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  1. Many Thanks for the opportunity to comment. I have followed the ” C19 ” ( CON ) since its inception and when the HARSH LOCKDOWNS were ordered, globally, including in our country, South Africa, I wrote, then, in the very first week, that such

    I have a background in ICT ( Information/ Computers/Technology ) and have been involved in Operations, Programming and Systems Analysis. Later, i became involved in Labour Law, Law and Sharee’ah Law. I have Mediated and or Arbitrated more than a thousand Labour Law Cases and achieved a fairly high degree of Settlement of more than 80%, with no successful Reviews wrt my Legal Decisions.

    I state the aforementioned so that my dear Readers may understand, that when I Offer an Opinion, Legal or General, it ought to carry Real and Genuine weight ! Hence, having followed most of the ” c19 ” CON – SCAMS, globally, I knew that ” c19 ” was only a ” RUSE “, a ” DECOY ” for something else, probably more sinister ! Call me a septic, but I am not your
    ” AVERAGE John Doe “.

    I have also read most Research Papers, books, PDF’s etc wrt ” C19 “, the ” Great Reset “, Proposed Vaccinations…and sad to say, i am not impressed. That includes one Klaus Schwab and Thierry Maleret’s book : ” The Great Reset “. If Klaus is a ” Professor ” he sounds more like Santa Klaus !

    What is KLAUS et al NOT telling everyone ?
    Western Secular ( zionist ) Economics, has FAILED ! The ” RESET ” has nothing to do with an Alleged Virus. Most economies, globally, were ALREADY on the fences…BEFORE ” C19 ” hit the street !

    In one word : ATHEISM ! In many words : The REFUSAL by certain people, to RECOGNISE GOD, ALLMIGHTY, and His Instructions, given via many PROPHETS and MESSENGERS and many Revealed Books, ie THE TOURAH, given to Moses pbuh ( MOOSA AS ), The INJEEL or BIBLE given to Jesus pbuh ( ISA AS ) and God’s FINAL REVELATION, The Qur’ān, given to His, Chosen, Final PROPHET Mohammed pbuh.

    In All of these last three Revealed Books, including the BAGWANGITA of the Hindus, God had PROHIBITED INTEREST and USURY, in All Business, Economics, Finance and Legal transactions. However, Western Secular
    ( zionist ) Economics has consistently REFUSED, TO RECOGNISE GOD’S SUPREMACY, HIS LAWS and especially it’s Application and Implementation from a PRACTICAL Perspective. Hence the consistent FAILURES… !!!

    As God Allmighty created this world and All other Universes, including the Oceans, Seas, Rivers, Humans, Jinns and All animals etc WHO KNOWS BETTER about EVERYTHING ?
    God or Humans ?
    When we buy a car, computer, washing machine, we tend to FOLLOW the MANUAL, containing the INSTRUCTIONS on HOW BEST to USE said Product. So, when matters pertain to our LIVES, LIFE generally..WHY do we Not Listen and OBEY, WHAT God, our CREATOR, is telling us ?

    Think of why Jesus, termed the ” meek and mild “, suddenly became a ” terrorist “, by SMASHING THE TABLES OF THE MONEY – CHANGERS…WHY DID JESUS BECOME SO
    ” ANGRY ” ? As a PROPHET of God, Jesus understood God’s Laws and wrt INTEREST and USURY ( Once PROHIBITED in England, France and Europe, generally… ) and the fact that God STRICTLY FORBADE ITS USE !

    Study the History of the Church and why other Churches were set – up, in Opposition to others. Who were the Nazarenes and why were they vehemently opposed to the Trinitarians ? How many WARS occurred and how many people were killed ?

    Fast Forward to December 2020 and we ( the People ) are being fed a PACK OF LIES… !!
    The GLOBALISTS do intend creating a One World Government, leaning, apparently, to Socialism, but appearing more and more like FASCISM !

    The GLOBALISTS, including Pansy Charly and Santa Klaus are fronts for the ELITISTS 1%, ILLUMINATI, LEVITES at al, who are SATANISTS…the global Zionist Cabāl, with its Criminal Headquarters, in izraHell…causing the most mischief, globally, as they REFUSED TO ACCEPT JESUS CHRIST, as their MESSIACH, THEN…WHEN JESUS CAME TO THEM..so now, they await…THE ANTI – CHRIST, who must be a JEW, as other JEWS, will not accept him !

    People of FAITH : Jews who follow Moses pbuh, CHRISTIANS who truly follow CHRIST pbuh and Muslims who follow Mohammed pbuh, MUST BEWARE…this is not simply a CANCELLATION OF ALL DEBTS, GLOBALLY and or a ” Great Reset ” wrt a GREEN and SUSTAINABLE ECONOMY, but rather a Group of SATANISTS, hell- bent on taking the rest of Humanity…into the ABYSS…!!!


  2. Thanks for the info . now the vaxx for kids is the main concern . buy also the volcano the islan got covered by the muter media that guy and the girl all over . is juat a cover up

  3. Exactly!!!
    God Bless you for spreading this truth in a concise way. The wheat is now ready to separate from the chaff.

    Too many people are still sleeping spiritually, and others are awake and joining with others also awake and involved in the chain of prayer groups. Let us stay strong in Faith. May God Bless and protect us all.

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