning Covid19 treatments and distortion of test results. It’s lead piece today is headlined ‘Recovery Fraud’ in relation to the assertions of Horby and Landray.

These are the key elements of the article: the doses of HCQ administered were four times higher than those recommended by successful trials in France and India; this added to the high toxicity of the therapy and a uniquely high death rate; smaller doses with the use of successful cocktails to further reduce toxicity would have potentially produced a far higher recovery rate.

This is certainly borne out by two major studies in New York City, both of which showed HCQ cocktail recovery levels at 88-95%.

more… https://hat4uk.wordpress.com/2020/06/16/explosive-more-uk-covid-experts-facing-serious-data-manipulation-charges/

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