Awan Minutes To Midnight: Finding Hillary’s Blackberries And Everything After

Awan Minute To Midnight -a draft by George Webb


After explaining my new evidence into how Hillary Clinton and the DNC used every imaginable subterfuge against the Trump campaign in 2016, the Great Seymour Hersh paused and said, “Write a book.” “Go on the road or write a book”. In the end, I am doing both. Almost four years later including three years in the belly of the beast, Washington, DC, I am ready to write that book. Hersh may as well have told me to retrieve Wicked Hillary’s broom in a remake of the Wizard of Oz in Washington. What was Hillary’s power in DC that put those squadrons of flying monkeys under her beck and call? Why did the giant green soldiers cower to her? For me, as a network analyst turned citizen journalist, her power seemed to radiate from the endless stream of commands she punched out on her blackberry. Her bubble bubble toil and trouble was a witch’s brew of directives emanating from her eyes to her thumbs, sending monkeys aloft to parts unknown. My mission became clear. Find Hillary’s blackberries.

I had no idea at the time that the search for Hillary’s Blackberries would take me to Sam Bronfman’s Port of Montreal to a greasy spoon breakfast joint called the Green Cafe where construction workers would tell me where the Heads of NATO would stash weapons for the next covert action. Nor did I expect to get pictures of Lex Wexner’s Mossad contacts piling weapons up at The Limited warehouses, not a far throw from Jeff Epstein wearing a headset on a Columbus, Ohio airfield, marshaling yet another C-130 to yet another foreign encounter. I didn’t know who Lisa Page and Peter Strzok were at the start of my four year journalistic odyssey, but I will never forget the bright, cold day in DC she jogged past my research partner and myself on our daily tromps to Capitol Hill. Who could predict I would be eating shish-kabob with Al Shabab “terrorists” in their HQ in the tough Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis, following the Muslim Brotherhood money trail of DNC’s Keith Ellison?

My investigative style was “Just Go”. Go to the safe house or meet point, walk all around, ask a question here and there, building a dossier of knowledge without appearing to be poking around. New York City was a treasure trove in that regard. Thousands of places and faces Hillary, Bill, Huma, Anthony, Podesta, Braverman, DWS, and Schumer had made famous. Every twenty footsteps was a new story. Over here, the Egyptian pilots had rolled not one, but two pressure cooker bombs in Chelsea here during the pressure cooker finale of the 2016 election. Despite a minefield of cameras, somehow they were allowed to return to Egypt. Another twenty steps, and the Amalgamated Bank glass windows were yawning at you, daring you to find laundered DNC and SEIU Dirty Tricks Accounts. New York was a Moveable Feast of evidence, another Hillary anecdote or breadcrumb around every latte bar. From the gun caching mosques of Virginia to Indiana, this DNC debauchery tale was made for you and me

Mind you, the evidence gathering wasn’t all sunshine and balloons. Watching Nigerian chops shops at two in the morning in Jack Lew’s Bronx on a tip about a DNC operative named Alpha Jalloh was using stolen cars as arms carcasses to ship weapons to Lagos was not my idea of fun. The rumor was stolen and abandoned cars had been used in drugs for weapons trade in the Bronx ever since James Comey’s father became the Police Chief in nearby Yonkers and won the repossession contract for abandon cars in NYC. My late night steak outs would later be rewarded with a blockbuster story by Josh Meyer of Politico confirming the Operation Cassandra caper, even though he was breadcrumbed that only Obama ran the trade with Hezbollah only since 2009 to placate the Iranians to get the Iran nuclear deal. I knew the arrangement was decades old, and it propelled Comey to the top of the FBI. A little metadata goes a long way in understanding Comey like so many others. Ask Comey about Jack Lew.

It didn’t take me long to find Hillary’s Broom – those bewitching blackberries that launched so many monkey flights to steal someone’s Toto, that black magic message box that made so many Giant Green Generals cower. It was simple. You just go to the network admin. They have all the passwords. Fortunately, I had smoking gun Wikileaks emails that Clint Eastwood could only dream about. One Wikileaks email during the DNC email lure to Trump had Nancy Pelosi, Capitol Hill House Gang Of Four Intel Committee member, instructing “Imran, get in here. No staff”. Other DNC emails referred to a “Imran” as the only person around the DNC Chairwoman to have the passwords to her iPad. I had done troubleshooting on hundreds of Fortune 500 networks. First step – go to the network admin. Most network admins don’t have twenty houses. But when I knocked on the twentieth door – I found a Marine named Taggart who told me all about imran Awan’s stashed blackberries with “pried” hard drives.

Imran Awan, keeper of the keys to dungeon of dark DNC secrets of stealth blackberries and pried hard drives, seemed to have a second career in his twelve years on Capitol Hill as a CIA safe house man. He was in a CIA car dealership with the Hezbollah operative and Minister of Health of Iraq know as Al Attar. I went to the Falls Church, Virginia car dealership numerous times with veteran DC reporters, and we would always sum up our trips with “so Congress sent the “health” money to Iraq, Imran’s dad at Pakistan Ordnance Factory shipped weapons to Hezbollah, and Al Attar kicked the money back through the car dealership right?” Imran Awan didn’t just configure stealth blackberries for new Intel arrivals. Imran also arranged home and car loans for operatives coming into Virginia near CIA, mainly near mosques or embassies like UAE. Hillary’s favorite gun diverter was a dark prince name MBZ, so the scheme was literally was as easy as MBZ. But the DC press was mum in monkey fear.

So before we get back to Hillary’s Blackberries, i had to come up with a title for this book. I bounced “Hillary Blackberry Brew” to a DC Veteran Report and writer. “You know, using the blackberries to brew up a stew of dirty DNC tricks like DNC emails dangles from every DC balcony”. The veteran of a slew of DC spy books responded, “ “No, that leaves out the flying monkeys. Flying monkeys are really important. Alperovich, Chalupa, the Ukrainian girls, you really don’t just want a witch’s brew.” I retorted “How Hillary Made the DC Press Monkeys Fly”. The vet writer frowned. “Are you sure you want to limit yourself to DC Press Monkeys only?” He had a point. “Ok”, how about “ I Waived A Blackberry And Darkened The Skies With Press Monkeys?” The veteran reporter considered and encouragingly responded “Not a bad first sentence”, but then shook his head. I suggested a more mysterious passive title “All the DNC Dirty Tricks In An Encrypted Blackberry Kept”. He said no, and left.

Ok, I promise I will get back to finding Hillary’s blackberries in a minute, but I want to tell you a Central Park story. In my four years of unraveling this DNC gun running story, I would do daily summaries of my reporting notes, sometimes multiple videos every day, enough to accumulate over 4,000 videos in four years (which YouTube just deleted before the Crosssfire Hurricane inquiries are about to begin in the Senate). Anyway, I had a 105,000 subscribers, many who have watched the channel every day for four years. So the viewers see where I am in real time, and many come up to meet me and share their thoughts. They say things like “If Alpha Jalloh was stealing Bentleys for UN diplomats, why would the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood pilots just fly them out of La Guardia to have diplomatic immunity for the weapons to Cairo?” Isn’t that why the Egyptian pilots would rollerbomb Braverman’s house for squealing? I have great researcher contributors on my channel (did have).

I promise, I will get back to Finding the DNC blackberries, but let me finish the Central Park story. I am eating a the The Boat Pond Restaurant, and this beautiful woman comes up to me and says she follows the channel, and she works for a local news outlet. She did a story about weapons smuggling using UN diplomatic immunity at the Port of Newark, but she can’t use her real name now, etc. She knows I am going to DC soon to sue the DNC, and she says I need something called Patreon. I respond that I don’t know what that is. She tells me it is a way for my contributors to help finance endeavors sue the DNC and Perkins Coie (now suing on behalf of Black lives Matter for a United Nations review of systemic racism in America). I say I not interested. She gets off her chair and straddles my leg and says, “Give me your phone. People want to help”. And she signed me up for Patreon right there. I didn’t ask for help at the website until about two years later when I ran out of money.

Ok, back to Hillary’s Blackberries. So I go to the house in Lorton, Virginia of the key aide to the Chair of the DNC who has all the passwords, encrypted blackberries, and “pried” hard drives. The Marine renting the house, Andre Taggart, tells me he called the FBI when he found Imran’s Blackberries with “government markings”. He told me NCIS also came out to the house because his wife had a Top Secret Clearance with the Navy. He also told me that Fairfax County Sheriff came out to Imran’s house interview he and his Navy wife after the FBI and NCIS. A few months later the DNC concocts a story on how these hard drives and a DNC laptop are left in a phone booth on Capitol Hill, so the Police Force funded by DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz will now have custody of the hard drives and laptop. Does the laptop contain purchase order for Imran’s front companies for his dad’s weapons factory in Pakistan? We still don’t know that answer, but one email will point the way.

There was a twist in the Imran Awan connections from DNC top dogs with contracts going Pakistan. A few months later, it turned out that none other than DNC heavyweight Rahm Emanuel helped Imran Awan’s father embezzle a huge tract of land from twelve farmers in Faisalabad to build a hospital/drug lab. Emanuel was also involved with shady dealings with a copycat Russian drug manufacturer named Veropharma. In the interim period, I had met with an official of the Defense Logistics Agency who told me Imran had a DLA trading number for supplying food and drug to the US Armed Forces at Ft. Belvoir. Immediately, I thought of all the VA contractors addicting our veterans on PTSD medications. Was this Pakistani drone revenge with knockoff pharmaceuticals? When I uncovered Awan cutout businesses named Awan Animal Pharma and BioPham so the benefit of the doubt gave to the Awans began to fade. We did know Imran was getting motorcade treatment when he travelled to Faisalabad.

So this burly Marine who looks like he walked out of a recruiting poster is telling me about the FBI coming to get the government marked blackberries, and then Navy NCIS comes out to the house to investigate his wife Vernaye, and then the Fairfax County Police comes to get the government marked blackberries and pried hard drives. All I knew that night at Imran’s house was that he made $160K a year n Capitol Hill working nine months a year in Pakistan. I knew he had two brothers with similar deals along with his wife and his brother’s wife, a Ukrainian woman right out of a James Bond movie. I knew Nancy Pelosi like to use beautiful, young Ukrainian girls as aides to compromise unsuspecting Reps on Capitol Hill, but I didn’t know if there was a Pelosi connection here yet. And there was two hometown buddies from Pakistan with similar Congressional salaries, and a mysterious Omar Awan was in charge of US House “IT Strategy” and Human Resources. And Omar was never in his office

So as I am listing to Andre Taggart tell Imran’s government blackberry story, I am thinking this whole thing seems like an extension of Operation Cyclone where we sent a whole bunch of money to a guy named Osama Bin Laden, and he invested the money in building pipeline in Sudan for CIA Gus like Dewey Clarridge and Cofer Black instead of fighting the Russian with the money. And these same mujahadeen later show up in Bosnia and Kosovo for minerals and oil and gas deals for guys like Cofer Black and John Brennan at CIA instead of fight i gotta the Russian with it. The next morning I ran Andre Taggart’s wife, and there was a Navy cryptologist name Tenaye Taggart living at the same address, not a Navy Corpsman named Venayne Taggart. But all I can remember thinking listening to Taggart is who has the government marked blackberries now. Of course, the US Government State Department is in charge of all diplomatic foreign relations, soI start thinking about Hillary and Huma at State.

When my conversation was over, I immediately texted Luke Rosiak, the Daily Caller reporter who broke the Awan Brothers story. I gave him the whole lowdown of the story by text messages which I still have, and he seemed very interested. My last text was “It would be quite a scoop if we found Hillary’s blackberries, wouldn’t it?” He texted back “LOL” which I thought was oddly lethargic. This was HIS story. I just found a fact witness and physical evidence to buttress HIS story. I gave him Taggart’s phone and asked him to jump on the story. He said he would call the next day. But when I checked back with Luke he had grown even more lethargic having “more important things to do” than call Taggart. Why was he sitting on this blockbuster story? My initial meeting with Luke was not too promising where he told me “Muslim names are hard”. That’s when I decided to go knocking on Imran’s 20 different houses, and I found Imran’s blackberries and hard drives within 24 hours.

A couple of weeks later, I got a call from someone who claimed to worked for Joe Biden “for over forty years”, and he said he knew all about Imran Awan. He wanted to meet right next to the Fairfax County Jail on the night Jack Prosobiec was helping to launch the documentary “Get Me Roger Stone”. I went with a filmmaker friend (at the time) to meet this mysterious person who claimed to know how all the encrypted blackberries were configured on Capitol Hill. The filmmaker friend went to the movie launch to interview Prosobiec, and I went to meet Mr Biden Blackberry man at the adjacent pub to the jail. I met a short middle aged man with graying hair and glasses who looked remarkably like Ambassador Bill Taylor of Trump Impeachment fame. Perhaps he was younger brother or cousin I still believe today. In any case, he immediately explained Imran had came in through a program called InterAmerica which was a DNC cutout for bringing in overseas operatives. Then he talked about DWS..

Mr Biden Blackberry said Imran worked with DWS when she was a State Rep in Florida. He then came to Capitol Hill with Rep Wexler of Florida in 2004, but he really was Rahm Emanuel’s guy from Day One. This was all later confirmed by Luke Rosiak, Tom Fitton, and the Inter American guy working on Capitol Hill named Pat Sowers in an informal Congressional Republican Caucus hearing. Rahm’s relationship was with a Imran’s dad supposedly which later checked about with the ties to Rahm’s drug factory in Faisalabad and the weapons factories at POF all over Punjab. I got a little suspicious of Mr Biden Blackberry when he said he didn’t drink much, but then accepted my offer to buy him red wine after red wine to keep him talking. Anyway, he said Seth Rich worked for Donna Brazile, and intimated that they too had these encrypted blackberries. Most of the conversation revolves around Libya, Syria, and Iran especially Libya, but sadly i was keeping up with Mr Biden Blackberry with red wines.

So plying Mr Biden Blackberry with red wine had its advantages – he talked with me at least three hours about the DNC and he also forgot his Blackberry leaving physical evidence of the meeting. He also talked a lot more about the State Department and Diplomatic Security Services and how Hillary sort of used DSS in the same way she used State Troopers in Arkansas – as enforcers and go betweens. However, the down side of all the wine for both of us is I don’t remember if the DSS infiltrated the FBI or the FBI infiltrated the DSS, but I know the DSS was important from everything from Bosnia until know. And Mr Biden Blackberry was defending Joe, saying he played the middle man role for decades, sorting tamping down Hillary’s covert ops ambitions. Later disclosures about Peter Strzok /Paul Whelan seem to indicate DSS was the root of the Hillary Evil infiltration, but the jury is not in yet i do remember Uranium One (US Uranium) being very important to getting the Iran Nuke Deal

So was Mr Biden Blackberry just somebody putting me on? I have thought about that a lot. The inside knowledge that Imran came up through Inter American was only known to DNC insiders before the public hearing the Rosiak, Fitton, Sowers, and Jim Jordan. I had that knowledge from the Mr Biden Blackberry meeting at least four months before. His knowledge also meshed well with my discovery of the airman Awan blackberries with their use in gun running operations like Cyclone, Zero Footprint, Timber Sycamore, and Cassandra. I came away the impression the weapons were being paid for by defrauding the VA especially in the area of providing drugs to the VA. That knowledge meshed we’ll with Imran’s dad having the drug company in Faisalabad with Rahm Emanuel. I still to this day don’t know if mar Biden Blackberry was a whistleblower or trying to set me up to go into a classified blackberry. I found the Biden blackberry having no password as extremely suspicious. I thought it was a trap

Mr Biden Blackberry left his phone with me, which meant emailing him that I had his phone was the only way to get it back to him after he left the pub. The filmmaker I was with filmed me with the Blackberry with senate markings in front of the Fairfax County jail. I just felt something wasn’t right and this was just too easy, so I didn’t go into the Blackberry. I sent the email to Mr Biden Blackberry, and he responded the next morning. Again, Mr Biden blackberry wanted to meet even closer to the Fairfax County jail to return the blackberry. I was with the filmmaker and I filmed the Senate markings for myself as one last precaution. Again, something didn’t feel right. The Taco place we were at was filling up with law enforcement officers. It just felt like a takedown. When I gave the Blackberry back to the Ambassador a Bill Taylor lookalike, he seemed to dwell there making small talk, but not eating. It just felt like he was trying to probe if I had gone in the blackberry.

A few strange twists later surfaced with Mr. Biden Blackberry. It turned out Imran Awan knew the Intake Officer at the Fairfax County jail, a JTTF officer from New York named Freitag who had moved to Virginia like Andrew McCabe. The famed Guccifer hacker was also being held at this same intake facility, and the US was being led to believe that Guccifer 2.0 was responsible for the DNC hacking with his web site. It just seemed like FBI offering yet another lure to the Trump campaign through journalists who had “made contact” with Guccifer 2.0. The first Guccifer just seemed like a flimsy rinse of an FBI leak to get the CEO of Sony Pictures fired. This is the same place where Asante would be held if convicted by the Eastern District of Virginia. Everything just felt like a CIA fake FBI op, but I did receive a lot of valuable information from the meeting. Libya was key, DSS was key. And the encrypted blackberries tied it all together. I was on the right track.

There was another strange connection to Mr Biden BlackBerry’s blackberry. The phone number and bar code mapped to the at the Senate Sergeant Of Arms to a Navy cryptologist named Matthew Gonter. His specialty from his Masters at Georgetown was configuring and managing encrypted device. A relative of his had forced a wholesale recalled of every US nuclear sub at sea on the behalf of BWXT which made the nuclear boiler power system and fuel casing. BWXT had been driven into bankruptcy and hastily acquired as a result, so my senses were tuned to the Gonter name. Matthew Gonter’s Award for HUMINT or Human Intelligence (read spy development) came on Capitol Hill, mapping back to a Secure Communications Center at INSCOM at Ft Belvoir, Virginia. INSCOM is the Intelligence Command for US Armed Forces. Was every phone on Capitol Hill really configured by INSCOM with a back channel for every Representative or Senator conversation to INSCOM? Opportunities for compromise?

The Biden Blackberry now gets even stranger when you consider Andre Taggart and his wife also live on the doorstep of Ft Belvoir, an hour and a half (sometimes three with DC traffic) to Bethesda Naval Hospital. Imran Awan also rented a house very close the back gate of Fort Belvoir. Imran Awan was also renting this house to the wife of the JTTF agent turned jailer at Fairfax County jail! I soon found out Andre Taggart misrepresented how long he had been renting from Imran as well. He had told me he started renting after the election of Trump. Records indicated however both he and and his wife had rented the home since 2009. Imran was also communications with a beautiful black femme fatale named Jaquaya who he call “Miss Jaquaya”, renting the home near Ft Belvoir in Souther Fairfax County to her as well as the jailer’s ex-wife. To complete the tableau, Imran’s ne’er do well creepy friend with a HVAC van was always changing the air filters at the home. Compromise op again?

imran Awan’s Ft Belvoir house in question was literally on Sprayer St. Imran Awan frequently went strip clubs spending upwards of $3,000 a night, and his favorite club was in downtown DC not far from the White House. One can easily imagine Imran offering the fruits of Pakistan agriculture and pictures of Jaquaya who we know he emailed frequently for a tryst at the Sprayer Home with Imran’s creepy HVAC van driving friend recording everything. If you extend your spycraft imagination just a bit, the creepy van guy might be loading an air conditioner filter laced with fentanyl, and then loading an extracting thumb drive to steal secrets on classified laptops. The filmmaker mentioned earlier in this chapter discovered Imran was still maintaining a separate WiFi connection at the Jaquaya house, lending some credence to the compromise filming. The JTTF agent whose ex wife was at the house also sold extremely low light cameras to police forces for sting operations. Enter Ukraine now

Now comes the curious case of Nataliia Sova, wife of never seen Abid Awan, brother of I ran Awan. She too owned her share of CIA cutouts like Imran and Abid’s CIA car dealership. Nataliia’s cutout was called called EZ Car Buying. With friends like DNC operative an expert luxury car thief Alpha Jalloh, I might be hard to underestimate how easy the car buying could be. If you were procuring Bentleys for African diplomats with new oil and gas reserves in the home countries, EZ Car Buying could be considered a form of a bribery to diplomats who enjoy diplomatic immunity. Records indicate however, Nataliia has connections to Ukrainian Intelligence and may have worked as a go between to Igor Kolomoiskey, Ukrainian war lord for hire. If Nataliia’s husband’s CIA cutouts are any indication, new weapons sales went through Abid and Imran at spark Ordnance factory and surplus ammo from stolen NATO stores being the channel for ammo and existing stolen NATO and NATO Partner inventory.

So a picture emerges now of a diversion channel for weapons for money coming out of the US Congress to Afghanistan and Iraq war efforts to be diverted back into US DHS programs run by Nancy Pelosi, DWS, Andre Carson, and Keith Ellison amongst other Imran Awan encrypted blackberry carriers on US House Intel committees, which coincidentally have their committee meeting notes and Congressional emails backed up to Imran’s Punjab region of Pakistan. Imran Awan spent hours playing video games with ex-DHS plant Rep Andre Carson and Muslim Brotherhood/DNC heavyweight Keith Ellison. All US House Intel Committee notes somehow found a carbon copy email address on the recipient lists called that inadvertently backed up their notes to Imran’s servers in Pakistan. Did this “Operation Blackjack” provide the same weapons and encrypted communications now being provided to Ellison’s ANTIFA handbook owners? Was George Floyd’s El Rancho Nuevo a meet point for ANTIFA and MB?

So the reader may ask themselves at this point, what good is exposing a spy network that cache weapons in the US for a potential insurrection and paid for it with overdose causing fentanyl imports from Pakistan and the Golden Crescent? Why are we dredging up the spy network that ran illegal overthrows in Libya, Syria, Sudan, and Yemen and illegal, self dealing Iran nuclear and weapons deal. Because I strongly believe this same exact network is behind the Bioweapons attacks on the United Stes that destroyed our economy, and this same network is now fanning the flames of civil destruction in the US. My recommendations are simple and straightforward – remove the masking tape of a few emails that are already public. Let the American public see the network for themselves. Let them see the terabytes that went to Pakistan with Imran, and let them see the communication histories of this network. Err on the side of transparency when such weighty matters are being considered

Chapter 2 – Shish-kabob With Al Shabab So why were DNC heavyweights like Keith Ellison bringing in Somali war lords to buy up flesh bars like El Rancho Nuevo in Minneapolis and hiring drug addicted truckers like George Floyd to run who knows what from Port Arthur, Texas to the tough Riverside district of Minneapolis? Was it drugs or weapons or both?Well, only one way to find out in April of 2017 for me, Just Go. (Remember, YouTube has destroyed all 4,000 videos of these trips now, so I am relying on recollection at this point. i have backups but they are not easily like they were in YouTube. The flashpoint in the Riverside neighborhood were the tall, multi-colored “Somali Towers”. I was in touch with several researchers from Minneapolis who were giving me local tips, and they informed me it was very dangerous with drugs, fires, murder, and general mayhem, but this area seemed to have a soft spot in Keith Ellison’s heart. Some people called them “Al-Shabab Towers”.

Before I get to my Shish-kabob with Al-Shabab, I did want to say I found it interesting that Keith Ellison, this same DNC heavy that loves gun and drug running Al-Shabab so much, didn’t charge Derek Chauvin or the other officers in the murder of Port Arthur trucker George Floyd sooner. One quick check shows Chauvin and his wife were realtors in Windermere, Florida in 2018 to 2019. Our channel had done several videos at the Windermere Country Club chasing a Ukrainian gun running ring that included the “Henry Greenberg” who offered Roger Stone Hillary’s emails. Greenberg Traurig lawyer Henry Greenberg from Windermere appears to be the attorney that got the Ukrainian gun runner Lev Parnas propped up as Trump impeachment witness. Whether this same Henry Greenberg got Russian gun runner Henry Oknyansky his Eb-5 visa remains to be seen. But, why is Keith Ellison, AG for Minnesota, letting a cop from Florida that seems more tied to a Somali war lord, waltz into the Minneapolis PD?

No, Ellison didn’t show for my shish-kabob with Al-Shabab, but I want to go back to this “gun runners everywhere you look” phenomenon of the Derek Chauvin story. Chauvin just looks like an ATF or DEA enforcer agent that leans on your throat in the Barrett sniper rifle don’t get from Port Arthur to El Rancho Nuevo for Al-Shabab takeout. Our channel had done several stories in Port Arthur Pakistani politician named Javed. Jared’s resume included a chain of convenience stores in the South busted for selling “illegal cigarettes” (a frequent downgraded charge from drug trafficking). Javed had quickly become a billionaire before 50 shipping halal meet which could not be touched by USDA inspectors that were not Muslim – an outlandish condition to be required for meat inspection. Javed had gone legit with his drug running billions, buying the Riceland Hospital chain, creating even more opportunities for shipping counterfeit drugs from Pakistan. Was George Floyd a Javed trucker?

(One more author’s note before getting to the Shish-kabob with Al-Shabab.) One feature of crowd source journalism is you get a lot of help (and criticism) from the crowd. One example “You are an idiot. Peter Strzok dad and uncle set up all the Somali war lords in drug and gun running in the Horn of Africa. They educated the “smart ones” at the schools and refugee camps the Strzoks run in Kenya and Tanzania. The pretty ones get sent to train as models for Fashion Week in New York. Strzok and Lisa Page runs the SEC compromise op in NYC with his SEC wife and Carter Page. Carter Page worked the UN Interior Ministers compromise op at the UN with the girls he brought in for Fashion Week. You suck.”. You tend to think “crackpot” until a Somali girl from a Strzok refugee camps now going to Fashion Weeks in NYC shows up at your door. Other YouTube channels want to cross examine me, so this should be an interesting bit of discovery. What was in those Somali emails to Strzok?

Imran Awan had interesting Somali pen pals. One was a beautiful, young Somali professor from Salisbury that had lectured on Arabic Studies on three continents and three different American university before she was 27. Her name was Tegwa Fadl Allah. Imran Awan was communicating with this woman in Salisbury Maryland which is five hours from Washington, DC. Imran Awan was also paying for an apartment there in Salisbury, so my ex-coSpam partner said “Let’s go”. When we got to Salisbury University late at night, I am not saying every person we met seemed like they were “a smart one” sent from a Strzok Somali refugee camp, but it seemed like it. Salisbury University has one of the highest foreign student populations, and my female, ex-coSpam partner commented on the number of East African beauties there. My ex-cop talked her way into Imran apartment, and sure enough, three Somali beauties and one “protector”. The protector said students come and go, and no records.

So I went to the “Al Shabab Towers” in the Riverside District of. Inneapolis, and I asked my standard question. “Where to the locals eat.” When I got the answer as a question, “White or Somali?”, I knew I was in the right place. i joked with my answer “Somali, you know, Al Shabab”. The young Somali man looked at me momentarily like he was reliving his village being overrun, all the men killed, all the women raped, and all the kids going to a refugee camp for life (except the smart, pretty one who went to Fashion Week). His eyes returned to mine after this minor flashback. He pointed to a coffee bar across the street and said “Shabab”. I walked into the “Shabab” place expecting to find an FBI bomb making school or good strong coffee, but I just saw a lot of picnic table, a huge tv screen, and a menu where I could read a word. I said “Shish-kabob” like it was a password to meet Chauvin and Floyd down at the El Rancho Nuevo with the latest shipment of Barrett sniper rifles.

The word “Shish-kabob” apparently doesn’t mean I have been sent by Peter Strzok to see one of Keith Ellison’s Somali war lords to stash some weapons in case pale faces start going to Trump rallies. I was served something like a steam meat stew that was very good. But I had made good eye contact with the chef. I felt he knew wanted to speak with an Al-Shabab warlord stat. What proceeded to parade into the restaurant was an endless stream of young Somali men. i said great. I am not too late for the FBI bomb making class. (i had spoken out vociferously on behalf of a young Somali man in Portland entrapped into FBI bomb making to scare Portland into accepting JTTF (read CIA) infiltration into the police dept. The young Somalis seemed to know I was not an FBI bomb making instructor, and I started a few small talk conversation about soccer and ate my delicious stew. All the kids there were war refugees, and I thought how easy it would be for FBI to radicalize this group.

it amazes me now how lucky our channel got focusing on where the 2020 attacks would come from by singling out the two top radicals carrying Imran Awan encrypted blackberries – Keith Ellison and Andre Carson. Ellison was the rabble rouser – Trump rally fascists must die, here is the Barrett sniper training schedule, and oh by the way, here are a few encrypted police radios we saved from the precinct fire so you know where cops are and how to ambush them. ( I have met Ellison, and the only person I have met in Congress that is shorter, in Congress is Jerry Nader). Carson on the other hand was a big, lovable bear in Congress. His mother represented his Indianapolis District in Congress, and he grew up as a law and order cop. But as he moved into DHS and the games overseas that Congress likes to play with weapons caches, he became more drawn into the Muslim a brotherhood spell of Ellison on Capitol Hill (of course, Rahm
was there to help for political strategy for his district. )

Andre Carson learned early playing “video games” with Imran Awan ever day, if you took weapons shipments from Pakistan Ordnance Factory to the Islamic Society of North America near your district, you were going to be a persona con grata on Capitol Hill, especially with DNC titans like RahmEmanuel and Keith Ellison. If you learned to look the other way when the weapons left on trucks for Texas and Florida to “swing” and election in Central America or Africa, you would be known at the DNC as a guy who knows how to “play ball” or just “ball”. Indeed, Andre Carson would make many a trip with the UAE Ambassador and Imran to the Dumbo Drop night club in anew York where the latest crop of Somali sex worker refugees where so happy to be in America and at Fashion Week. Perhaps they already knew how much more humane American sex worker beatings were from Imran. Andre just had to go to the most sensitive House Committee meetings, and then let his laptop to get backed up to Pakistan.

As I write this, Peter Strzok and Keith Ellison are having a hard time picking new “old white guy” statues to pull down. Pretty soon, the Somali er, ANTIFA kids are going to find out Grant fought for the Union. I am looking across the Potomac right now where Washington parleyed his size able stock of slaves to the mega millions jackpot with Martha Washington to become the largest slaveholder in Virginia. If you pull down Jefferson, Washington is next. And where does that end. I mean what if they figure out Bush was CIA? You can easily envision Strzok texting Ellison on the encrypted Awan blackberry, “tell Carson to lay off Pennsylvania Ave. oh hell, pull down Albert Pike.” The Anitifa handbook lays it all out. Give the Al-Shabab soccer kids a more serious destruction mission every week. We need cover for the Maiden Square snipers from Ukraine later down the track. Text “we need more Barrett’s, Andre”. “We got our Ukrainian cop sniper coming right, Krylova and Bogacheva?”

I had a chance to interview a sniper for CSIS at length in Toronto’s Young Donbas square. (i don’t have the exact timeline because YouTube has deleted all 4,000 of my videos. But it was after I met the Al Shabab I think whenI started my Detroit to Montreal journey, looking at Awan safe houses across Canada. This older Canadian Army vet was still shooting in his mid-fifties. He told me the CIA hired his team to shoot drug dealers in Central America and Mexico. He explained it was “Five Eyes” meaning completely untraceable. He told me he never shot anyone in America. But I kept thinking how easy it would be for the DNC to recruit Nicholas Cruzes to do that. Just run hateful Trump Confederate flag ads for a couple of weeks, and tell your DNC snipers that you were targeting fascists Trump Cop who choke innocent gun runners from Port Arthur for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. I wonder if they will chose cops who are messing with their Pakistan drug trade? Let’s get Rahm Emanuel’s take

So how am I so sure Krylova and Bogacheva recruited snipers in the US for DNC in 2014. We’ll, let’s start with who they are. They lived in the same small town in Michigan where super sniper recruiter Paul Whelan worked for the police department. Paul Whelan has been jailed for 20 years in Russia for recruiting GRU snipers for mercenary field trips with Borg Warner’s private jet, courtesy of CIA apparatchik Roger Krone, CEO of Leidos. Whelan had three different arms channels in the US for purchasing Russian made sniper weapons. Kingsmeade Arsenal was one near the small town of Novi, Michigan where Krylova and Bogacheva have decades of family ties. Not many small town, part time cops have three arsenals for Supplying imported Russian snipers. We know when we also deeply entrenched with the Clinton Library as a sniper recruiting front, and Whelan’s brother David worked on two “library” projects in Arkansas and Ohio for the Clintons and DNC. Whelan did visas for Russians too.

Now I cover Krylova, Bogacheva, and the DNC Sniper Recruiting Tour of 2014. First of all, Krylova wrote a book about great women snipers of the Russian Red Army. She had a position at the University of North Carolina, only thirteen miles away from the Special Force shooting ranges and training at a Fort Bragg in Fayetteville, Rumors abound ANTIFA will change the name to a Fort a Krylova for all the snipers she has recruited and trained there. Her teaching curriculum is a lethal mix of justified feminist murder and and festooning the best Russian women crackshots who have bagged the most chauvinist. One has to wonder if Krylova didn’t come up with Derek Chauvin’s name as the ultimate rascist cop target for her feminist sniper bevy to bag on a hot Sunday. Krylova toured fourteen States in 2014 on a sort of Sniperzpalooza meets Thelma and Louise recruitment run while going to GOP events to photograph future targets of compromise or otherwise. You won’t believe their tour.

For good measure in Atlanta, Krylova and Bogacheva spread a rumor of a new aerosolized BioWeapon version of HIV (sound familiar?) that attacks only black people. This rumor has been resurrected on Black Twitter for the 2020 Presidential Campaign. No wonder Joe Biden is in the basement, mask always on. He knows the DNC ANTIFA plans for 2020. Even more unbelievably, Krylova and Bogacheva report back to Ft Bragg in North Carolina and file expense reports for the recruiting work, low light cameras, and thumb drives, and then they are allowed to leave the country. If you don’t think Hillary should win 100 Million to zero, that’s a difficult trick after causing such mayhem. But the stickem that binds Whelan, Bogacheva, and Krylova are the infrared rifle sights, and night vision goggles, both provided courtesy of two other Strzok FBI informants – one in Miami and the other in Vladivostok. The weapons are even laundered with Vostock Waves virtual currency in Cyprus and Malta.

Whelan also had an arms Arsenal in Las Vegas called New Legion, and yet another within steps of Kalashnikov, USA near Fort Lauderdale in Florida. Simply put, it seemed liked all the Eastern European weapons companies sold off in the fall of the Soviet Union were back in business brokering back weapons into the US for storage, either in preparations to outfit future overseas actions, or increasingly being stockpiled to put down a domestic revolt. The DNC with its Ukrainian crime partners running drugs and weapons, created stockpiles in the US that would make Stalin blush. Imran Awan, Abid Awan, and his Ukrainian spy wife Nataliia Sova all seemed to work the weapons logistics desk overtime. If DNC was going to stage an armed revolt in 2020, it wouldn’t be for lack of Pakistan Ordnance factory ammunition. Sophisticated satellite technology was used to track weapons logistics, ironically paid for by the same Operation Blackjack for Pakistan intended to track Osama Bin Almaden.

Where would the first real weapons attacks of 2020 come from after all the window busting and statue tumbling was over? Our channel speculated that it would come from the 33 Jamat al-Fuqra camps distributed throughout the US. The Pakistani Intel camps would behind a Muslim cover, the biggest being the Islamic Society of North America in Andre Carson’s back yard in Indianapolis. A Pakistani terrorist named Gilani ran this network, which just happened to be the same name as the second “wife” of Imran’s father. Indeed, Imran was caught funneling funds from the Congressional Credit Union to Jamat front companies. These Jamat training camps taught hand to hand combat with garrotte steel wires to decapitate guards. These troops weren’t street dealers who were taught how to make Molotov cocktails at an ANTIFA pot smoke. This group would kick in the Continuity of Government machinery to declare the Presidency temporarily unimportant. But where would the UN replacements come from?

Bring in the UN/NATO Replacements. After the street terror campaign in the summer of 2020, after major terrorist organization are deployed, Continuity of Government provisions will be triggered. The beauty of infiltration is the NATO replacement police forces are already in position with the National Clandestine Service. The UN/NATO cops just need to put on a local police uniform. The Strong Cities Network of 111 Mujahadeen infested cities around the world (remember Pak ziSI 111 MUSA?) will ready to fill in the gaps. UN “peacekeepers” will mainly come from Bosnia, Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, Ukraine, but also some Crome Nepal, Pakistan, and Columbia. Rally points will be San Diego, Atlanta, Aurora, Colorado, Pittsburgh, with additional manpower for administration being supplied by the Gulen Network as a shadow government. Again, our channel went to the gates of the weapons stockpiles in Saylorsburg at Gulen HQ. This is the “soft kill” organization with drug ratline duties.

If police departments are going to credibly replaced before the October 19th “event”, the National Clandestine Service along with crisis operators like Dyncorp and Blackwater contractors already have to be lined up for the target cities. If the Strong Cities Network will be providing additional UN/NATO Police replacements, they should already be in place now in plainclothes as well. It would be fairly simple for Strzok’s FBI Counter Intel cabal (remember Pientka is still at FBI with Wray. ) When you have all the Intel agencies below ODNI in the coup, it is fairly easy to leave Radcliffe’s ODNI out of the loop. My personal interactions with Radcliffe tell me he is a very nice guy, but no General Patton. He doesn’t have the decades of intense loyalty that Clapper brought to the office from CIA and NGA. The Generals making coup statements like Mattis and Mullen adding to Kelly and McCrystal tell me the die has been cast for coup. Dunford and McRaven should be dropping soon.

So with Admiral Mullen already making Coup noises (remember his thousand of blackberry messages to Pakistan talking to the Haqqani Network?), you have to look at McRaven, Petraeus and Flynn. I believe if you don’t get these three to make coup statements, you are going to have a hard time. Drones change the landscape greatly in an overthrow, especially with NAVWAR, but after going to NAVWAR several times in Charleston, I just don’t think an overthrow will go well there. When drone are coupled with a more pathogenic strain of CoronaVirus, I believe a small CIA cabal could complete the coup. But it would not be a “velvet revolution”. You would have the FEMA camps scenario with lots of dead bodies, and I believe the CIA/NATO Cabal wants to avoid that. I believe the NATO encryption software for the blackberries for Libya and Syria was written at SOCOM and rinsed through Alperovich at Atlantic Council, so I believe SOCOM is a canary for whatever comes next. INSCOM is not enough.

Chapter 3 – How History Can Stop The Coup. People ask me if there is one name they can learn to stop the Coup against Trump, I say Imran Awan. They ask me what makes him so important, and I say he lights up the network that is taking down Trump, and not just for the current Coup, but all the Coups during the Trump Presidency. And some folks follow up with, “How can that be, he is in Pakistan?” I answer that most important thing for Americans can learn about is Pakistani Intelligence Services called ISI. And even more importantly, Americans need to learn about the arm of Pak ISI called Pak ISI 111 that does political operations in the United States for CIA and MI6 in Europe. The beautiful thing about Imran Awan is he was Pak ISI 111’s key man in DC for over 12 years, reporting directly to Pelosi, Schaffer’s, and to the head of the DNC. That’s why I went on a mission over three years ago to find Imran’s blackberries. They were Hillary’s, Huma’s, and Anthony’s blackberries

But Imran Awan didn’t just configure Hillary, Huma, and Anthony Weiner’s blackberries. He configured their ILLEGAL, off book, covert State Department blackberries. And the pried hard drives I found at his house as reported by Taggart probably were the hard drives in the server to store those blackberry messages. And we know the secrets of Libya, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, and the Iran Nuke Deal are on those drives, and probably the Uranium One tests that enabled the Iran Nuke Deal. That’s why Imran is important. He unlocks history. But more importantly, he unlocks the Coup right now. Because whether you believe this right now or not, Joe Biden is not orchestrating this Revolution – Hillary is. And that makes her off book intelligence operatives very important. That means admitting Alperovich of Crowdstrike (and McAfee before where I worked with him) is still configuring the encrypted devices in 2020 just like he did the encrypted blackberries in 2016. All past is prolog at DNC.

Remember Huma had a ready stash of 50 blackberries and 50 gmail addresses. She handed them out on a mission by mission basis, but she did not have diplomatic immunity with regard to communications with Hillary and the other players of Libya, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, and Iran. A far superior distribution system for these operation and other gun running games would be for Imran Awan, shielded by diplomatic immunity, to hand out the encrypted communication at the Camelot Club in DC at the VIP Booth over Crystal champagne. Was Imran’s brother’s wife, Ukrainian Intel operative Nataliia Sova, bringing those high cheekbone Ukrainian girls into the Camelot Club to seal the handoff of the encrypted blackberry by copying the recipient diplomat’s laptop with a self extracting thumb drive after the strip club trysts? We can certainly find out if Trump is deft in his declassifications. We match diplomatic meetings with strip club loose lips to compose a mosaic of who really was involved.

Contributors on my now deleted YouTube channel ask what is the most important thing I learn along the way that helped me crack the network of the Trump Coups. After Imran Awan, and Pak ISI 111, I answer Operation Underworld which most people have never heard of. Operation Underworld was a deal with mobsters Meyer Lansky and Lucky Luciano and the Unites States Navy to “watch our ports” in order to protect against sabotage while looking the other way to drug and gun running from every Atlantic Port from Boston to Miami and Gulf ports of Tampa, New Orleans, and Galveston/Port Arthur. Sound a lot like Imran Awan’s Operation Cassandra? That’s because it is just a name change from the original Operation Underworld. The most important fact to know is Operation Underworld is still in force today, just under different names that change with different Presidential Administrations. And the people who inherited the Lansky port network are the people Imran Awan is configuring BBs for.

Full disclosure – I am a strong supporter of Israel and the two greatest days of disappointment in my life were the days my kids said they did not want to serve in the IDF. But I am American, and only America, I can think Israel needs the defense more because they are completely surrounded by people chanting “Death a to Israel”. So I Iook back at mobster Meyer Lansky’s strong support of Israel and the development of the Mossad intelligence network as a mixed blessing. We needed Lansky’s money in the formative days of Israel, but those organized crime methods are no longer needed for the security of Israel. Yet, the inheritors of the Lansky network, Ehud Barack, Avi Braverman, Marc Rich, and Robert Maxwell, squeezes even more money from the network to include intellectual property theft in addition to increasing lethal drugs, long after Israel got the bomb from Angleton and the CIA. The 3rd generation of US plants in Congress extract even more, and now they are doing the Coup

Current House Speaker Pelosi was closely tied to Operation Underworld through the Port of Baltimore with her father, mob Mayor, Big Tom D’Alesandros. D’Alesandros not only keep tabs on mob buddies importing drugs into the Port, but he also was active any time the CIA needed deniability for operations like Bay of Pigs, shipping weapons out of Ft. Holabird in the Port’s Rucker Terminal. (YouTube has deleted the videos I made there). Rumors have long swirled that JFK had an underage dalliance with Nancy, committing JFK to silence on his brother investigation of the Bay of a Pigs Affair. If true, you can see Nancy Pelosi’s affinity for bringing in young Ukrainian models with high cheekbones as Congressional aides. The videos I made of the DNC entrapment love nests also have been deleted by YouTube. In the famous Wikileaks email were Nancy Pelosi commands “Imran, get in here, no staff” is classic cover your own behind email. She acts so surprised at Imran’s Operation Cassandra.

If there is one meeting where I could have been In, it would be Imran Awan’s “no staff” meeting with Nancy Pelosi. Maybe it went like this. “Imran, it has come to my attention that you have taken over my father’s forty year business of shipping weapons for the CIA while looking the other way while mod buddies pay for the guns by importing drugs. We didn’t bring you here from the opium fields of Pakistan after your Pak ISI 111 training in Florida’s drug trade to do nefarious things on Capitol Hill”. It has also come to my attention you are paling around with rep Andre Carson at strip clubs, running up $3K tabs with foreign diplomats we want to ship weapons to so we can get a slug in oil and gas plays in their country. We even have reports you are giving them encrypted “Atlantic Council” blackberries to hide these illegal State department backed coups from the American people”. “We want you to take your nefarious blackberries home and take these pried DNC hard drives too”

Another email from Wikileaks occurs after the Pelosi meeting trying to find Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s iPad. The staff around DWS (who is traveling to Beverly Hills for a fundraiser even though she represents Hallandale Beach, Florida) say they don’t have the password. Only Imran has the password. Another cover your butt email flurry ensues. I traced the accounts of the Democratic candidates that DWS swept money from with an email phishing scheme which changed one letter from to Bernie candidates’ money was swept to the DCCC master account, and then swept to Hillary For America. Who was the VIce Chairwoman of HFA?. Awan blackberry carrier Huma Abedin. DWS was basically writing an email saying “who broke into my iPad and swept all the Bernie money to Hillary for America”. These emails are so pregnant with self-denial they almost could act as signed confessions in Court. One is reminded of Susan Rice “by the book” emails to herself.

Viewers of my now censored YouTube channel often asked why I always looked to SEIU, the largest union in the world, as playing the role of henchmen on money launderer of the DNC. Here again, history is your friend. The core union that took over the SEIU was the Teamsters trucking union. Teamsters controlled bootleg routes with organized crime that became the drug routes of today. If anyone is pulling down the statue of a General they don’t know in DC today, it is because a “union leader” told them to do it. Trump made reference to this dominance of the DNC by SEIU brass in his recent speech in Tulsa. Robert Deniro even graces us with a dramatization of a Teamster rolling up in a truck to Nancy Pelosi’s dad’s Port of Baltimore warehouse to take a load of weapons for The Bay of Pigs Invasion in the recent Netflix hit, The Irishman, a movie all about a Teamster gun running. SEIU is right next to the Weiner’s Carnegie Institute For Peace in DC where these ideas are hatched.

Now comes the Imran Awan entourage, most making a similar 160K a year salary to Imran’s a year from Congress, living mostly in Pakistan nine months a year. Nancy Pelosi’s own hand picked a inspector general in the House, said Imran was using the Democratic Caucus server for “nefarious purposes”. Wouldn’t this then be Imran’s nefarious gang if he brought them all to DC from the opium fields of the Kashmir? I saw Imran Awan in Court several times, but I saw his “wife” that never lived in the same house he did only once in Court. I did interview a witness that saw Imran and Hina trying to get yet another home loan from the Congressional Credit Union, but that is the only time I interviewed someone who saw anyone in Imran’s circle of Congressional check cashiers. DWS and Weiner had stacked the review Board of the Congressional Credit Union with acolytes, and DWS personally guaranteed Imran’s endless “loans”. ATM withdrawals would be a better description. Now comes Rao Abbas.

Rao Abbas afforded my investigation the comic relief that a late night Jackie Gleason episode could provide. Rao Abbas, boyhood friend of Imran Awan in a small town named Nankana in the Punjab, was the son of a proud Pakistani military family. I went to all of the many houses in his name in the DC area, none of which he lived at according to neighbor’s recollection. Most of the locations had the ubiquitous DC Red Cab parked in the driveway, and he was connected to a business next to DC cab in DC’s gentrifying Navy Yard area. It just seemed liked Rao was bringing in runners with cover jobs as cab drivers, but more remains to be seen. Rao has supposedly been fired from McDonald’s IT Department for installing hidden cameras in women’s bathrooms, so it is understandable how he would roll from that job to a cushy IT configuring encrypted blackberries on Capitol Hill. He also owned a HVAC van that rolled up to Imran’s Ft Belvoir Jaquaya Love Nest often to change air filters.

The Springfield Virginia home of the Awan Gang I visited many times, had two giant satellite dishes in the back yard, leading my YouTube viewers to speculate Rao was uploading bathroom footage of the “daughters of the Americans that drone our weddings”. The Springfield home was less than ten feet from the High School track, leading some to include jogging CIA agents daughters in the Rao Abbas upload package to Faisalabad. One thing was for sure. Rao was creepy. Laurel Everly Freitag, the ex wife of the DHS low light camera Agent Freitag, met creepy Rao to give him the check for the a Sprayer House near Fort Belvoir. Clearly, Rao did more that change air filters there. A mysteriously second WiFi and a shed where the warning light was never turned off was reported by Everly Freitag. Hearsay would have Imran complaining her daughter was gaining weight and needed to stop eating, offering her drugs instead to maintain weight. Interesting if true to show modus operandi of Imran.

Author’s note : This book is intended to provide the best intelligence possible to the White House about the next possible Coups by the key conspirators by studying their spy ring on Capitol Hill. If I make a trip to the White House yesterday to the new Autonomous Zone as I did, I am going to include my connections to previous information to synthesize new intelligence. For instance, Nancy Pelosi and Schiff seemed to make extensive use of diplomatic immunity to seal communications records. I believe Imran Awan and friends had a UAE diplomatic passport for instance, thus burying his communications behind the National Security Act. If I see a UAE warlord named Chaz handing out AR-15s in the CHAZ, and I know this warlord Raz is backed by UAE, I immediately think diplomatic immunity is a play here to bury the communications. If Raz distributes one hundred fogging machines from a cutout CIA front in Salt Lake City, I am again going to assume it is a distribution of weapons.

Likewise, if I see the media suppressing key information like Devin Chauvin was a realtor in Windermere Florida (and his wife) in 2018 and 2019, I am going to mention that Imran Awan’s father also lived there despite that fact he had three businesses at the Port of Miami like AB Auto Imports. When you add the fact Henry Oknyansky, the FBI informants who ran guns for two decades into the US got his visa and fake name in Windermere, FLorida from the Greenberg Traurig law firm, I make the connection that Greenberg seems to be getting informant fake names in Windermere to run guns into the US. When you add the fact Chauvin and Floyd George seems to be making long hauls to a Somali war lord who owns El Ranch Nuevo, I start thinking George Floyd ran gun too. When you add El Rancho playing host to a La Raza subversive radio station and the Somali warlord in Minneapolis getting funding from Voice of America (CIA Front), I think gun running even more. Everything is about warning here

Remember, there is no value in me going to the Windermere Country Club and filming the lawyer’s house that got the Russian gun running, two decade FBI Informant his identity to lure Hillary’s emails to Roger Stone, if I can’t connect the dots later when I see Chauvin living a few blocks away from Henry Greenberg in Windermere and not in Minneapolis where Keith Ellison says he was a cop and not a gun runner to a Somali warlord. If I don’t tell you the Amtrak leaves from Imran Awan’d dad’s house to take the AutoTrain to Imran Awan’s house in Lorton Virginia where Taggart reported the DNC blackberries, the reader is deprived crucial information to make an informed hypothesis. If you add Imran Awan’s father AB Auto Imports in Miami, the picture fills in. Either Imran’s dad like to import $2,000 Toyotas from the 80s without GPS from Vladivostok, or Paul Whelan’s Russian agent there likes filling up the hidden compartments in the doors of the Toyota’s with infrared sniper sights.

If I can’t present previous elections where Igor Kolomoiskey, a Ukrainian warlord working with the DNC, sent his Azov Brigade to shoot police AND protestors to foment unrest, the White House might not check into Chauvin and Floyd’s Somali warlord in Minneapolis might do the same thing. When you add to the fact Peter Strzok and his father brought the Somali warlord to the US, the Somali warlord is one hop from the “insurance policy” text maker. We can then research if Lisa Page got this warlord a visa like all the other Somali Al-Shabab she brought into Columbus and Minneapolis. There no point in going to Columbus twice and interview DNC lawyer Cliff Arnebeck and Seth Rich DNC lawyer Bob Fitrakis who wrote about Les Wexner and Jeff Epstein running guns out of Columbus. If I don’t go to Strongsville, Ohio to visit the European Adoption Agency Lisa Page worked at, I never would have know it was next to a black stoning company that coats sniper sights so they won’t shine.

Now comes the good looking kid with perfect English from Pakistan and yet another $160k a year job from DNC sponsors in Congress. My research partner, a female ex-cop named Jenny Moore, was able to get into all the Awan homes by informing them she was working on something important as an investigator. We found all the Awan homes were rented to military couples without children, and Jamal Awan’s home was no different. How a 23 year old buys a $775,000 house in Lorton, Virginia without a DWS home loan from the US Congressional Credit Union is beyond me. But while Jenny Moore, the female ex-cop investigator was standing in the living room of Jamal Awan’s house, the renter’s made a surprising offer to Jenny. “Do you want to call him. We have his number in Pakistan”. And right there in Jamal’s living room of his $775,000 house down the street from Imran’s $775,000 house, Jenny Moore had a conversation with Jamal. And he had almost no accent. He sounds like an Urdu translator.

Sometime after Task Force (Jenny Moore) died unexpectedly on August 13, 2018 at the same DC less than perfect neighborhood “hotel” we were staying at (I was third floor, she was on the second), I met one of the translators for General Mattis from Afghanistan as my Lyft driver. He was from Lahore, Pakistan, and he explained the Generals could bring back 50 translators a year into the US. I immediately thought that was how the young but devastatingly handsome Jamal got into the country for his first $160K a year job on Capitol Hill with no background check. The next day, my Lyft driver was a translator for General Dunford, then the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Quite a coincidence. I had asked both Pakistani translators what they wanted to do after their initial Lyft driver jobs. Both said “defense contracting”. I took a Lyft rides every day in the DC area for 18 months, and I would estimate about half had or were currently working or contracting for the US government

You have to remember the spy ring we are talking about here was a part of the most important election interference in American history. They most assuredly configured the encrypted blackberries that launched Libya, Syria, and Sudan topples and attempted topples, and the same blackberries used for the Iran Nuclear Deal. If a General or a defense contractor is bringing these teams in to win elections to control how the $800 billion dollar defense budget is spent, that’s a big deal. Reports of Imran set entrapment for vendors abounded on Capitol Hill. Apparently Imran favored Lockheed, his most frequent line to vendors being “If you can’t do something for me, then we will just go with Lockheed”. The Jamal $775,000 Awan house for 23 year old making $160,000 a year on Capitol Hill was owned by a contractor know as CACI, a defense weapons and surveillance contractor. Of course, Imran may have sired a daughter with DWS since he went to horse lessons ever week with her daughter.

Whether Imran lost interest in DWS after the early days in Florida , posing his six pack abs sitting on his convertible BMW, running the rat lines to the Port of Miami, is not known. Whether Jamal was a dalliance by a jilted DWS is equally submerged in the mystique of lured Hillary emails, pried hard drives, and government blackberries. But Jamal’s only real purpose on a Capitol Hill seemed to be eye candy for DWS and driving responsibilities when the AutoTran came chugging into Lorton with another load of 1986 Toyotas from Vladivostok. After 18 months of going to Capitol Hill every day, very few people had seen Jamal aside from the row house love next that DWS kept, a discreet quick walk from Longworth Office Building. Discreet as at was, I managed to intercept here their one day with another filmmaker. Only one person said he changed toner cartridges for Lockheed IT Services at several government locations like DHS and the Office of a Personnel Management (OPM). Ok. Maybe.

My opinion to this day is Pak ISI 111 is an outstanding Intel unit which recruits only the best prospects to train at the National military school. If all they had to do was send to debonair prodigies to the US to ensure billions in annual support from the US, they would do it in a heartbeat. Paramours get $160K a year Capitol Hill jobs, not toner cartridge changers (unless you are hacking OPM to infiltrate more Pak ISI 111 into the US). Again, Trump just needs to ask a few questions around who procured the visas for these two bon vivants. It was difficult not to come away from being so close to the situation to not surmise Jamal was shipped in to free up Imran from DwS while allowing her to save face with a younger, more handsome version of Imran. Still, DWS and Pelosi would do everything they could to cover Imran’s gangs tracks with the DNC and DCCC servers and blackberries. Pelosi’s Ukrainian girls with high cheekbones would be the diversion, casting them as a Russians

Which brings us back to a Pelosi’s Nataliia Sova, the Ukrainian Intel operative tromping the highlands of the Kashmir with her Ukrainian Special Forces boyfriend. Was this a Pelosi’s link to Kolomoiskey’s snipers on Capitol Hill, ready for the next shoot ‘me up to get both sides fighting? (Not unlike the recent RAZ/CHOP shooting to incite ANTIFA and police simultaneously). Nataliia Sova was never pictured on Capitol Hill despite being married to Imran Awan’s brother Abid, yet another $160K a year Capitol Hill sinecure holder. Abid is also never pictured. Trump would do well to have third parties peak the pictures of these public employees that should be in a government Facebook to avoid ghost employees cashing checks at the US Congressional Credit Union. Did Abid ever exist, or was he created when Imran got a drunk driving charge before his first day on Capitol Hill? Or perhaps Abid and Imran Awan’s CIA car dealership was just a front for guns for drugs Operation Cassandra?

Pelosi’s tactics with here Ukrainian girls start the day the Soviet Union falls. Bring the Ukrainian girls in, have lavish parties for both parties, and compromise everyone. And she has never deviated from her thirty year records as portraying all Ukrainians as Russians, feeding her House hush hush slush fund. If Trump pulls the visas of the latest Chalupa high cheekbones recruits, here will avoid some of the embarrassments of the 2016 campaign.

My takeaway from four years of studying the pawns of Pelosi, Schiff, and Schumer is without NATO appropriations from the US Congress , the fun game of covert actions for resource plays and joint ventures in military tech goes away. Pffft. Done. Nada. No more $200 Million Dollar personal fortunes. No more dinners with kings, queens, and princes. No more luxury islands. From the very first day of my YouTube channel, 27 million views and 100,000 research URL links later, we said Carl Bildt, Madeline Albright, and Hillary Clinton figured about every possible way to destabilize countries to create bigger budgets for NATO and joint venture opportunities for insiders. Trump must realize the COVID attacks are coming from NATO, not China. China would not BioWeapon their own NATO Military Games. NATO would use Bioweapons to stay in power however. All they controlled the security at the NATO Military Games in Wuhan, China. NATO could test COVID-19 there easily in October 2019

People ask me to sum up what was going on with the fourteen years of the Awans on Capitol Hill with on sentence. If I had only one sentence, it would be – Pelosi, Schiff, and Schumer send Hundreds of Billions of dollars to NATO every year unless there is a war like Afghanistan or Iraq (then it’s trillions) with the understanding they want a big chunk of that back. That’s why NATO would have the motive to BioWeapon Trump far more that China. When you see NATO operatives and couriers all around something when the COVID-19 like the Wuhan NATO Military Games, you have to think about which organizations have the means, motive, and opportunity to do the Bioweapons test of the relatively safe strain of COVID-19 in October 2019. Those are the same orgs with the means, motive, and opportunity to do a more lethal version of COVID-20 in October 2020. Beware the angry teenager screaming for more and more money and less and less responsibility. NATO has the motive, not China, to BioWeapon

Being close to Washington, DC, I frequently have gone to DC trials of Mike Flynn, his business partner Bijan Kian, a DNC Defense contractor shipping to Iran named Farouki, and Roger Stone who I have met on numerous occasions. I went to numerous locations in Florida where a two decade FBI informant brought weapons into the United States and sold them to go between JTTF police officers and DEA Agents in the United States. These negotiations took place at the Windermere Country Club where Officer Devon Chauvin and his wife were realtors in 2018 and 2019. Stone met this Henry Oknyansky FBI informant in Sunny Isles, Florida, and was offer Hillary Clinton’s emails about these transaction he conducted with Ukrainian arms brokers. Non of this exculpatory information for Stone was ever presented Court, showing the true nature of Hillary’s emails regarding covert weapons purchasing and storage all over the US in places like Keith Ellison’s Minneapolis and Andre Carson’s Indianapolis.

I have long warned that Hillary began a cached weapons (stored or provided sanctuary) for extremist groups in major cities like Antifa, La Raza, and Muslim Brotherhood through a DHS program called Operation Cassandra and Operation Blackjack. Journalist Sibel Edmonds has called this Operation Gladio C. I have stayed numerous times General David Petraeus provided his JTF Plan for the US, and Bill Clinton signed it into law with Presidential Decision Directive 62 in May of 1998. The weapons from these Awan blackberry carrier districts will be used to put down protests of Conservatives In my opinion if Trump is leading in the polls past September 10th. September 11th is the day the DNC has rehearsed with DNC operatives like Krylova and Bogacheva who have procured and distributed these Russian style AK-47s weapons in Houma, Louisiana and distributed them to 14 states as one example.

Sibel Edmonds has stayed the overthrow of a duly elected government would come as after a Fatwah (call for revolution) from outwardly moderate Muslim leader Feta Gulen based in Saylorburg, PA. After going to Saylorsburg and several of the Awan blackberry carrier Congressional districts, I added 45 weapons caching areas to the US map in Imran Awan’s Operation New Dawn and his New Dawn Corporation formed in 2011 after the death of Osama Bin Ladin. This faction of the CIA leading this extension of the weapons caching program is lead by the Peter Strzok St and his son, FBI in name only Peter Strzok Jr. Extensive use of diplomatic immunity is used to maintain a logistics network for CIA Special Activities by a CIA contractor in Reston, VA named Brillient Corp in the PACTS II program for DHS. Contracts for covert weapons shipments from Pakistan Ordnance factory are provided though the Navu’s NAVSEA Seaport-E contract vehicle. Carter Page was involved in this program in San Diego.

Other CIA cutout businesses Imran’s spy team maintained in the Washington, DC area were LightBridge Communications and Celplan, LightBridge providing cell towers and Celplan providing pop up cell phone stores in malls and the like like. Both tied back to Pakistani billionaires in the drug business – LightBridge was Deawoo Ibrahim, second only to El Chapo in drug running wealth from the Pakistani Heroin Route, and our smooth Javed again, a million dollar contributor to Hillary’s Clinton Global Initiative. LightBridge propped out mini cell towers to backhaul DC area conversations to fiber bundles heading to Rawalpindi, the birthplace of Pakistani Intelligence in Pakistan. Celplan sold doped phones that connected to these LightBridge towers first if possible. Two of the Celplan pop up shops made their way into the basement retail stores of the US Capitol, but most of the pop-up stores were near Navy Credit Union or PennFed Credit Union locations – a target rich environment.

Different major cell phone companies provide an exchange to store and forward messages from other customers networks called an SS7 backbone (now SS8). This inter-carrier backbone also provided the Awan Team a rich opportunity for message hacking. If an Admiral from NAVSEA at the Navy Yard in DC, working on SEAPORT-E contracts for the hundreds of US Navy ports around the world texts his wife, “Going to be late. Proposal again”, that information can be important to Imran’s logistics software firm Brillient, working on his PACTS-II Logistics program for DHS. Perhaps the Admiral is heading over the tge Rock Bottom Brewery where DNC and Navy Intel operative Jason Biggs maintained a DNC office, far from the DNC’s Capitol Hill HQ. Was there a possibility to introduce Nataliia Sova or one of her high cheekbones Pelosi Ukrainian friends to the Admiral? I interviewed several Navy procurement folks at the “Yards”, and this is the obvious target spot – beer, pizza, and pretty girls.

– Imran’s Oak ISI had also hacked many members of the Indian Parliament and Military exactly the same way. Is barroom talk led to pillow talk at the DNC love nest just above at the Navy Yard, all Pelosi’s high cheekbones fatale would need to do is get the Admiral to the room. The SIMM chip on his non-business phone could be intercepted electronically, and then text messages and phone calls could be copied using a beer cooler sized device called a “SIMM box”. Thousands of Indian politicians and military officers had their phones compromised in exactly the same way in New Delhi. The same tried and true methods worked for Pelosi , whether the contracts were DC, New York, Brussels, or Hong Kong with her Ukrainian girls. The Pak ISI provided all the technical know how along with NATO-Atlantic Council’s Dmitri Alperovich from FBI cutout CrowdStrike, the original dangler of the DNC email lure. Despite writing a book on the subject, Luke Rosiak asks no questions about Nataliia Sova.

RNC operatives (read NRA/CIA) were no strangers to plying their Charlie Angel’s to the Capitol Hill spy games. Gun runner and influence buyer Jack Abramoff made a career off it. His sidekick in DC compromise exploits was Paul Erickson, a flunking of the University of South Dakota who managed to go on to greatness at Yale. (I interviewed people who had been swindled by him in South Dakota fracking deal profits being laundered into movie deals in Hollywood. Erickson has shuttled Abramoff weaponry cached on Indian reservations to four different continents before he was 25 including Ollie North’s Nicaragua, William Phares’ Lebanon, all over Africa, even stopping to make a Dolphin Lungren Rambo movie called Red Scorpion with Casino Jack Abramoff, and of course, The Dewey Clarridge Pakistan Opium Route. Enter now one gun toting fiery Russian redhead named Butina, and you have the makings of living spy cartoon that really did happen in 2016. Yes, costume parties and Kalashnikovs.

If Nancy Pelosi had a compromise operation equivalent had a NRA/CIA/RNC equivalent, it would definitely be the trio of Jack Abramoff, Paul Erickson, and JD Gordon. These unlikely forces teamed up to push Donald Trump into the Presidential nominee role only to be mercilessly pummeled by Hillary Clinton. To this day, Podesta and Pelosi think they were backstabbed, leading them to a spate of reprisal prosecutions of the GOPs inside plants in the Trump camp. The plan on the Abramoff side was easy enough. Have JD Gordon, a Bushies ex-DoD spokesman (read trained liar), host as many “dinners” with beautiful Russian girls as possible with all the girls wired for sound, with Eastern European male handsome waiters encouraging the rumple middle aged politicians they had a shot. These bacchanalian debaucheries (sponsored by John D Rockefeller IV and Hank “ microloans to opium farmers” Greenberg) ended up at Ambassador Kisylyak’s residence in Connecticut Ave which I filmed in April 2017.

one problem for Abramoff, Erickson, and Gordon – Trump and his team wasn’t coming to Washington and the traditional “transition” offices located at 1717 Pennsylvania Ave. Trump was keeping the campaign without champagne in New York. JD Gordon and Erickson pressed on with the Rockefeller dinners, complete with compromising hammer and sickle ice sculptures with Butina pouring shots from a Crystal Kalashnikov shaped vodka decanter. A diminutive State Department Ukrainian name Konstantinos Kilimnik made endless shuttle trips between the “Russian Retreat” in Centreville, Maryland and Weapons broker Oleg Deripaska mansion in DC, shuttling the latest US Embassy “picks” from Moscow and parts unknown to the Kislyak soirées. I saw the high slit dresses with my own eyes, and I can honestly report, I wish I had a James Bond tux and fake Diplomatic plates on an Austin Martin to sport into Kislyak’s driveway. One problem – no Trumps to be seen. Trump had those parties thirty years ago

I sat through days of the trials of Mike a Flynn’s business partner, Bijan Kian, and despite all the mumbo jumbo about Feta Gulen, the case was about compiling a video reel of testimonials from Generals, Admirals, and Trump insiders to give their mental health assessment of Donald Trump. The document that resulted from the Flynn Intel GrouSpam process was called assessment.pdf, and the interviews of Trump insiders were surreptitiously conducted by CNN’s Rudi Bakhtiar at a hotel on DuPont Circle in late 2016 and early 2017. FBI Agent Brian McCauley had arranged for all sorts of CIA psychologists to attend Trump meetings to provide analysis on in addition to analyzing the Bakhtiar interview who just happens to be in line to inherit the Crown of Iran if Peter Strzok every has his way. One wonders if the “25th amendment play” will resurface in a time of medical Marshall law in late October of this year, and the Bakhtiar interviews of Trump insiders will see the light of day

The DC Press Corps never goes to any of the really important trials. Th DC press turn out in droves to see Mike Flynn hangs his head in shame and say , “ I plead guilty Your Honor”, but they don’t go to the trial of his business partner where all the Flynn Intel Group principals say they were hiring psychologists to brain shrink Trump. I thought Robert Kelly’s testimony to be the most interesting. “We were five CIA lawyers, so we decided to start a business”. And he described how this business lapped and splashed in the Iraq reconstruction money. “Baghdad needed a five star hotel in the Green Zone, so we built it” despite having absolutely zero construction experience. I think Robert Kelly meant he built the CIA shell companies that took there “brokerage fees” to farm out reconstruction contracts on 50 cents on the dollar. I was watching Andrew Jackson’s famous phrase “To the victor goes the spoils” in action. And there was no DC press there to see the facts of the case.

So the question everyone asks me is “After four years of covering the NATO and CIA spying on Capitol Hill, “What is going to happen with the COVID Second Wave and ANTIFA insurrection?” I can only tell the reader what I learned from personal interviews on people with first hand knowledge of the events. I have had several people who work at Ft. Belvoir reach out to me and say that the medical testing is still going on for new biological and chemical weapons made at Ft. Meade here in Maryland. Ft Belvoir is the nerve center of the Armed Forces Intelligence service responsible for quickly reacting to any situation around the world in terms of attacks from these types of weapons. This rapid response relies on extensive recruitment of human intelligence, developing an informant network all over the world for all the possible nuclear, biological and chemical threats at the Defense Threat Reduction Agency based at the Fort. DTRA is key to predicting (or conducting) “simulations”.

I was informed from people who worked at the Fort that the Awans had indeed built a drug lab in Faisalabad, and they actively shipped using diplomatic immunity large containers to and from Ft Detrick through the Port of Baltimore (Remember, Nancy Pelosi’s Port of Baltimore and her Wikileaks email “Imran, get in here. no staff”). We identified a Farsi speaking trucking company making regular trips to the Port of Baltimore from Frederick, Maryland where Ft Detrick and a chemical and biological weapons program is based. Production of offensive weapons was supposedly discontinued in 1969, but I have been assured the program was offshores and broken into a series of grants to colleges like Purdue, Indiana universities of Michigan and Michigan State, Duke, and many others through a Foundation by the name of Duisberg of Bayer chemical weapons development fame through the University of Delaware. I have been assured the Awans had a logistics license for the Defense Logistics Agency.

Can I say for sure that the Awans were shipping Bioweapons to Ft. Belvoir and Ft Meade and Faisalabad, acting as the critical logistics link between development, testing, and production in volume of the Bioweapons? No I can’t. I have just circumstantial evidence in that regard. I did however Identify a NATO courier for DTRA at Ft. Belvoir and her husband who both work for DTRA making runs back and forth to Nanjing China since 2016 (China is a known animal and human testing partner for DTRA through a cooperative effort with Johns Hopkins in China which does the current worldwide health surveillance of COVID outbreaks. The family of the DTRA couple has a long history in the top echelon of NATO Bioweapons storage and testing, and a family member also wrote the NATO/WHO blueprint for Bioweapons response. You can believe these are al coincidences and the DTRA couple just happened to be in Wuhan during the first outbreak of CoVID19 as well. Was COVID-19 in 2019 a DTRA simulation?

I would have looked into the DTRA couple at Ft Belvoir making all the trips to China for health surveillance if I didn’t notice the female was a 52 year old Dutch woman competing the the US on our Military Olympics team. She crashed in the October 2019 Games, so we will never know if she was competitive, but oddly all the records of the NATO Games have been expunged past the medal winners, and many teams had more that a quarter of their teams out with a mysterious malaria. Half of the US Team did not compete, out sick. When I noticed that the female DTRA athlete was also a personal courier for the Supreme Allied of Commander of NATO at the time of the illegal toppling of Libya, Admiral Stavridis, my attention began to be piqued. I knew chemical and biological weapons were deployed there, and I knew the Awan’s encrypted blackberries were used to firewall that illegal act from the NATO invasion. Suspicions of Ft Belvoir and DTRA’s involvement in Iraq and Syria remain classified

So people just demand that “net it out”. “Are you saying Stavridis sprayed a weakened version of the virus as a simulation at the Wuhan NATO Games to take down the Trump economy? Are you saying it enabled a bunch of CEOs to make a killing short selling in the market.” I don’t know if I can make those statements right now. I just know there is a lot of DNC, NATO, and one particular NATO arms developer family in this story. If Trump want to predict the Second Wave of COVID-20, he would do well to start right with this NATO family. Pakistani Intel has been used by the US as a go between to Russia, China, and Iran for weapons sales. We had an Iranian Farsi speaking scientist under two different Army investigation at Ft Meade working on bat viruses in the summer of 2019, and then we had the most serious breach in the Bioweapons facilities history leading to a shutdown on the facility. Sina Bavari promptly left Ft Detrick to join four startups doing bat virus vaccines BEFORE 2020

People also ask, “so what is your theory?” I say Richard Helms hid the closing of the Bioweapons development at Ft Detrick ever since Nixon ordered it closed in 1969. The Japanese Unit 731 program had already transferred to South Korea for that war, and continued in the Vietnam era. The logic place to sneak the program was Southeast Asia since that’s where the majority of the human spraying was going to take place in the next fifty year. But research and development would still be broken up into a myriad of universities worldwide. The critical language barrier would be broken on the island of Singapore,a place close to the human spraying for surveillance (post mortems and autopsies of who dies and who gets sick), and Singapore had the critical English language component for communicating with research universities around the world. The National University of Singapore would become the focal point of moving the bat viruses to humans a few decades later as well will see.

The reader has probably already guessed the Wuhan scientist moved the deadly bat virus that is killing so many worldwide right now was developed at the National University of Singapore in conjunction with or bioweapons stalwart developer Duke University. Viewers of our YouTube channel (destroyed without warning by YouTube) will note our spotlighting Duke and Dr Bill Swing’s use of bioweapons in Haiti. And of course, our NATO DTRA couple works with Singapore Statistics, the key health Surveillance org for bioweapons.

A Chinese scientist named Penguin Zhou took the CoronaVirus to Wuhan from the National University of Singapore (NUS). He wrote a paper that he had discovered the new, more deadly bat CoronaVirus through “health surveillance”. What he didn’t tell you is that the health surveillance was provided by Singapore Statistics DARPA cutout in Singapore, and the “surveillance” was provided by Tunnell Consulting from a man named Jens Kuhn who was in a partnership with Sina Bavari, our bat virus BioWeapon guy with all the Army investigations who shut down Ft Detrick through security breaches. Jens Kuhn had been first on the scene to pickup the Russian Bioweapons spoils of war in 1991 with the fall of the Soviet Union and move those projects to South Africa and Australia. Kuhn has diplomatic immunity working at Ft Detrick , and he received all the spoils of the Soviets Project VEkTOR including the deadly Novichok of Christopher Steele fame. And yes, the NATO DTRA couple knows Jens Kuhn.

I knew I was right about the NATO DTRA couple being vaccinated at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital (about half of the US NATO Military team appeared to be inoculated, and yes a vaccine does exist). The health surveillance system developed by the DARPA spinoff BARDA gets credit for funding the Bioweapon. And yes, there is a monkey lab at the University of Washington and the Oregon Graduate Institute (that for the Bellevue and Mercer Island folks). The health surveillance system developed at John Hopkins University is now called ImmuneNet, and the tag and trace contact tracking system will be rolled out around the US and the world through WHO. And remember the NATO DTRA couple that helped developed that tracking system by flying to see pics in Oklahoma and Guatemala? Well, one of them wrote the NATO WHO blueprint on how to respond to CoronaVirus for the Wellcome Trust with Sina Bavari, the guy who left the door open at Ft Detrick. Yes, the same guy who is in biz with Jens Kuhn

Since the beginning of our channel four years ago, we talked about a company called DynCorp that shipped dark weapons for CIA. We talked about their joint venture with the British bio and chem weapons company Porton Down called DynPort. We described specifically how these weapons were deployed in Libya, Syria, and Iraq (as well as in the Congo and Haiti), and we showed how Imran Awan’ encrypted blackberries provided Pelosi, Schiff, and Schumer the firewall. More on the Dyncorp connections to Bioweapons and the Awans on the next page.

So why would DynPort’s chemical and biological weapons be so effective on the battlefield? We first covered this topic in 2016 on our YouTube channel regarding the battle of Ghouta near Damascus in 2013 where Sarin gas was used extensively, killing nearly everyone in the target zone except the ISIS rebel fighters. This complete victory with no casualties win is the prize that chemical weapons deliver. Rebel ISIS fighters were issued an atropine antidote in large quantity before and during the battle. This is a fundamental concept of biological or chemical weapons warfare. You want your troops to be completely inoculated, and you want to kill all the war fighters on the other side. But the Sarin attacks at Ghouta issued an ugly side effect – indiscriminate death of women and children non-combatants. The horrific photos of children with white powder on the faces lying dead in droves made the worldwide news. The gas attack intended to provoke Obama into air strikes backfired…

Why had CIA-NATO gas supplied to rebels in mixing stations near Aleppo on the Turkish border not been attributed to Assad? Because ISIS had the atropine antidote, not the Syrian civilian victimized by the attack. US public opinion for the Assad overthrow dwindled daily from that point on. How could this chemical weapons attack be improved? How about war planners attenuated the chemical to cause temporary paralysis? Then the ISIS rebel could be sent into the target town, shoot Syrian soldiers in there sleep, collect weapons, rape women, collect beautiful children, then go to the next town. And that, of course, was the change in battlefield tactics that occurred for ISIS in Syria and Iraq. I interviewed an ex-soldier who told me this was exactly the techniques taught to ISiS by Turkish Military Intelligence near a terrorist training camp near Aleppo on the Turkish side of the border. The NY Times reported ISIS used chemical weapons in this way 77 times in Iraq in 2014.

For chemical weapons deployment, you don’t need the Awans. In battlefield situations, everyone expects there to be rockets being fired off with explosions in all directions. But what if you need to conduct low intensity warfare in non-battlefield situations where the blowback from public opinion would outweigh the use of the weapons as in the Ghouta example. Perhaps Israeli war planners like Ehud Barak and Avi Braverman would like to slowly kill off the Palestinian populations in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, but they didn’t want it to blowback on Israeli. An array of non-lethal Bioweapons could cause a myriad of diseases with plausible deniability from the hard line Zionists. Moderates like Bibi Netanyahu and his accusations that Ehud Barak and a Braverman were giving chemical and a biological weapons to ISiS was like playing Russian Roulette with Israel’s future would seem out of place and unfounded. And handsome profits with dark weapons were a nice side benefit.

So wouldn’t the strategy for Ehud Barak and Avi Braverman be to plant their operatives like Anthony Weiner and DWS in the Congress to have the US industrial machine and DARPA research engine crank out more untraceable Bioweapons every day, with a Congressional aide with Congressional immunity transferring the terabytes out to a foreign server every night be the most profitable solution? Isn’t that exactly what happened with Anthony Weiner’s trust staff, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and her ubiquitous consigliere of dark weapons, Imran Awan? To be sure, Mark Rich was bringing Russian scientist emigres from the Soviet Union even before it collapsed to Israel dark weapons University in the Negev Desert, near Israel’s vulnerable Southern border, Ben Gurion University. But Israel’s survival was at stake in those early days, and Netanyahu was quietly making that point to hard liners as Israel’s dark weapon shadow began to grow in the US Congress. How would Israel deflect this?

Avi Braverman and Ehud Barak hid their Bioweapons program brilliantly behind a Muslim facade with the Awan spy team – how could Israel be working with Muslims? Yet we now know how extensively the system of servers and encrypted blackberries was, transferring Terabytes out of the US Congress on a weekly basis through the Dropbox. Again, I am very pro-Israel and I have been criticized for aligning with Netanyahu and Kushner, but I believe provoking UN occupations around the would by giving terrorists groups chemical weapons and Bioweapons is a poor strategy. Giving nation states like Iran nuclear capability (in addition to biological and chemical weapons) to placate money mad pirates like Les Wexner seems to be an ill fated strategy. But there you have the Awan’ real role in Congress – a fig leaf for the Zionist Dark Weapons Lobby in the US Congress, pure and simple. When would this same faction use these weapons on the American people to win an election?

Almost every realistic reporter on Capitol Hill knows the Awan spy ring was a cover for the Israeli’s dark weapons development partnership with DARPA( and BARDA in the case of biological weapons), rinsed through the Pakistani DStO (Defense Science and Technology Organization). No Imran’s Terabyte every week were not going to in the Kashmir to a bunch of Jamat Al Fuqra double garrote terrorists, but rather a mountain covered defense complex stashed away in the base of the Himalayas. Drone and satellite development, rocket secrets, and a myriad of biological and chemical weapons details went out of the US Congressional servers in the Terabytes to parts unknown in the Kashmir. Imran’ s father coordinated the outreach to private industry in a Pakistan, working further to the a South in Rawalpindi, the traditional home of Pak ISI. There is no way the Awans could have done these Terabyte transfers with 45 US Congressman without State support from US and Israel.

So, I ask the question again when will this Bioweapons technology be used to overthrow an American election? You may not think destroying you opponents economic base, causing mass panic and infighting, and using the populace to spy on each other is an effective weapon, but the CIA and NATO war planners certainly do. We look again to Libya, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, and the Iran Deal again, and we see 45 US Congressmen and women holding the telltale Awan blackberry again. And these are just a few of the CIA-NATO actions. When will they pull the trigger and use theses weapons on Trump’s economy? History will record that the compromised US Generals and Admirals now making Coup noises were briefed of this plan in the summer of 2019 and again in Feb of 2020 at the NATO Defender War Games. The US Generals and Admirals had used these weapons many times before, and they had but one consensus request – can we simulate it first? South Korea would become the launch point for this test.

Truth is stranger than fiction, and after you read how NATO simulated a worldwide attack of COVID-19 throughout 2019, you will be reassured of the truth of this aphorism. If I told you a rabid South Korea cult derived from the Moonies and funded by an ultra militarist cabal of Japanese elites connected to the earliest days of Japan weapons partnership with Ft Detrick Bioweapons development, would send thousands of cult members on a ten month, thirty country tour to infect prostitutes in Military ports cities with COVID-19 including a Wuhan, China, you would have your doubts. But that is exactly what happen. Why would NATO simulate a worldwide outbreak of a BioWeapon they had no vaccine for? You are correct. They wouldn’t. NATO has a vaccine held by Glaxo-Smith Kline as we speak. GSK and Vaccine Czar Slaoui will just milk Operation Warp Speed money until after the election. There is no point in sending your cult robotic proselytizers into ports without being vaccinated.

A series of three South Korea cults surfaced after the Korean Cold War, that most recent being Shinchenonji. Recruited my Mormon missionary, these cults were meant to be “super-spreaders” in every possible meaning of the word – from their Gospel to their actual saliva and sneezes. Their Shinchenonji worship services are daily, and literally cheek to jowl, shoulder to shoulder, and their knees near the floor, and they are required to keep visibility sick and sneezing member smack in the middle of the human Petri dish. These are the real”super-spreaders”, not the a Trump fans going to Tulsa rally. They are in thirty countries like the auto, Australia, anew Zealand and especially Singapore. If you work with a Singapore Statistics for a NATO cabal, you could do no better than to do your health surveillance on Shinchenonji. But how could radical zutah-based Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints (FLDS) recruit super-Spreaders in a Korea for a Bioweapons program in Dugway Arsenal Utah?

At this point, a quick refresher on Bioweapons. You need to research and develop (Ft Detrick, Wuhan Virology Institute, National University of Singapore), and test (animal testing at Universities including Oklahoma State, overseas CIA testing locations like pigs farms in Guatemala, and human testing in autonomous zones (also war zones like Palestine, Kurdistan, Jeju Island in South Korea, and now the CHOP in Seattle). But to SIMULATE, you need the full compliment of superspreaders to go from country to country with a Singapore Statistics Immunet Tag and trace Contact tracing laptops in tow to record every infection. If you don’t MEASURE the effectiveness of the BioWeapon, you can’t MANAGE the effectiveness of the BioWeapon. Enter the Shinchenonji SuperSpreaders. Their target audience to bring back to their churches to share saliva through food and sneezes in prayer groups? Prostitutes – history’s old profession of the superspreader. Why port cities? Sailors maximize spread

When you consider the modus operandi of the Shinchenonji Cult of recruiting prostitutes, bringing them to dog feeding style marathon prayers, jerk to jowl, sharing food, coughing and sneezing on each other from inches away with no masks, then sending the prostitutes BACK to the wharves to ply their trade, yo can see the cult is almost designed as a biowarfare tactic with only a sprinkle of religion to maintain its thin veneer as a cover. Now enter DynPort, Porton Down, and Scopolamine. Scopolamine was developed by the British and US Navies to quiet the thinking faculties of the brain while allowing for normal breathing and exertion in daily duties to fight sea sickness. Human testing occurred at Porton Down and on US Navy ships. But when CIA handler and their Ft Derrick drug development partners got ahold of it, they found it aloud a prostitute OR UNSUSPECTING party girl to become sexually cooperative in a dull haze while not remember any of the rapes, increasing spread.

How could such a weapon be tested without setting up safe houses, using handsome men to lure unsuspecting women to parties, ply the target women with alcohol so there would be an excuse to take her to a back room, lightly spraying or fogging a room with scopolamine, and then seeing how many men could have sex with her before she woke up or passed out completely. Unbelievably, these “dumbo drop” parties were documented in The Intercept on Labor Day of 2017 where the article outlined how the whole process worked, orchestrated in the DC and Las Vegas area by none other than the Ambassador to the UAE, Yousef Al Otaiba. “Dumb girls” were ask to sign party waivers which stated, I, (insert Dumb Girl name here), attest I am 18 years old and engaging in physical activities willingly. In the Intercept article, it showed three amigos, two from the US Congress and Otaiba, going to a strip club named Humpty Dumpty. Representative Andre Carson and another “Congressman” was blurred out.

Remember, I am not speculating about Imran spending $3,000 and wounding three women held against their who described their roles as “sex slaves”. Remember too, Imran Awan is supposedly married to two wives, and he lives with neither, and he supposedly holds his step mother against here will as well. Now the Sprayer House appears more like a house trap with the ebony beauty Jaquaya luring men to parties, and Jaquaya being used to infect six or seven many at a time, rather that just one target. Of course, these men work just steps away inside the gates of Ft Belvoir, driving chemical and biological weapons to labs and production facilities around the world. Would that explain Rao Abbas, the roly poly confederate of Imran with the creepy HVAC van, always rolling up to change the scopolamine laced air filters at the “Sprayer House”. Imran broke his normal rule of renting to only military families for his email pal “Miss Jaquaya”. And Rao’s 2nd WiFi “reported” video results.

If several doctors working at Ft Belvoir Community Hospital had not told me that I was “more right than wrong” about these suspicions in 2017, that probably would have ended that line of inquiry with Imran. But the idea of Ft Detrick testing their latest tweaks of scopolamine and fentanyl mixes for unconventional warfare in port cities of the world using ALL ENEMY PARTICIPANTS, just sound like a CIA co-opting dream. The hour long drive from Ft Detrick (CIA insiders call it Ft Dirty Trick) to Fort Belvoir which is responsible for deployment of the weapons under the cover as a food or drug, matched all the metadata. We had Farsi speaking Imran Awan with a Farsi speaking trucking company, and we had Imran recruiting the stunning Miss Jaquaya and other ebony Somali beauties through the young Muslim professor Tegwa to the doorstep of Ft Belvoir. You even had Imran with a second WiFi, and Rao Abbas, a corpulent accomplice changing the “scoped” air filters and beaming back pics.

Had Imran’s Scopolamine Love Lair served as a model for the World Ports Tour of Shinchenonji for the great COVID-19 simulation of 2019. Before you answer, I discovered a video of a former CIA team breaking out low light cameras, recruiting unsuspecting girls, inviting target soldiers and police, starting the party by plying them with alcohol (and possibly spray mist from the Sprayer House testing), to then arrest invited males dupes as child traffickers, the Operation was called Underground Railroad, and it feature the same Freitag DHS low light cameras sold by the ex-husband of Laurel Everly Freitag at the Sprayer House. As the per-CIA, now DHS CEO pulled the Freitag cameras out the the yellow waterproof chest, I fully expected a pair of a Jaquaya’s panties to be pulled into the daylight. I had a chance to interview a hotel owner in Haiti where Operation Underground had been, and he reported this group of foul mouthed CIA jetsom had not paid their bill for their Op.

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