The Science Fraud by Prof. Christian Drosten

Prof. Christian Drosten is known today in principle to everyone who has ever heard of Corona, and that should be most of them. Strangely enough, few know about his strange predictions, his contradictions, his dangerous statements, like scaremongering, but worst of all is probably the obvious science fraud Drosten has committed. The question one asks oneself is, does Prof. Drosten do this out of praiseworthy thoughts, in order to regain renown from his massive mistakes (swine flu scandal), or for monetary reasons, or are there even worse reasons that I dare not address.
I will show in this article that Drosten has lost the scientific code, or even does not know it at all. Both would be fatal. Let’s get on with it.
The chronological sequence of the PCR test by Prof. Drosten and the Berlin Charité (please note the dates) ….

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