Doctors and pharmacists from the Hospital de Barbastro (Huesca) point to the seasonal flu vaccine as the possible cause of the coronavirus pandemic.

With the end of the state of alarm in Spain, doctors and health personnel have begun to speak. Doctors and pharmacists at the Barbastro hospital in Huesca (Aragon, Spain) have carried out an investigation into the possible correlation between vaccination and death by Covid-19. The results say that those who received the seasonal flu vaccine are four times more likely to die from Covid-19 than those who did not. Specifically in Barbastro, 17 of the 20 elderly dead had been vaccinated with the Chiromas influenza ,In addition, all the deceased were over 65 years old. And they are even more precise in the study pointing to polysorbate 80 of the aforementioned influenza vaccine, this element would be the one that would cause serious health problems, the way to cause them would be by creating immunological interference that would in turn generate the famous ‘cytokine storm’ ‘that attracted so much attention in the early days of the Covid-19. Polysorbate is an emulsifier and also a detergent (E-433). 
Most of you will know that just in that area of ​​Huesca there has been a regrowth in recent days, or at least they say that there has been a regrowth, well, notice how they try to blame the population for that regrowth, as if the people themselves He lives there were the causes of new cases appearing, when everything points in the direction that these doctors and pharmacists indicate. Stop blaming each other for the outbreaks, that if it is for those who do not wear a mask or if it is because there was a meeting and someone was singing, it is as if years ago we had blamed each other for having caught the flu, no there is doubt that what there is right now is common flu or simple colds or colds since the viral load at this time has nothing to do with the viral load that was in the month of March and April,In this line, Italian experts point out that the pandemic has already ended.

This issue of coronavirus begins to resemble much that of the rapeseed oil issue of 1981, so they made the population believe that it was poisoning from denatured rapeseed oil, when everything pointed to a chemical agent produced and dispersed by a large multinational pharmaceutical and plant protection products. Now they continue to point to the contagion theory, however that theory is already very inconsistent. Informatively speaking, the difference from now with respect to 1981 is enormous, and it is that now they are not going to be able to stop the truth as they did then, now they will be able to erase content and censor everything they want, if they erase it, someone else will publish it. , it is an unstoppable process, and if there were a brutal censorship on the internet, it will,
Along the same lines of exposing all this tremendous darkness and concealment, the military nurse Erin Marie Olszewski who worked at Elmhust Hospital in Queens (New York), has denounced that there was a “murder protocol” in that hospital, and she was an eyewitness to that protocol. All these protocols are being widely reviewed in many parts of the world in order to know who gave the order to carry them out. Most of the doctors know perfectly the protocols that were imposed on them, each one will know in conscience how he applied them. It is becoming known that seasonal flu vaccines, along with sedation protocols, are writing very sad stories in many countries around the world.

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