UK’s leading human rights barrister to lead anti-5G fight


Ian White

Pressure group raises £56,000 to mount legal challenge

A pressure group called “Action Against 5G” has hired the country’s top human rights barrister Michael Mansfield to challenge the UK Government over alleged health risks surrounding 5G.

At the time of writing Action Against 5G has raised nearly £56,000 so far to hire Mansfield.

Mansfield has led legal teams in high profile cases of civil liberty and miscarriages of justice such as Grenfell Tower, Lockerbie, the Ballymurphy Massacre and Stephen Lawrence.

Action against 5G claims government’s authorising of 5G is a breach of human rights.

It has issued a Letter Before Action to the Government and will to apply to the High Court for permission to argue the case in full.

The group states: “We are challenging the government to stop its unlawful action in failing to protect the public from the health risks from 5G technology which we all face through its rapid deployment. The government has thus far failed to take into account the extensive evidence showing that radio frequency radiation from masts and wireless devices puts health and life at risk, carry out a full and independent examination of the risks, properly inform the public of the dangers so we can decide how to protect ourselves. The government continues to adopt guidelines which the independent scientific research shows is unsafe for humans, animals, and the environment.”

Untested tech

The group says it is made up of “individuals supported by many from all walks of life including doctors, scientists and engineers”.

“We are not opposed to technology, we are opposed to untested tech. We want safe technology. In 2019 we were promised full fibre by the government which is less harmful, but this is not being upheld.

“Action Against 5G is demanding independent reviews of research into the health risks, and reviews of the science concerning the potential environmental impact.

“It wants an “informed debate on the consequences of imposing 5G technology on humans and the environment” and a comprehensive environmental risk assessment examining the potential effects of 5G as well as guidance on, and regulation and monitoring of, the levels necessary to protect the public and biological life.”

No health risks

However Mobile UK, ‘the voice of the UK’s network operators has shrugged off such concerns.

A Mobile UK spokesperson said: “Research into the safety of radio signals has been conducted for more than 50 years.

“The strong consensus of the public health agencies, such as the World Health Organisation, is that no health risks have been established from exposure to the low-level radio signals used for mobile communications.”

EE has also responded to the Action Group.

“There are no proven health concerns around 5G, or other mobile technologies deployed within the health-oriented guidelines, and it’s important that the facts are explained so that the public are not misled by scare mongering.

“All wireless technologies are rolled out under strict, health-oriented guidelines, which are based on medical studies and reviewed on an ongoing basis. All 5G will be rolled out within those guidelines and in line with advice from the World Health Organisation, ensuring health and safety is of the utmost priority,” said an EE spokesperson.


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