WTH? Twitter Says OANN Report of Gateway Pundit Investigation is Disputed – How Could This Be When We Are the Only Ones Who Wrote About It?

By Jim Hoft

On Tuesday night President Trump tweeted a Gateway Pundit video where we identified Georgia ballot workers jamming ballots into tabulators multiple times late on election night.

President Trump retweeted our video where we revealed Georgia poll workers jamming multiple ballots through tabulators multiple times.

We shared this video on December 4,  when we pointed out that one of the participants in the suitcase ballot hoist grabbed the ballots and started jamming the ballots into the Dominion tabulators three times.

This was interesting considering the report is an actual video and that The Gateway Pundit, Newsmax and OANN were the only outlets to carry this report on voter fraud.

The video has not been disputed.  Twitter is just recklessly tagging President Trump’s tweets with malicious warnings.  This is outrageous.

Source… https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/12/wth-twitter-says-oann-report-gateway-pundit-investigation-disputed-ones-wrote/

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