COVID-1984 |A Time For Totalitarian Non-Compliance & Non-Violent Direct Action

by The Bernician

A Time For Totalitarian Non-Compliance & Non-Violent Direct Action
COVID-1984 |A Time For Totalitarian Non-Compliance & Non-Violent Direct Action
There is no doubt that COVID-1984 is a time for totalitarian non-compliance and non-violent direct action, during which many people will be forced to deal with the prospect of false arrest.


In the event you are apprehended by a criminal government enforcement officer, over refusing to comply with unenforceable COVID-1984 diktats, you might first consider reading them their Common Law rights:

“Under the protection of Magna Carta 2020, you are hereby notified that everything you say or do will be used as evidence against you in a Common Law court, where you will be charged with crimes ancillary to fraud, treason and genocide, should you choose not to immediately cease and desist in your unlawful aggression against the People.”

If they persist in their criminal action and falsely arrest you, make sure you are not carrying anything that will identify you and stay silent until they are forced to release you 24 hours later, unable to enter a name or a crime on the charge sheet.

No Powers of Arrest
They can only arrest you under section 2 of the Criminal Justice Act 1967 without a warrant if there is evidence you have committed a Common Law offence.

Which means they can’t arrest you for breaching COVID-1984 diktats, without being able to prove the government actually lurgy exists, which nobody can, including Doris, Demonic, Wankock and Shitty.

However, should they attempt to use violence [unlawful aggression] against you, the Common Law dictates that you have the right to defend yourself with all reasonable force necessary, in which case the aggressor is responsible for any injury either of you incur, whether they are wearing fancy dress or not.

Common Law Right To Self-Defence
In other words, if they smack you in the face, it would be considered within the boundaries of reasonable force for you to incapacitate them by smashing them back in the nose, solar plexus or bollocks [if they have any].

How do I know all of this is true? Because ten generations of my family lived in the Geordie mining communities which Thatcher’s police state declared war on in the early eighties. I witnessed for myself that the riot police only stopped beating up striking miners because they exercised their unalienable right to self-defence in sufficient numbers.

The only reason Thatcher was able to neuter the power of the working class was too many people believed the government and controlled media propaganda, which pretended that the miners and the families represented everything that was wrong with this country, when they were fighting to preserve the power of the People to bring tyrannical governments to their knees. Things have been getting steadily worse ever since that power was lost.

Fatal Mistake
However, the moment we can start to seize back that power is finally here because the de facto government has made a fatal mistake in trying to bring the jackboot down in the north, as if we’re just going to roll over and die on command.

Thankfully, there are still far too many of us who will never forget or forgive the betrayals of the working class in the eighties and we will not rest until the criminals in office are carted off in handcuffs, to start their new careers in the showers at Belmarsh.

License To Kill Bill
Nevertheless, after the passing of the License To Kill Bill through the Commons last week, which purports to grant every government agency, from MI5 to the Food Standards Agency and HMRC, the right to murder British citizens in the name of the ‘national security’, MP’s are now faced with the following stark reality.

Under international law, enacting such a murderous bill will authorise the People to use the same level of lethal force against any criminal government operatives who seek to destroy us.

This is the legal right to forcibly overthrow a genocidal regime, by another name, which the Common Law also prescribes as the last resort in times such as these.

With everything I have, I will fight to prevent that nihilistic scenario decimating the lives of our children, but our last chance of peaceful resolution lies in the People taking down the government in a Common Law court, which I discuss in great depth with Mark Devlin, on his latest Good Vibrations podcast at the link below.

Totalitarian Non-Compliance & Direct Action
We also discuss the need for Totalitarian Non-Compliance and Non-Violent Direct Action, which are two pre-requisites of ensuring we provide an equal and opposite resistance to the tyranny that seeks to destroy everything that makes life worth living.

However, against all the odds, real resistance is now rising and I have no doubt that the People will prevail, no matter how long we have to fight to restore freedom to these formerly green and pleasant lands, which our ancestors fought and died to preserve for us.

It is in the footsteps of those mighty warriors we must fearlessly walk where only cowards fear to tread, since the future of all our children depends upon our willingness to risk our lives and stand up now, before our enemy starts eliminating those they deem to be ‘a risk to national security’.

So long live the resistance, tyrants shall reap what they have sewn and fuck the banksters’ Great Reset.


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