Faith’s Story – Vaccine Damage

When I go back and look at pictures of Faiths eyes when this first started happening, it’s literally f****** mind blowing to me that her VERY pro vaxx doctor was trying to tell us she was born this way. NO my daughter was not f******* born with her eyes crossing (they both do this at different times)!

Of course we took her to the doctor to ask why this was happening right after her 4 month vaccines because we were very concerned and that was the answer we got “it wasn’t from the vaccines she’s always been this way.”

Like you’re kidding right? I can tell by the way my child is breathing if she’s sleeping, awake or tired, but I’ve never noticed her extreme eye cross until the day of her 4 months vaccines? ?? That day still frustrates me more than anything, because guess what I did? I went along with the doctor for months and got her vaccinated AGAIN, because vaccines can’t do such harm, right? NO, wrong.

Then after more vaccines she stopped speaking, but vaccines can’t do that either, right? NO, WRONG. They can do those 2 things and MUCH more. From a rash to death…they can do it all.

Happy to say that’s the last time a needle full of poison will ever go into her precious body or her sisters precious body. I know better now, I do better now. I wish I would have woke sooner, but she’s alive and I know things could have gone a lot worse than they did, I’m so thankful for her life.

I’m also thankful for holistic doctors and chiropractors that help me detox her of the poisons and I’m thankful for our woke MDs, who helped us test for MTHFRs (which she has) and more and wrote their medical exemptions based off their DNA results and Faiths adverse vaccine reactions…her DNA results along with her reactions was like playing connect the dots…because of her DNA that’s why those things happened! DNA testing should be mandated for EVERY. SINGLE. CHILD. AND. ADULT before vaccinating, if you chose to vaxx at all. Please test your babies DNA.

UPDATE: Yes she’s been to the eye doctor and goes to regular check ups with them…both of the eye doctors are woke and know this happens. She’s also under went eye surgery already and it didn’t correct the problem.


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