1. Absolute garbage and a fundamental lack of scientific understanding. Point by point through this video the speaker is wrong about the scientific terminology. Her explanations are incorrect and she randomly threads together unrelated facts to generate her story .

    It starts with “Chad zero times one”. Wrong
    The use of the word ‘recombinant’ just means derived from an organism. “Recombinant DNA” is different.
    The link to MRC5 is a leap to an entirely different fact, unrelated to this product
    And the link to AI and AE reporting… we do this with all medications. It’s actually a system that allows for proper tracking of Adverse Events as they happen in relation to all product be they aspirin, penicillin, Neurofen, Paracetamol etc…

    The only fact this woman gets right is when she says “I’m not technical”. That, is plainly obvious. And as for her suggestion to “pray this out”… well, that’s a mark of her scientific credibility right there.

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