Defying the Mask Dictate

John Goss


It is not for me to tell others how to behave. For myself, however, I am unable to wear a face mask because of a medical condition.

Maskaphobia is a lot more common than people may think. It can start in childhood, get further endorsed in the dentist’s chair, by horror movies and scary images – an example might be the image of an executioner or a “wild animal in a black mask” to quote one of my favourite poets, George Ivanov (1894-1958). The condition is serious.

It has been announced that the wearing of face masks in shops will be compulsory from 24 July. This will make it intolerable for maskaphobes.

Other people wearing masks can only cause more stress for this growing sector of the population. Other illnesses, as well as maskaphobia, are made worse by the wearing of masks.

So is this directive from the government necessary?

The graph below charts the falling number of deaths where Covid-19 has been reported from 1 May to 7 July. I think people can see for themselves that this sudden imposition of face masks is a simple test to see just how simple, gullible and pliable to government dictates the UK populace is.

People with disabilities, including deaf, blind and paranoid, may suffer adversely from mask apparel. Other medical conditions which are exacerbated by the wearing of masks include asthma and respiratory illnesses. People with high blood pressure should not wear masks because added CO2 will increase their blood pressure.

Nearly everyone will have some condition which the wearing of face-masks will make worse.

Mine is not maskaphobia. Well not yet, though I do feel a strong aversion to masks, which is growing by the day. For me it is something else.

Medical conditions are private between you and your GP. You do not need to tell any third party what yours is. Explaining that you have one should be sufficient.

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