Corona crisis: an asymmetrical war of the super rich against the remaining 99 percent?

Translated from German

Daily dose March 28, 2020 -(Podcast)

A Commentary by Hermann Ploppa.



Corona. This is the great hour of felt statesmen. Our top politicians were just threatening to be downgraded to hopelessly overpaid shooting booth figures, the purpose of which is to intercept the virtual rotten tomatoes and eggs that are actually meant for the increasingly invisible and really powerful. Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow, who has risen from moral ruins, speaks to us as a crisis-hardened statesman. In the American manner, the left-wing politician stands in front of Thuringia’s country flag and explains that, unfortunately, some elementary civil rights have to be withdrawn temporarily. The Bavarian father Markus Söder also steps in front of the television cameras a little later. Cascades of baroque sweet rhetorical kipferln. Endless repetition of understanding that one does not want to deprive citizens of their freedom. But unfortunately there are some adolescents who burp the word “Corona” in the ear of old people and also celebrate Corona parties. Who actually brought us these intellectually and morally low-level proles through an irresponsible education and media policy, Mr. Söder? But never mind. Anyway, that’s the end of it. From now on, the fundamental rights of freedom of assembly and freedom of mobility are taken away from us. The situation is just too serious, ladies and gentlemen!

Markus Söder – Minister-President of Bavaria, 2018–present

Photo Credit:öder

The people, just now at odds, who is now left or right, or maybe left or right, are united behind their leaders. Because even the strong AfD man, Jörg Meuthen, is not going fast enough to banish his German compatriots into total quarantine. Those who do not understand the seriousness of the situation are either irrational or a destructive libertine. Politicians and their medical quarantine masters are the sole owners of rationality and absolute medical truth. And that is why troublemakers like the doctor and long-time health politician Wolfgang Wodarg, the virologist Karin Mölling, the Stanford virology professor Joannidis, Sucharit Bhakdi, Prof. Dr. Stefan Hockertz, the virologist Professor Dr. Carsten Scheller and countless other voices can be silenced. So the Interior Minister of Lower Saxony Boris Pistorius demands to take tough action against spreaders of “fake news” (2) on Corona. . The purest rational theater.

But are the self-declared warriors against the cunning corona virus SARS-Cov2 really so saturated with reason and rationality? Doubts are allowed. In Spain, for example, walkers who are traveling solo are caught by the police and have to pay a fine of 600 euros (3). Drones whir across the streets of Spanish cities to find the last free-walking passers-by. In Denmark (4), the Folketing MPs unanimously decided that police, the military, but also private security guards were allowed to enter the homes of suspected Corona people for one year in order to force the virus carriers to undergo forced treatment and forced vaccination in a hospital procrastinate. In an article, the head of NATO’s Atlantic Council think tank, Fredrick Kempe, urged US President Trump to call for the alliance case under Article 5 of the North Atlantic Charter (5) in order to use the concentrated power of NATO weapons against the nasty little corona viruses to concentrate. That is highly irrational, isn’t it?

Yet another irrationality arises from the selectivity of picking SARS-Cov2 out of the mass of plagues currently plaguing humanity. And while the cause of the disease can be clearly identified in other diseases, SARS-Cov2 still has no validated diagnostic tools. Since, in addition, it is mainly people in advanced age who have serious previous illnesses who died in the intensive care unit, it is difficult to say whether they have died of SARS-Cov2 or the previous illnesses. In China, the corona epidemic is now considered to be over with a total of 321,943 infected and 3,144 dead – with a total population of 1.4 billion Chinese. And in Europe, too, the numbers are still small compared to the death toll paid on other diseases. In the influenza epidemic in winter 2017 to 2018 alone, 25,100 people were killed in Germany. . That is an alarmingly high number for a wealthy country with a still functioning hygiene culture. The national emergency was nevertheless not announced in Germany. A terrible dengue disease (6) is currently raging in Latin America with a death rate of 20 percent.

But nobody cares. Tuberculosis, a scourge of early industrialization in Europe, is wielding the deadly scythe in poorer countries. In 2015, 10 million people were infected with tuberculosis. Almost two million people died of the disease that year. And even the plague is by no means extinct and is waiting for its comeback. The more health care in the Third World is shut down due to new IMF requirements, the more epidemics can have realistic hopes of a major global presence. None of the epidemics mentioned has even brought about such gigantic cuts in normal life as SARS-Cov2.

In view of this extremely irrational illness policy, the question arises as to the motives.

To understand that, we have to go back a little. Until the early 1970s, the central functions of our civilization were in public hands. Infrastructure, transport, old-age provision and, last but not least, health care were operated and expanded by the state or by cooperative institutions. The state had enough padding to carry out these tasks conscientiously. With the invention of the global SWIFT account management system and the clearing offices CEDEL and Euroclear, which have largely gone unnoticed by the public, it has become possible to hide the profits of the major financial institutions and global corporations from the national treasury with increasingly perfidious tricks. The money disappeared instead of flowing into the pots of the community of solidarity. The already slightly emaciated nation states were then deliberately driven into ruin by market radical politicians and scientists from the 1980s.

Competitors of the large pharmaceutical companies are kept out of the competition by the WHO. In this way, the competitive situation is distorted. As a result, the de facto monopolists with direct access to the WHO can charge completely excessive prices for their products. With devastating, or should we rather say: murderous consequences, for the poorest people in the world. In addition, the WHO has misused its reputation to promote certain pharmaceutical products to the governments of individual states, e.g. To sell Tamiflu. Nation states, unsettled by fear scenarios of uncontrollable epidemics, hoarded gigantic amounts of Tamiflu and other supposedly indispensable medicines. When the announced epidemics did not materialize, panic campaigns were launched in an unprecedented interplay between bought politicians, the media and scientists in order to force the heaped pharmaceutical poisons closer to people. That was the excitement we all remembered about swine and bird flu. When that did not work either, the linked countries had to destroy gigantic amounts of anti-epidemic drugs – which also burned gigantic tax contributions from their defrauded citizens (9).

Well, the Gates Foundation is the largest individual donor to the privatized WHO and pays for eleven percent of its expenses. An English proverb says: “He who pays the piper, calls the tune!” That means: who pays the piper also determines which melody the piper plays. And the WHO should just whistle the song of the fully vaccinated world for Gates. Gates has a mania for vaccination. For years and days Gates has been summoning the danger of a big mega-plague all over the country in haunting lectures. If you hear him talk like that and record his facial expressions in the screenshot, you could get the impression that Gates is longing for the big Giga epidemic (10).

And Gates lets all possible and impossible pipers play for themselves. To give just one example, there is the honorable Johns Hopkins Private University in Baltimore. With his blessing and money-giving foundation, Bill Gates chose the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. The world of tomorrow is already being conceived in those laboratories. Together with the Chinese Tianjin University, there is extensive speculation about “synthetic biology” (11).

The so-called “philanthropic” foundations refined the misery, in which the income of the super-rich can be deposited without tax charges. The solidarity community is increasingly lacking the money to carry out the necessary measures and reforms. From now on, the tax-exempt foundations will take on the tasks that the state can no longer take on – however, according to the tastes of the generous billionaire who spilled his money into the foundation. This means that the community of solidarity is increasingly incapacitated and expropriated. In this neo-feudal world order, what super-rich men like is done.

And that brings us to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. There are two men who vie for the position of the richest person in the world amicably: namely Microsoft founder Bill Gates and then the class warrior Warren Buffett quoted at the beginning of this article. Both have so much money in their account that they can invest billions in foundations without stomach ache. The Gates Foundation has more money at its disposal than most countries in the world, around $ 42.9 billion. And then Warren Buffett once again contributed a similar amount to the Gates Foundation from his postage account. From the interest earned on this foundation’s assets, Gates can come ever closer to his vision of a brave new world. The Gates Foundation also invests in geoengineering research (7).

His money is used to research how to manipulate the weather and the climate. His most important contribution, however, is health care here and around the world. And especially the ambitious vaccination programs in the third world. It has been criticized enough that Gates has major pharmaceutical companies such as Merck, GlaxoSmithKline or Bayer work closely together. Maybe too tight.

Because another victim of impoverishment of the public sphere is the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO is actually intended as a supranational authority to investigate the causes of illnesses and organize remedial measures. However, the payment behavior of the UN countries is so lousy that out of the 4 billion dollars that the WHO can currently spend each year, just one billion still comes from the public purse. The WHO has to raise the remaining three quarters as donation money. And the biggest donors are the global pharmaceutical companies. In this way, the WHO has long since descended to a branch of certain pharmaceutical companies (8).

Entrepreneurs like Craig Venter are very advanced in this field of synthetic biology. Cells are cored in order to use synthetically assembled nuclei instead. Such homunculus research must of course be secured.

But back to Gates’ vaccination mania. At his instigation, the WHO, UNICEF, World Bank, Gates Foundation, a number of non-governmental organizations and not to forget the global pharmaceutical companies in 2000 formed the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI). The world is constantly combed through for further veins and mouths into which vaccination needles and preparations can be inserted – for the benefit of mankind, of course. But that was not enough for Gates. So in 2015 he had the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) founded. In this body for products and concepts of innovations for epidemic readiness, we find the World Economic Forum, the Wellcome Trust and states like Germany, Norway and Japan as new players. In a nutshell: health policy on this globe is no longer determined by democratically legitimized national governments, but by a handful of super-rich oligarchs and their friends from the top management of the pharmaceutical giants.

You can see this clearly in this health policy. The common people, especially the people of the Third World, only appear as an object in those considerations. And so Johns Hopkins University organizes strategic business games in which hand-picked decision-makers from politics, business, science and the media take part. Who is surprised that it is about globally outbreaking epidemics and how the various “players” deal with them? In principle not senseless. Big disasters shouldn’t be left unprepared. However, the horse’s foot here is that the question and proposed solutions are not chosen democratically, but are given by oligarchs. A “tabletop exercise”, i.e. a strategic maneuver in the fight against epidemics, took place under the name Clade X in May 2018 (12) in the Johns Hopkins premises. This was a preparatory maneuver for the larger event “Event 201” (13), reorganized by Johns Hopkins University in collaboration with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, this time in New York on October 18, 2019.


Photo Credit:

The Event 201 maneuver anticipates the current SARS / Cov2 drama in an almost alarmingly precise manner. The basis is an epidemic that suddenly breaks out in the Brazilian poverty ghettos of the favelas and then spreads wildly in the world. Over the course of a year and a half, the world has been paralyzed by the new mega-epidemic CAPS, which killed 65 million people during this time. The global economy has shrunk by eleven percent after this drama. The tricky thing about CAPS: the number of infected people doubles every week. And CAPS is four times as deadly as the Spanish flu from 1918. The infected initially experience only mild symptoms, but are already able to infect their fellow human beings at this stage. And the acute phase can break out within hours. The virus can spread in the air: “All people are contagious!” Goods are hoarded. The shelves are empty. There is a scramble about who can get what. All of these gruesome visions are presented to maneuver participants at the beginning of each round of discussion in terrifyingly realistic CNN-style messages.

It is the same at Event 201 as at the World Economic Forum in Davos: the participants are handpicked by the super rich. We, the common people, are allowed to watch and listen to the learned words of the high men and women, thanks to youtube. It is not always the first guard of the decision-makers, but they have all passed through the top addresses such as the Rhodes scholarship or Harvard. There we find the head of the US health agency alongside Tim Evans from the World Bank, Avril Haines, who under Obama was deputy CIA chief and then deputy security advisor in the White House. In addition to ex-ministers and heads of foundations or prominent business lawyers, we also find George Fu Gao in this group. Gao has been the Chief Disease Officer of the People’s Republic of China for several years. Gao studied and taught in Oxford for a long time and had actually been assimilated to the West for a long time. However, the government of the People’s Republic of China offered him wonderful working conditions in his home country, and Gao became something of a health minister in China. Gao feels at home in this ultra-capitalist group and takes no offense at the macabre scenarios. How does Gao see this spectacle now that it is not Brazil that has become the starting point for the plague outlined, but his homeland China?

George Fu Gao

Photo Credit –

Allocation is important for the decision-makers in the panel: who should get what and when? It is also important for the discussants to avoid panic and, above all, to ward off fake news. So presumably to suppress messages that dare to contradict the official narratives. It can be assumed that there was a more discreet reflection of this public maneuver Event 201 with top-class players.

Is it a coincidence that the current Corona disaster scenario in Bill Gates’ stable was preceded by two preliminary exercises that anticipate the events with shockingly precise precision? And what were the motives of the Event 201 directors? Eric Toner, internist and mastermind of Event 201 (14). makes it clear that the exercise at the green table was about playing through the economic consequences of the pandemic: “It is about the consequences for the economy and society.”

Eric Toner, Mastermind of Event 201


The epidemic was known in intelligence circles before its virulence was noticed by the general public. Because the chairman of the secret service committee in the Washington Senate, Senator Richard Burr, already knew about the devastating effects on the economy from the Corona campaign in mid-February. While he said in public that there was no danger to the economy from the epidemic, he closedly warned his sponsors for future campaigns that they should sell their shares as soon as possible. Senator Burr set a good example (15) and together with his wife sold his own $ 2 million shares on the stock exchange.

Richard Burr, United States Senator from North Carolina and Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee

Photo Credit:

As voices increase that vigorously question the extreme danger of SARS / Cov2, governments around the world are increasing the pace at which the economy and public life are slowing down. Already there are loud thoughts about extending the total (strangling) of medium-sized businesses due to Corona far beyond the two to four weeks communicated to the public. Five months are under discussion, or one and a half years. It should be clear that it is not only medium-sized companies that will be on their knees for such a long time. And French President Macron has already promised the damaged French economy compensation of three hundred billion euros if the slowdown in the domestic economy continues for longer. The federal government is to help German entrepreneurs with 600 billion euros. . It is not only the author of these lines who is probably wondering where the nation states that are more than knee-deep in the debt swamp want to get the money from anyway. Either print or borrow from the banks. A Hamburg news magazine already speaks of a mega loan of one trillion for the weaker EU partners, financed by a possible “corona bond” (16).

Calls for Corona Bonds Met with Familiar “Nein”

“The danger of a new euro crisis is growing. Weak member states like Italy need help if they’re going to survive the coronavirus lockdown financially. But the call for euro bonds has been met with stiff resistance — especially from the Germans.” SOURCE:

And the Bundestag decided on emergency aid for the collapsing economy. The federal government, ultimately us, the taxpayers, donated 156 billion euros for needy medium-sized companies and corporations. . That was the top news. Hardly any press body informed us that in the same 154th session of the Bundestag on March 25. the Infection Protection Act (IfSG) has been changed. Significant “achievement”: the Federal Minister of Health can now declare the epidemic emergency. The Confederation has thus defied further powers of attorney vis-à-vis the federal states (17).

That makes sense: we can now easily speak of a kind of “chain of command”. In 1994, the then Federal Minister of Health, Horst Seehofer, smashed the Federal Health Office because of a tragic breakdown (18). The skills for disease prevention and control were transferred to the Robert Koch Institute. And currently, as already described above, we can observe that the corona disease policy is passed on from the Gates Foundation to Johns Hopkins University and the WHO. The Robert Koch Institute, in turn, relies on the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO), which in turn makes “recommendations” to the Federal Government, which, however, are so definite that they read like instructions to the Federal Government. From there, the requirements are passed on to the federal states and finally to the health authorities in the municipalities. This chain of command determines how we perceive and act against SARS / Cov2 infection.

A prankster who thinks bad …


By the way: the exit bans issued by the federal government and subsequently the state governments and municipalities are illegal! I became aware of this through a video by Gerhard Wisnewski. Wisnewski is undergoing the relatively simple task of comparing the Bavarian “preliminary exit restriction on the occasion of the corona epidemic” that Söder had presented, see above, with the Infection Protection Act. Because the curfews in Bavaria, but also in Saxony and Saarland, justify the extensive exit bans for ordinary citizens in their federal state with § 28 of the IfSG. And the astonishing finding: The imprisonments in the IfSG refer to seriously infected people. It is about people with acute measles, “lung plague” or “hemorrhagic” symptoms. But not to normal healthy, not infected people. The wording of the IfSG, which has just been revised by the Bundestag, does not provide such a broad interpretation. The Society for Freedom Rights formulates (19) the illegal actions of the federal government, the federal states and the municipalities in a rather noble manner, but nevertheless clearly enough: “There is no general curfew that affects the entire population and prohibits leaving the house or apartment it has so far had an explicit legal basis for authorization. ”


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The Corona story comes as a shock to all of us. In our most bizarre dreams, we did not expect such a crazy imposition as a result of a pandemic such as the curfews and the forced closing of shops. While even the prestigious Robert Koch Institute has now reduced the mortality rate at SARS / Cov2 to 0.3%, and the number of people who carry the scandalized virus has not even reached the figure of 17,000 (at 80 million Citizens), the event is becoming increasingly suspicious.

It takes a little while until we have collected more data to get a clear picture of whether SARS / Cov2 is a dangerous epidemic or a gigantic staging in order to make another brazen attack in the background of such a stage to carry out public assets, as has already happened at the so-called German reunification, where the assets of the German solidarity community have been sacked by financial gangsters by a total of around a quarter of a trillion euros. Once again I recommend reading the epic book The Shock Strategy by Naomi Klein. The author has provided many case studies in which interested financial circles and investors have used natural disasters to divert public wealth into their private hands.

Photo Credit:

We have now been massively looted by shock maneuvers. It is high time to analyze the mechanisms of these hostile takeovers and then take appropriate countermeasures. Thanks to the newly created alternative media, there is an opportunity this time to get to collective learning processes faster than in previous shock events such as German unification or the reverberation of 9/11.



  1. Zitiert nach New York Times, 26.11.2006: „There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.“ Interview mit Ben Stein. “It’s Class Warfare, Guess Which Class is Winning.”
  18. 1994 waren 600 Personen nach der Verabreichung von HIV-verseuchten Blutpräparaten verstorben. Das wurde zum Anlass genommen, das Bundesgesundheitsamt nicht etwa zu reformieren, sondern zu zerschlagen.


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