New “Powers” for CORONA Gestapo

Think Twice about what details you may give out if you don’t want to risk falling foul of the new NAZI collaborators or CORONA Gestapo

  1. Powers of a Public Health Officer under the Coronavirus Act 2020
    Summary table of powers under the Act, Schedule 21, Parts 1 and 2. All references to Paragraphs are to paragraphs in Schedule 21
    Paragraph 6(2) and 9(1)
    Paragraph 10
    Paragraph 14(2)
    PHO may direct, remove or request a constable to remove, an individual to a place suitable for screening and assessment.
    The time such person is required to remain at the place for screening and assessment cannot exceed 48 hours.
    PHO may require an individual to be screened and impose other requirements on an individual in connection with their screening and assessment.
    Following an assessment, a PHO can impose requirements and restrictions on the individual.
    Where do these powers apply?
    2.1 These powers only apply in England2.
    Who do your powers apply to?
    2.2 Your powers apply to people in England whom, during the transmission control period, you have reasonable grounds to suspect may be potentially infectious.
    2.3 A person is potentially infectious (Paragraph 2) if:
    (a) The person is or may be infected or contaminated with coronavirus AND there is a risk that the person might infect or contaminate others.
    (b) the person has been in an infected area within the 14 days preceding that time.
    2 Similar powers for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are provided by Parts 3, 4 and 5 of Schedule 21.
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