As we watch on with fear as Europe’s flu season begins, covid-19 cases spike and governments start implementing even more harsh lockdowns. it’s difficult to feel positive as we bear witness to what appears to be a cycle we are likely to encounter again.

The questionable tactics employed in the name of public health interests, must be reviewed thoroughly to ensure proper process is adhered to preserve our health, while also upholding our sovereignty and basic human rights.

It is said the definition of insanity is to repeat the mistakes of the past, expecting a different result. Watching the upheaval in Europe tells us that the people have learned and spoken, but the government hasn’t listened. We cannot afford to make the same mistakes again.

Central to the government response is the enforcement of their restrictions. Our police forces have been propelled into unprecedented circumstances and demanded to enforce arbitrary rules without due diligence and in the unfolding chaos, we have been witness to the paradox of brutality in the name of health and well-being.

In the process public trust in government and the police is corroding almost as rapidly as suspicions around their intentions, questioning agendas, corporate influence, nepotism, partiality and how Chief Health Officers that were not elected, can dictate in what appears to be an autocracy.

The central plot in the George Lucas classic Star Wars, is a battle between an evil Empire and a virtuous Rebellion, fighting injustice and in 2020 you can easily be excused for thinking we are living this.

But the actions of a few do not reflect the many. Our police forces protect us and many are good, honest and caring individuals who are doing their best to keep our communities safe. Is it really fair to become so apprehensive of the very people who have made it their job to serve and protect us? We can only judge them by their actions.

It is now apparent that some officers share these same concerns. Concerns about what they are being asked to do. Concerns about oppressive rule and their part enforcing them. They see the erosion of trust occurring and as human liberties and freedoms are removed from their family, friends and communities in which they live, the burden is heavy.

But one brave officer has had the courage and conviction to speak out. A Senior Constable from the New South Wales police force, Alexander Cooney has asked the Commissioner in an open letter to challenge the directions they are being given, instead of simply acquiescing to them and in the process, restore community trust and a return to normalcy.

He has started a movement he calls “Cops for Covid Truth” and his letter is a compelling read. At Advocate Me, we have thrown all our resources in supporting him and openly inviting Police Officers across all the States and Territories to join his movement.

A unity is forming here in Australia and around the world. People are demanding truth, transparency and accountability in government and with some members of the police force lending their weight to this probe, it may be the very thing that shifts the balance of power in this way.

If this really is a George Lucas battle between the virtuous and an evil Empire, it cannot endure without its storm troopers. May the force be with us.

Serene Teffaha and the team

Advocate Me

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