PCP Proceeds Despite Refusal of Hancock Warrant Application

After initially being told on Monday morning that we wouldn’t receive the judge’s decision [on whether to issue the Hancock arrest warrant] for another ten days, by late afternoon he had already made up his mind and ruled as follows:

1. That he was satisfied that we have the authority to bring the private prosecution.

2. That he has the jurisdiction to decide the application.

3. That it is not a prosecution which can only be run by the CPS.

PCP Proceeds Despite Refusal of Hancock Warrant Application

More Prima Facie Evidence Required

However, the judge did not agree that Hancock’s dishonesty is proven by his publicly documented failure to disclose to MPs [before they voted on the Coronavirus Bill] that COVID-19 had been reclassified as no longer being considered an airborne High Consequence Infectious Disease [HCID], or that the Imperial College Model had been proven to be false.

Whilst the decision could be appealed, we have been advised that we need to acquire more prima facie evidence of Hancock’s dishonest conduct, before any judge will issue a warrant or a summons, which we expect to obtain within the next 28 days.

Nevertheless, our legal team also advised us that the production of the very same evidence we are seeking to prove dishonest conduct beyond reasonable doubt, will constitute sufficient prima facie evidence of a much more serious crime than fraud, as well as conclusive proof of the frauds we have already alleged.

In other words, we’ve been asked to provide the smoking gun from the crime scene, which is clearly what is required to sustain allegations of such a serious nature.

Whilst it would have been an audacious and unprecedented result if we had managed to amass enough prima facie evidence to justify the issue of the Hancock arrest warrant, it is still worthy of note that the judge elected not to rule that the application was vexatious [totally without merit].

Had he done so, that would have caused a major impediment to the case moving forward, so we must assume that he saw merit in the charges laid and understood that further FOI requests should provide the prima facie evidence required to sustain a subsequent application.

Legal Team Complete Assessment of Case

Furthermore, the urgent action we took was taken in the absence of a formal criminal investigation, while our legal team prepared their initial advice on how the PCP should proceed, after assessing the myriad of criminal allegations we placed before them, for the purposes of identifying the strongest charges, in order to guarantee the greatest chance of success.

Now we have received that advice, the information in the main part of the case against Hancock et al will be laid in the criminal court, as soon as we have obtained the prima facie evidence that would remove all possibility of reasonable doubt in the minds of a jury, when [and not if] the PCP moves to the trial stage. All being well, we will have that evidence by 22/12/2020 at the latest.

Yesterday afternoon, we had a conference call with the three barristers involved, during which we agreed on how  proceed with the case, now that we have established the evidence threshold that needs to be met, given that nobody else has ever brought such a private criminal prosecution against a serving cabinet minister before, let alone had one arrested.

The People v Tyrannical Government

In the meantime, rest assured that, whatever the establishment throws at us, the PCP is moving forward, with or without a warrant being issued to prevent further crimes being committed.

However, as the senior partner at the firm we have engaged stated rather sadly during yesterday’s call, it appears that there is no remedy available to hold members of Parliament accountable for their crimes, other that the one we are actively engaged in pursuing. In every other respect, serving MPs are held by the courts to be above the law.

If that’s not a chilling insight into the tyrannical system of government the People are up against, I don’t know what is.

Nevertheless, if that is the beast we must slay to peacefully restore the Common Law and guarantee the freedom of our children and grandchildren, then that is exactly what we are going to do.

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  1. I have a copy of letter from Isogh Journalist from Publich Health confirming that their is no evidence that Covid is isolated in human and therefore cannot be claimed to exist.

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