PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Tier 4 Restrictions are NOT enshrined in UK Law…So do as you please!

Earlier today the Prime Minister announced in a news conference that he had been left with no choice but to “cancel” Christmas for over twenty-million people in England. This was after the Government’s inner circle of one dimensional “scientists” forced his hand with a barrage of one sided statistics that Prime Minister into panic mode.

Boris was quickly followed by “Little Hitler” the first minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon and the first minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford making similar announcements.

Boris declared that London and much of the South-East were to move into Tier 4: Stay at home restrictions from the 20th December. He stated that those in Tier 4 areas “Must stay at home.” The Government later updated their website with guidance on the new Tier 4 restrictions. The key word here being “Guidance”.

Boris Johnson press conference: Exact time PM will address the nation on  new Covid strain and rules - HertsLive

The new guidance states –

You must not leave or be outside of your home except for where you have a specific purpose, or a ‘reasonable excuse’.

In general, you must not meet with another person socially or undertake any activities with another person. However, you can exercise or meet in a public outdoor place with people you live with, your support bubble (or as part of a childcare bubble), or with one other person.

You should minimise time spent outside your home. When around other people, stay 2 metres apart from anyone not in your household – meaning the people you live with – or your support bubble. Where this is not possible, stay 1 metre apart with extra precautions (e.g. wearing a face covering).

You must not meet socially indoors with family or friends unless they are part of your household or support bubble.

If you live in a tier 4 area, you must stay at home. You must not leave your home to travel unless for work, education or other legally permitted reasons. If you need to travel you should stay local – meaning avoiding travelling outside of your village, town or the part of a city where you live – and look to reduce the number of journeys you make overall.

If you are in Tier 4, you should not be travelling abroad unless it is permitted.

To reduce social contact, the regulations require some businesses to close and impose restrictions on how some businesses provide goods and services. (non essential retail, hospitality venues, accommodation providers, leisure and sports facilities, entertainment venues, indoor attractions, personal care facilities, community venues.)

So that’s the guidance. Let’s take a look at the actual law. You can find it here.

Why do judges in our family courts ignore the law?
Guidance is not law

Find anything about a Tier 4? We didn’t either. Only Tier’s 1-3 are enshrined in UK law.

Guess what else the actual law states – the Christmas “grace period” is 5 days, not the 1 day Boris announced it was changing to today.

The Government has 2 weeks to seek parliamentary approval and make Tier 4 law and guess what – it rises tomorrow for the Christmas recess and is currently confirmed to return on the 7th January. That means the 2 week deadline will have passed.

So guess what that means? That means you can ignore everything that was announced today and carry on as you were. Enjoy your Christmas, enjoy your family, travel wherever the hell you want. And KEEP THAT BUSINESS OPEN! You do not legally have to close it unless it was already required to be closed under the Tier 3 regulations.

Never forget that Government guidance is just that, guidance. A recommendation, an instruction of what they would like you to do. Not a law that they can enforce you to do.


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