The flu vaccination is not only useless, those involved know the situation well

All readers of Corona_Fakten are familiar with the fact that there is still no scientific evidence for pathogenic viruses. We have explained this in detail and above all in a comprehensible manner in many of our articles.
Most of the information in the following article presupposes the current narrative that viruses exist and we would collect data that we think would say something.
We will see, however, that even if we assume the truth of this claim, which is not based on any scientific foundation, the flu vaccination is still in a bad light.
Thanks to Corona, many people now understand how the PCR test works and will be even better able to understand that the evidence in the following studies is based on a positive PCR test result, which is not conclusive and cannot prove the presence of a virus!
There is a lot to say about the flu vaccination and the claimed influenza virus, so this article is only a part of it, more will follow.
But let’s get started!

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